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3-Sources of Folktales

Titles given in dark pink have been used to retell their folktales. Others may be taken as resources.
See also   Sources on RavenSources on CoyoteSources on Scandinavian

African Folktales

(1) African Folktales: traditional stories of the Black World
by Roger D Abrahams.  NY, Pantheon Books. 1983
A collection of more than 100 stories from across the African continent selected and retold by Abrahams.

(2) Retold Myths and Folktales: African Myths
by ------.  Perfection Learning.

Africa, Southern
(1) The Lion’s whiskers: tales of high Africa.
by Davis, Russell and Ashabranner, Brent.  Boston, Little Brown and Company.  1959.  191 p.

(2) Favorite African Folktales
edited by Nelson Mandela.  NY, WW Norton & Company.  2002.  240 p
32 oldest tales from various southern African countries .
Its all stories have been written in Hindi - See   21-South Africa-2

[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Africa-3 ]

(3) Nelson Mandela's Favorite African Tales.
edited by Nelson Mandela. NY, WW Norton & Company.  2002.  143 p.
32 oldest tales from various southern African countries.
It is exactly the same as No 4 of this list.  Except that this one is illustrated, hardcover and large sized.
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Africa-3 ]

Africa, West
(1) The Orphan Girl and Other Stories: West African Tales
Retold by Buchi Offodile.  NY, Interlink Books.  2001.  260 p.
It contains 41 folktales of several West African countries - Benin (1), Burkina Faso (1), Cameroon (2), Ivory Coast (1), The Gambia (2), Ghana (4), Guinea (1), Guinea-Bissau (1), Liberia (2), Mali (1), Mauritania (1), Niger (1), Nigeria (19), Senegal (1), Sierra Leone (2) and Togo (1) - See  22-Africa-West

(2) The First Adventures of Spider: West African folktales.
by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst. 2012.
This is an abridged version of “The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales".

(3) The First Adventures of Spider: West African folktales.
by Joyce Cooper Arkhurst.  2012.
This is an abridged version of “The Adventures of Spider: West African Folktales.

(4) West African Folktales
by William H Barker.  1917.

(1)  Ethiopian Stories (Northeastern Library of Black Literature).
by George Samuel Schuvler. 1996.

(2)  Ethiopian Folktales.
by Shlomo Bachrach.  OUP.  1972.  140 p.
Its all stories have been translated in Hindi.  See 
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Ethiopia ]

(1) Ajapa the Tortoise: a book of Nigerian folktales
by Margaret Baumann.

(2) Folk Stories from Southern Nigeria.
Introduction by Andrew Lang. Written by Elphinstone Dayrell.  Longmans. Green & Co.  1910. 
Contains 40 Southern Nigerian folktales.
Taken from  
Its all 40 stories have been translated in Hindi.  See  17-Nigeria-Southern
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Nigeria-Southern]

(3) Fourteen Hundred Cowries: traditional stories of the Yoruba.
by Abayomi Fuja.  Ibadan, OUP.  1962.  164 p.
Contains 29 stories.
Its all 29 stories have been in Hindi.
   See  18-Nigeria-Yoruba
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Nigeria-Yoruba]

South Africa
(1) Outa Karel’s Stories: South African Folk-lore Tales. 
Written by Sanni Metelerkamp.  Macmillan.  1914. 
Contains 15 South African Tales
Read them here at

(2) Old Hendrik’s Tales (South African Folktales)
Written by Captain Arthur Owen Vaughan.  Longmans. Green & Co. 1904.
Contains 13 South African folktales.
Read them here at

(3) South African Folktales
By James A Honey.  1910.
Contains 45 South African tales.
Its all stories have been translation in Hindi.

(4) Specimens of Bushman Folklore
Written by WHI Bleek and LC Lloyd.  1911.

(5) Myths and Legends of the Bantu
By Alice Werner.  1933

Zanzibar / Tanzania
(1) Zanzibar Tales.
by various authors.  Translated by  George W Bateman.  Chicago, AC McClurg & Co.  1901.
Contains 10 folktales of natives of East Coast of Africa
Taken from
Its all 10 stories have been translated in Hindi.
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Zanzibar]

America / American Indian / Canada Folktales

American Folktales
(1) Myths and Legends of Our Own Land: Vol 1 - The Hudson and Its Hills
by Charles M Skinner.  Philadelphia, JP Lippincott Company.  1896.
Contains 45 US tales.
Read them here

(2) Hawaiian Folktales: a collection of native legends
by Thos G Thrum. Thaisunset.

Native American
(1) A Treasury of Eskimo Tales
by Clara Kern Bayliss.  USA, Thomas Y. Crowell Company.  1922.
Contains 31 folktales gathered from the Eskimo living in North America.
Wrote only 4 stories from it --
(19) Taking Away the Sun,  (26) Raven Makes an Ocean Voyage",   (28) The Mermot and the Raven,  (30) Raven and the Geese

Read them at
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Raven-2 and Raven-3]

(2) American Indian Myths and Legends.
by  Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.  NY: Pantheon Books, 1984.
A very comprehensive collection of myths and legends organized according to themes, such as creation stories, tales of love, and tales of animals. This book includes an extensive bibliography.

(3) Larry the Spider - the addition
by Kevin W Cousins

(4) Larry and the Creeping Horde
by Kevin W Cousins.  2013.

(5) Native American Stories
by Joseph Bruhac.  CO (USA), Fulcrum Publishing.  1991.
A rich collection of stories drawn from native cultures of North America retold by Bruhac

(6) Old Indian Legends
by Zitkala-Sa.  Boston, Ginn and Company.  1901
Contains 14 native American folktales
Read them at

(7) Old Indian Legends
by Bill Mahone.  2014.

(8) Tales of the American Indian: retold for our times. .
by Dee Brown.  NY: Holt, Rinehart & Winston

(9) The Indian Fairy Book
by Cornelius Mathews.  NY, Allen Brothers.  1869.
From the origin legends - 26 native American tales.
read them at
(1) Navaho Stories.
by MP Dolch.

(10)The Lakota Way: stories and lessons for living
by Joseph M Marshall III.  Penguin Company.  2002.  239 p. (Kindle Edition)

(11) Wigwam Stories in Basic Vocabulary.
by Edward W Dolch and Marguerite P Dolch.

Tepee Tales
(1) Tepee Stories in Basic Vocabulary.
by Edward W Dolch and Marguerite P Dolch.  1956. 
10 myths and legends from 8 tribes of Plains Indians, showing their beliefs and ways of life.

(2) Tepee Tales from American Indians.
by Dee Brown. New York.  Holt, Rinehart, & Winston.
12 stories are given here.
Its all stories have been written in Hindi
[Folktales / Pub-Braille / 9-Am-Indian]

(1) Stories from Canada.
by Edward W Dolch and Marguerite P Dolch.

(2)  In the Woods. 
by Edward W Dolch and Marguerite P Dolch.

(3) Folklore of Canada. 
by Edith Fowke. 
Toronto: McMillan and Stewart.  1976.  349 p.
22 stories + some other materials.
Its all materials have been written in Hindi
[Folktales / Pub-Braille / 7-8-Canada]

(4) Canadian Fairy Tales
by Cyrus Macmillan.  Toronto, SB Gundy.  1922
Contains 26 Native American folktales gathered from Canada

Read them here in English
1 story of Raven, and 5 stories of Rabbit are taken from here.
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Raven-2]
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Misc-2]



Raven Folktales

Asian / Chinese / Indian / Russian Folktales

(1) The Chinese Fairy Book
by Various authors.  Edited by R Wilhelm.  NY, Frederick A Stokes Company.  1921.
The Chinese Fairy Book contains 74 Chinese folktales, sorted into several categories.
Read these stories at

(2) Chinese Folk-lore Tales
by Rev J Macgowan, D.D. (edited by Andrew Lang).  London, Macmillan And Co Limited.  1910.
Features 11 Chinese folktales
Read these stories at

(3) A Chinese Wonder Book
by Norman Hinsdale Pitman (edited by Andrew Lang).  NY, EP Dutton & Co.  1919
Read these stories here at

(4) Folktales of China
edited by Wolfram Eberhard. 
 Chicago, University of Chicago Press. 1965.
A collection of 79 stories organized according to themes, including the origins of humans, animals and plants characteristics, tales of love and persons with magic powers. Includes 6 tales from Communist China.

(1) “Lakher Folklore” by NE Parry in “Discovery of North-East India: Geography, History, Culture. 
edited by Suresh Kant Sharma, Usha Sharma.  Vol 8.  Delhi, Mittal Books.
8 stories have been taken from this book to write in Hindi
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / India]

The next 4 books, No 2, 3, 4, and 5, contain 69 Indian (not Native American) folktales.

(2) Indian Fairy Tales
by Various authors.  Selected and Edited by Joseph Jacobs.  NY, GP Putnam's Sons.  1910.
The book holds 29 Indian folktales.
Read these stories at

(3) Hindu Tales from the Sanskrit
Translator: S. M. Mitra.  Editor: Nancy Bell.  London, Macmillan and Co.  1919.
9 stories in this book were translated from Sanskrit - an ancient Indian language.
Read them here at

(4) Tales of the Sun or Folklore of Southern India
by Mrs. Howard Kingscote and Pandit Natesa Sastri.  London & Calcutta, WH Allen & Co.  1890.
The book holds 26 Indian folktales.
Read them at

(5) The Magic Bed
by  Hartwell James.  NY, GP Putnam's Sons.  1910.
Holds 5 Indian folktales. A Book of East Indian Fairy Tales.
Read them here

(1) Japanese Fairy Tales
by  Yei Theodora Ozaki.  NY, Grosset & Dunlap Publishers.  1908.
Contains 22 Japanese folktales
Read them here

(2) Green Willow and Other Japanese Fairy Tales
by Grace James.  London, Macmillan and Co Limited.  1912.
Contains 38 Japanese folktales
Read them here at

(3) Momotaro or Little Peachling
by Anonymous.  Tokyo, Japan, T Hasegawa.  1910.
A Japanese folktale. This has been written in Hindi
Read it here
[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Misc]

(4) Child-life in Japan and Japanese Child Stories
by M Chaplin Ayrton, Edited by William Griffis.  Boston, DC Health & Co.  1901.
Contains 7 Japanese folktales.
Read them here at

(1) Babayaga.
by Toby Barlow.  2013.

(2) Babayaga.
by Tai-Marc le Thanh and Rebecca Dautremer.  2004.  2009.

(3) Babayaga.
by Rebecca Dautremer and Tai-Marc le Thanh.  2005.  2008.

(4) Babayaga.
by Rebecca Dautremer.  2013.

(5) Baba-Yaga.
by Anne Royer.  2013.

(6) Baba Yaga Laid an Egg. an eBook.
Kobo eBooks.

(7) The Runaway Soldier and Other Tales From Russia. by Fruma Gottschalk.  1946.

(8).  "Roosi Lok Kathayen" by Madan Lal "Madhu" and Om Prakash Sangal with 33 folktales in 1960.

(9)  "Roopvati Vasilisa (Old Russian Folktales in Hindi)"  with 16 folktales - no date.

(10)  "Roos Ki Lok Kathayen" by Rajendra Mohun Sastry and Mridula Sharma with 16 folktales in 2006.

(11)  "Heere Moti - Soviet Bhoomi Ki Jatiyon Ki Lok Kathayen" by Soviet Stories. 2010. 36 folktales.


(1) Folk and Fairy Tales of Ireland. 
WB Yeats (ed).  NY, MacMillan.  1973.
A total of 13 stories have been translated from this book in Hindi
[Folktales / Pub-Braille / 12-13-Eur-Ireland]

(1) Italian Folktales.
selected and retold by Italo Calvino.  Translated by George Martin. San Diego, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers.  1980. 200 tales.
Its 125 folktales have been translated in Hindi

[Folktales / Pub-Gen-1 / Italy]

Norse or Scandinavian

South America

(1) The King of the Mountains: a treasury of Latin American folk stories,
by MA Jagendorf and RS Boggs,  1960 .
The two collected more than 60 tales from across Central and South America and retold them for the children of the world.

(2) The Three Wishes: a collection of Puerto Rican folk Tales.
Translated by Elizabeth Culbert.  NY, Harcourt, Brace & World.  1969.
All of the tales in Cuentos Folkloricos de Puerto Rico and several others have been translated into English with beautiful illustrations. The translations are excellent and the stories are identical in Spanish.

(3) Puerto Rican Tales: Legends of Spanish Colonial Times. (originally retold by Cayetano Colly Toste.
Translated by Ra
mirez Rivera.  Puerto Rico; Ediciones Libero.  1977.
The legends as retold by Cayetano Colly Toste were written in the early nineteenth century and the vocabulary is difficult and somewhat archaic. Ramirez has retold the legends in Spanish and translated them into English in simple and modern language. The students will enjoy reading these stories.


General Books

(1) Violet Fairy Book
By Andrew Lang. 1901.

(2) Favorite Folktales From Around the World
by Jane Yolen


Websites for Folktales

I am indebted to the following sites to translate many folktales from there.

This website gives more than 100 folktales from many places - Africa, Asia, Europe etc and many other kinds of stories. I have taken many tales from this website. It is a very good website.

African Folktales  -
This is the website for African folktales where one can find the folktales from several countries of Africa.
Under the heading of Nigerian Folktales, there are only four books given, containing a total 88 tales –
40 tales from Southern Nigeria - Its first 10 stories have been published. Folktales from Nigeria, Part 2 in Braille script.
28 tales from South Africa, and
10 from Tanzania.

This book contains those tales which belong to any African country, while its name is unknown. When some tale’s origin is known it has been categorized under that country’s name. The following countries’ folktales have been collected in this series.
There are a few African tales here. I have taken several stories from here.

American Folktales
This site lists many many folklores from America and other countries. I have taken a few folktales from this site.

Native American Folktales
This site contains many stories from Native Americans. Not all but several stories have been taken from this site.
This site gives 9 Native American folktales told and heard in Mexico and at Texas border. Its all the stories have been written in Hindi anguage.
(1) Sunday Seven, (2) the Bear Prince, (3) White Flower, (4) The Little Green Rabbit, (5) Clemencia and Jose, (6) The Gypsi Queen, (7) The Louse-skin Coat, (8) The Forbidden Chamber, and (9) The Giant's Secret




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