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2-Bhoomi Khand

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1-Devotion to Father

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1-Devotion to Father
2-Padm Puraan, 2-Bhoomi Khand, p 217-223

This Khand covers the pages 217-331 (115 pages) of the book. It covers the stories of Shiv Sharmaa, Prithu, Vane, Sukalaa, Yayaati and Kunjal bird.

Story of Shiv Sharmaa

Soot Jee says - "There is a city named Dwaarakaa on the shore of western sea. There lived a Braahman named Shiv Sharmaa. He was a learned Braahman. He had five sons - Yagya Sharmaa, Ved Sharmaa, Dharm Sharmaa, Vishnu Sharmaa, and Som Sharmaa. They all were devotee of their father. One day Shiv Sharmaa thought to test their devotion to him. So he created a scene through Maayaa (illusion).

His sons saw that their mother died with fever. They went to their father and said - "Our mother has died, now what do you order to us." Father said to Yagya - "Son, Cut her body in small pieces and throw them here and there." Yagya did the same, and Shiv Sharmaa got convinced of his this son's devotion to him.

Now he tested his other son - Ved. He said to him - "Son, I cannot live without a woman so call that woman whom I have already seen." Ved went to that woman and said to her - "My father is asking your hand. Although he is old but still I request you to become his wife." That illusory woman said - "He is very old and sick. I can't marry him. I like you instead. You are young and good looking." Ved said - "Devee, Your speech is sinful and unjust. I am his devotee and faultless, I have come here for him only and I request you for him only. Please accept him. For this whatever you will ask I will bring it to you." The woman said - "If you are ready to do so much for your father, then you show me all Devtaa along with Indra."

Ved called all Devtaa through the power of his Yog. Devtaa asked him "What can we do for you?" Ved said - "If you are pleased with me, give me devotion to my father." "So be it" and all Devtaa went back to their Lok. The woman said - "I don't have to do anything with any Devtaa, if you want to do anything dear to me, then give me your head cut by yourself." Ved said - "I am blessed today that my life can be useful for my father." Immediately he picked up a sword, cut his head and gave it to her. She went to Shiv Sharmaa with that head and said - "Your son has sent me to serve you. This is his head which he has given me himself." Seeing that head the rest of Ved's brothers trembled. They said among themselves - "Our mother dies for our father, among us Ved was more fortunate that he gave his life for father."

After this Shiv Sharmaa asked his third son, Dharm, - "Son, Take this head, go and give him life anyhow." Dharm invoked Dharm Raaj. Dharm Raaj came and said - "Tell me, what can I do for you?" Dharm said - "If I have served Guru very well, and I am devoted to my father, then my brother Ved should be alive." Dharm Raaj said - "Your brother will be alive, ask any other thing you want." Dharm said - "Give me eternal devotion to my father and Moksh in the end." Dharm Raaj said - "You will get everything." Yam Raaj went away and Ved became alive. As Ved woke up from a sleep, he asked his brother - "Where is that Devee? And where is father?" Dharm told him everything. Ved said to Dharm - "Who else is my well-wisher as you are?" Both brothers went to Shiv Sharmaa. Dharm said - "I have brought your son alive, accept him."

Then Shiv Sharmaa said to his fourth son, Shiv - "Son You go to Indra Lok and bring Amrit from there. I wish to drink it myself along with my wife, because Amrit will cure all my diseases." Vishnu immediately greeted his father, circumambulated him and traveled to Indra Lok. As he was going, Indra started creating obstacles for him. He asked Menakaa to stop him to do it. Menakaa immediately went to Vishnu, but Vishnu ignored her because he knew that Indra had sent her and she was of no use to him.

She asked Vishnu - "Where are you going?" Vishnu said - "I am going to Indra to do a work for my father." Menakaa said - "I am in love with you, accept me." Vishnu said - "I know you, you can tantalize Vishwaamitra etc but you cannot tantalize me. You go to some other man, I am going to Indra." Then Indra himself created obstacles for him. But Vishnu destroyed all of them and thought that he would dethrone this Indra and establish another Indra. At the same time Indra came there and said - "I have lost, and you have won. Ask me anything." Vishnu said - "You should never attempt to destroy Braahman's grace, because if they get angry they can burn everything. If you had not come here now, I would have given this kingdom to somebody else. Give me Amrit and eternal devotion to my father." Indra brought the Amrit pitcher and said - "You will always be devoted to your father." Vishnu brought that pitcher to his father and handed over to him and said - "Father, Take this and be healthy for ever."

Shiv Sharmaa got very happy to find his sons devoted to him. He called all his sons and asked them to ask any Var from him. Hearing this they all looked each other and said - "Please return our mother." Shiv Sharmaa said - "She will surely come here." and their mother appeared there. All sons got very happy to see her alive. They said - "We wish that we get you people as our mother and father in all our lives." Father asked them to ask for any other Var. They said - "Send us to Vishnu's Go Lok Dhaam where there is no worry and disease."

At the same time Vishnu came there and said - "You, along with your sons, have pleased me very much that is why you all come to my Dhaam." Shiv Sharmaa said - "My these four sons want to go to your Lok, so take them with you. I still wish to live on Prithvi along with my youngest son Som Sharmaa." So all his four sons went to Go Lok.

Som Sharmaa's Devotion

Soot Jee says - "Vishnu's Go Lok is beyond darkness and is ever lighted. After sending his four sons to Go Lok, Shiv Sharmaa said to his fifth son, Som - "Son, Now I wish to go to Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage) along with my wife. You keep watch of this pitcher of Amrit." Shiv Sharmaa went away and did Tapasyaa for 10 years, and Som kept watch on that pitcher.

After 10 years when Shiv Sharmaa returned from his Tapasyaa, he and his wife had become a leper through his Maayaa (illusion). Som pitied on them seeing their pathetic condition, he greeted them, fell on their feet and said - "Father, I don't see anybody else who can be compared with you in Tapasyaa, qualities etc, still what has happened to you? Tell me the reason." Shiv Sharmaa said - "Don't be so grieved, my son; everybody has to bear the fruits of his Karm. Now you clean our wounds." Som started serving them. He used to do everything for them - since they woke up till they slept. Sometimes Shiv Sharmaa used to say bitter words to him but he did not care for them and served them with all his heart, speech and actions.

Shiv Sharmaa got very happy to see his son's devotion to him. He thought to make him comfortable now. He again used his Maayaa and stole Amrit from the pitcher and asked Som to bring that pitcher so that after drinking Amrit they both could become healthy. Som went to bring that pitcher but he found the pitcher completely empty. Seeing this Som prayed - "If I have served my Guru and observed all kinds of discipline, then this pitcher should fill with Amrit." Immediately pitcher got filled with Amrit. Som brought that pitcher to his father.

Shiv Sharmaa said - "Son I am very pleased with your devotion to me. Now I leave this Maayaa body." And they both changed themselves into their previous form. Som bowed his head onto their feet with great devotion and Shiv Sharmaa went to Vishnu Dhaam with his wife.



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