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Publication of the Result

As I was living in Canada, publishing it here or in US was not found feasible, so we contacted many publishers in India but no one was willing to take up the work. We looked here and there and came up to the conclusion that we should publish them first in Braille and distribute them free to as many schools of visually handicapped as possible.

About Touch-Read Project
So some of these stories, approximately 150 stories,  were prepared for publishing in Hindi Braille language for our visually handicapped people. A project with the name of Touch Read was started in October 2013. Under this project various countries' folktales written in Hindi language were organized under 15 titles. One of them is already out while others are underway to be published.

Its first Hindi Braille title " Nigeria Kee Lok Kathaayen, Pahalaa Bhaag" was published by National Association for the Blind (NAB), Mumbai, and was distributed to 120 schools for visually handicapped all over India free of charge. Any visually handicapped individual - man, woman or child who can read Hindi Braille living in any country could always ask for a copy of any of those 15 titles (when published) free of charge by writing to Later two books more, published through them only, were distributed in the same way but they welcomed them in disinterested way.

It was irony of the education or desire of learning that the people who have only few resources at hand could not make use of those resources which were readily available to them without any charge. There was a time when people walked miles from one village to another for their schooling. Today when the resources are freely open they are ignored. God bless India.

As nobody seemed interested in Hindi Braille book, neither teachers nor even readers who always have limited resources at their hand, this Project came to halt.

But we felt so disappointed to find when no school, not even one to count, cared even to acknowledge the receipt of the books, let alone giving thanks, reporting back with normal courtesy, like "These books are good.", "Yes they will be useful to our children.", "They will increase their knowledge about other cultures." or "When are you publishing your new book?" etc. etc. That at one time I lost my enthusiasm. I started feeling either I am mad or people are mad. Then thought "No, all people cannot go wrong about one thing, it is only my fault that I am unable to explain my works' importance to them." But still I did not know how to convince them and what to do to convince them. I was very much adamant to implement my project.

Normal Publishing
So I restored my courage and I again contacted a publisher in India and was able to publish my one book, my first book, "Raven Ki Lok Kathayen-1" (Folktales of Raven-1) by Indra Publishing House, Bhopal in 2016. It contained 20 folktales of Raven who is the hero of Native American Canadian folktales because of his Creation stories. This book was also also sent free to more than 160 schools, plus organizations and people. It also met the same fate.

One last effort more - I contacted a big publisher who published two books for me - "Ethiopia Ki Lok Kaythayen-1" (Folktales of Ethiopia-1), and "Ethiopia Ki Lok Kathayen-2" (Folktales of Ethiopia-2) in 2018. They took two years to come out in the market, but still not up to my expectation....

Later I got published two books more from the same publisher - "Sheba Ki Rani Makeda" and "Raja Solomon" which came out in January 2019. On contacting the NBT, Delhi, they got ready to publish the translation of one old book "Bengal Ki Lok Kathayen" (Folktales of Bengal). This book was published in English in 1889, now published for the first time in Hindi by NBT in 2019 - 130 years later.

Now the times are different. Those times are gone when people took years to produce translation of foreign language books like this (more than a hundred year). Now is the time that we should pay attention to translate as many good books as possible not only to preserve them for future but also to enjoy reading them now by other language speaking people.


Choice of Platform
I felt perhaps I chose a wrong platform but then what else could I do? My collection of stories was on increase. My computer files were increasing like anything. New insights into folktale literature were opening my eyes. I was surprised that being educated why I could not even imagine all this before. But now I am really getting into this very deep, as if this is my life.

Thinking on this line, I re-evaluated myself and came to the conclusion that because just translating the folktales and keeping them with me was not my objective, or was it? What I will do of them if nobody else could read them? I wished I could fulfill my dream - to make these foreign folktales in Hindi available in India's all villages where children would read and listen to these folktales, but nothing was showing me the way, so I decided to be brave and went out of the way. Whether anybody publishes my work or not I will not let go my work just waste buried in the boxes. I will come out and show to the society that I have contributed something to it and this is it, and accept it O my little children considering it as a gift of love from me.

Although my intention was not this what I am doing now, I mean publishing on Internet, but now there is no other way left for me to take to reach closer to my destination. So please excuse me for taking this route. Although in this way also I feel myself fail to achieve my objective that "whenever anybody goes to bed he should have a book in his hand to read." I could not achieve it, but my satisfaction is this only that at least I am leaving something behind me which will keep me in your memories.

Thanks everybody for the encouragement.
My main objectives to start this project is to
--to enrich the Hindi literature body with many kinds of folktales translated in Hindi,
--to make all foreign (including non-Hindi) folktales available to our Hindi reading people,
--to create a body of scarcely available national or foreign folktale literature to Indian public, researchers in Hindi language for reading now and for future use.


Even after being failed in achieving my set objective, or call it my dream, now my achievements maybe summarized as that -

--I have translated more than 2,500 folktales from India and other countries. I have not found such a large collection of translated folktales of anybody dealt with single-handedly.
--I was fortunate enough that I did my Master of Library Science from the USA during which I learnt to build Web Site. I could utilize my time in building my own Web Site which was greatly admired. Thanks to all.
--And now in my bad times I am using the same Web Site to try to reach the grassroots public of India to read my translated folktales from around the world.


I Have a Dream
My dream is to set up a press which continuously prints the books or booklets of folktales translated in Hindi at no-profit basis that everybody can buy it easily and own it. I do not know wheather I can fulfill this dream in my lifetime but maybe when somebody else reads it he might get a spark and implement this project the whole world is filled with the light of knowledge.

Remember the Knowledge is Light
Whoever Has the Light Can See Clearly
Knows the World More Than Others And Rule Them All
God Bless You




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