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1-Brahm Puraan

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3-Story of Shwet
In favor of Shiv's worship and Gautamee Gangaa River

There was a Braahman named Shwet. He was a friend of the sage Gautam and had a hermitage on the banks of the Gautamee Gangaa River. Shwet was also devoted to Shiv. In due course, Shwet died and Yam's messengers arrived to take Shwet to Yam Raaj. But they could not even enter Shwet's house. Finding that the messengers are not returning, Yam's companion Chitrak (Chitraketu) told Yam, "What do you think that would have happened with our messengers? Why aren't the they returning?

Yam now sent his another companion Mrityu (literally death) to find out what was going on. Mrityu went to Shwet's house and found Yam's messengers standing outside the house, unable to get in. They explained that they were unable to enter the house because Shiv himself was guarding Shwet's dead body. One of Shiv's companions asked Mrityu. "What are you doing here? What do you want?" "I have come to take Shwet to Yam," replied Mrityu. "His time on Earth is up."

Mrityu flung a noose to grasp Shwet's body, but Shiv's companion struck Mrityu with a rod and killed him. When the news of this was taken to Yam, he was furious. With all his companions he attacked Shwet's house. Nandee, Ganesh, Kaarttikeya and several of Shiv's companions came to fight on Shiv's side, and a royal battle raged. All the gods arrived to mediate and end the strife. Things went a bit out of hand and Yam himself had been killed by Kaarttikeya.

The problem seemed to defy solution. Yam was only performing his duty. But Shiv insisted that his devotees would never be taken to Yam, but would instead go straight to Heaven. Shiv's condition was finally agreed to. Nandee brought water from the Gautamee Gangaa and sprinkled it on Yam and the others who had died in the fighting. They were all immediately brought back to life.



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