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Yagya-Special Yagya

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Yagya-Some Special Yagya
See also   Yagya;    Yagya-a Vaidic Ritual

The following Yagya are some special Yagya

Aayush Yagya
Aayush Hom (Yagy) – Aayush means “life” or “health.” Yagya means “Sacrifice, Hom and Havan. Specifically Yagya is an ancient Vaidik science of healing employing Mantra (mystical sound), Dhyaan (meditations), Yantra (mystical diagrams), Tantra (mystical rituals), and Upachaar (ritual offerings) . Divinity is invoked into a ritually purified and sanctified fire altar called a “Hom Kund.” Then God is praised with powerful Mantra. Prayers are offered to the Lord as ghee and special healing herbs are offered into the fire. The subtle essence of these offerings is restructured by Gods and Devtaa. Aayush Yagya is done specifically for healing and long life, have a unique ability to transform / sanctify the people who participate and the places where they are performed. The Yagya is the most complex and powerful ritual the Vaidik tradition has to uplift peoples consciousness. Such rituals actually install the Divine qualities (in this case the Divine capacity of healing) into people and physical matter. The effects of such rituals are extremely powerful to alter the history of whole geographical regions. While medicines work on the physical body, Yagya heals the body, mind and soul. It actually awakens the Divine capacity of Healing within the body at all levels. All diseases are destroyed by the faithful participation in this sacred offering.

Various processes are performed before actual Yagya started (see Yagya) A Sankalp is taken, Ganapati Poojaa is taken, Ygyashaalaa Pratishthaa is invocated. Various Hom are done, such as - Ganapati Hom, Lakshmee Hom, Rudra Hom, then Aayushya Hom is done. It is followed by Dhanvantari Hom Mrityunjaya Hom is performed. Poorn Aahuti and Kumbhabhishekam conclude the Yagya with Archanaa and Aaratee.

Naag Bali Yagya
Naag Bali Yagya is to be performed along with Naaraayan Bali. Shaunak Rishi has described this ritual in the following way. A person who has collected a lot of wealth during their lifetime and cannot give up the desire for wealth even after his death, guards his wealth after death in the form of a snake. This soul incarnated as snake does not allow any one else to enjoy his wealth. Such a snake if killed curses the beneficiaries of its wealth in the current or subsequent births. The beneficiaries of the wealth may remain childless or suffer chronic disease. To get rid of disease and to have children one should perform Naag Bali Yagya.

Naaraayan Bali Yagya
According to Vaidik understanding we are the soul connected with 7 generations, before and after. The main aim of Naaraayan Bali Yagya is to fulfill the unrequited desires of our ancestors thus freeing them to move forward on their path of evolution. It is not possible to fulfill every single wish of the deceased. Some strong desires follow the Jeev or individual soul even after death. In this condition, the soul keeps wandering on the earth. In Vaidik esoteric philosophy it is held that soul is part of the Sun. It gets naturally attracted to the Sun after death of the human body in the same way as water is attracted to the sea. But the unfulfilled desires and wishes force the soul to remain here in the earthly realm. The soul or Jeev suffers a great deal in this condition. In order to free itself from suffering the trapped soul creates material problems in the lives of its descendents.

To free himself or herself, the descendant may seek the help of doctors, healers or any kind of counselor. But due to the severity of this Karm, standard remedies will not deliver the desired result. Dissatisfied with these attempts the person may seek the help of an astrologer. The positions of the planets in the horoscope reveal the Pitri Dosh or blemish of the ancestors.

In view of this, we can say that the aim of Naaraayan Bali Yagya is to fulfill all unfulfilled wishes and desires of Jeevaatmaa or the individuated soul. This fulfills or destroys (depending on your perspective) the unrequited desires of the erstwhile trapped and suffering soul. When the desires are gone, the soul becomes lighter and travels in upward direction. The Jeevaatmaa or soul of the ancestor blesses the one who has enabled it to move forward.

The ritual of solemnly worshipping the Pitri or departed ancestors in order to satisfy them is called Shraaddh. This Yagya is performed with the right materials, at the right place and at the right time (Muhoort) and according to dictates laid down in the Vaidik Shaastra. This ritual has been traditionally performed according to Vaidik Shaastra at Trayambakeshwar Jyotirling for thousands of years. References to Trayambakeshwar Jyotirling may be found in the Vaidik literature.

Naaraayan Bali is performed in cases such as childlessness, hardships in life, poverty, incurable disease or when one is afflicted by evil spirits, bad death, accidents or curses from previous birth. To free oneself from all above difficulties with certainty, Naaraayan Bali is the primary ritual prescribed by the Vaidik Shaastra.

Vaajapeya Som Yagya
The origin of species in the Bhaarat, a place known as Krit  Bhoomi, happened long ago. Due to the variation in Kalp, this human form is the 7th one. The present Kalp is Shwet Varaah Kalp which started 184 crore years before. The Bhaarat Bhoomi maintained its continual consistency during this long span. Lots of changes, many Manu, the Dharm Shaastra with respect to them have been compiled. But the Dharm which is based on Ved is the one which stood determinedly. There is no caste in it, only the Dharm. So it is known as Maanav Dharm.

Practical division of Upaasanaa at forenoon, Prayog at afternoon-evening and Upasanhaar in early morning with respect to 9137 Gayatri Chhand Mantra as well as some other Chhand Mantra were demonstrated due course of Vaajapeya Yagya held from 26-11-2011 to 23-12-2011 in Nand Gokul Goshaalaa, Kalladka, Mangalore.

1. Taantrik Vinyaas of the Yagya Shaalaa was with respect to 10 Lakshan Lakshaya viz.

1. Rachanaa
2. Vinyaas,
3. Vaastu,
4. Maapanaa (Measurement)
5. Vyaapti,
6.  Paridhi (Perimeter)
7. Paristaaran
8. Vyoodh
9. Praachee
10. Vaastu.

2. Materials used for Construction : The 8 Parikaraas:

1. Istika,
2. Lohaa (Iron)
3. Bandhaka,
4. Sthaan (Place)
5. Chinhaa,
6. Aakaar (Shape,
7. Avyaya,
8. Praachee

3. What are all can be done by a single Gayatri Mantra, is known to the world. There the implementation of 9137 Mantra has been done.

4. Sound Wave and its converted Light Wave etc., very minute level scientific experiments were carried out.

5. The speed of Shabd Tarang (Sound Waves) for 74 x 74 Aavartan (times) at 1/70,000 of a second. Most of the participants had experienced it. It's a Vishesh Kostaka. Its Ganit Meemaansaa:
74 x 74 - if it becomes Maatraa from 4 then 296 =  Astaavartana
74 x 74 - if it becomes Maatraa from 7 then 518 =  Panchikarana
74 x 74 - Grand total 5476 = Vriddhyaansh Sootra.
4-5-6-7 - Samaanaantar Vriddhi. This is called as occupying like a Tiger. To achieve the intended aim, this Rachanaa Sootra was employed. This was the Vinyaas of the Yagya Shaalaa.

6. Selection of Hom Dravya is based on the following 8 Sootra:
1. Ras Shakti,
2. Chodaka,
3. Parikraman
4. Dahyaanuklataa,
5. Teekshanataa,
6. Tarang Purakataa,
7. Uddeapanaa,
8. Rasotpaadan

Hom Dravya Sanyojan in accordance with the integration in whole nature. Aagya was also used in special way based on some wave intensities. Som was main Dravya.

7. Usage of Mantra:- All 9,137 Gayatri Chhand with some other Chhand Mantra for Taadan, Mardan & Chhedan of Swar. In miniature of one Kaal Maatra, just to complete one cycle, one Tarang was used according to the requirement. All the Mantra have been used many times. Approximately 84 Laakh Aahuti were given. All the species in this universe are considered as equal in the Yagya. The aim is towards natural and united life style.

8. Mantra-Shakti = Sahayog of Aasaktaa + Mumukshu + Bhakt + Vedaabhimaanee.
Chodak Shakti = Virodhee + Dooshak + Nindak + Vighna-kartaa + others.

Just imagine how much Chodak Shakti required to spread Kiran Tarang all over the Universe? The inner fear of Virodhee Shakti was very much useful here. The mass media gave sufficient support in terms of stimulating those opposing powers, so we are thankful to them. In the Indian tradition, that too in the present era there are more than enough people who are called great intellectuals because they oppose these processes. But their subconscious mind has high fear. Previously, the Yupa used to be established where the un-naturality was bound and thus the experiment was continued. Now without the Yupa, this Tarang was achieved easily. Hence the Daas Varenya told that there should be opposing parties to achieve the goal properly.

9. Som Ras: - The medicinal plant extracts were collected according to the Sootrokt Vidhi and prepared according to Aasav preparation Shaastra. Its ignition power and medicinal power was examined up to minute level. The ignition power was neutralized and then given as holy liquid for consumption. Details more than this is not supposed to be written.

10. The 12,140 power of minds of people participated in the Hom Prakriyaa (process) without any restrictions and contributed to the united mind power. The maximum people required for Vaajapeya Yagya is 12,000. Here there was participation more than that number. Not only this, the Tarpan, Stotra, Namaskaar and the final 16 Mantra kept in the bridge of 3 Mantra Prayog, the count was about 1800. There were so many people who didn't register their name. Hence, the people count didn't become problem. Then the people who came to view the Yagya, the artists who performed several arts, lots of enthusiastic were enormous. Total 872, 000 people visited to see the Yagya Prakriyaa. This was counted by a Ganak Yantra (traditional counting machhine) assembled below the stepping stone placed in the main door. Most of the enthusiastics were the travelers from other states of India. The people who took Anna Prasaad within 30 days were counted as 219,000.

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