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Good News! Good News! Good News!
For the Readers of Folktales in Hindi Language:
Almost 900 folktales from various countries of the world in Hindi language
The Best Collectible collection for Libraries, Researchers and Children

Here the titles of almost 900 folktales titles are given in Hindi language, adapted from English language, from various countries' folktales. The titles of all the stories are listed here under Continent and then their Countries. This project is Non-Profit. For the time being these folktales are available only in typed form. Their number is ever increasing. For further
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Introduction to Folktales
Sources of Folktales
- General, Coyote, Raven, Scandinavian
Many useful terms have been briefly explained here to understand these tales.
Folktales-Hindi - This page has been created for our Hindi readers

Characters of Folktales - Anansi, Baabaa Yaagaa, Baldur, Coyote, Freya, Iktomi, Loki, Mink, Odin, Raven, Scandinavian,

List of Folktales - Here is the list of all folktales titles written in Hindi language. There are approximately 900 folktales from all over the world.

Folktales and Special Stories in Book Form - Here are some stories and folktales collected on specific topic and from various sources available in book form. Their list is given here.

See the Blogs about them here --

And they are ever increasing...................

If you have any folktale to send to us, please do send. We will publish it on our website with the acknowledgement of your name. If it will be in English, we will publish it in English and keep its translation in Hindi with us.



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