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7-Sources on Iktomi


7-Sources on Iktomi

Iktomi is a spider fairy and is a trickster hero of Native American folktales - like Coyote. Here is a brief list of sources to know about him --

American Indian Trickster Tales
Selected and edited by Richard Erdoes and Alfonso Ortiz.  Penguin Books.  1998.  296 p.

Coyote, Iktome and the Rock: a Sioux trickster myth
by Anita Yasuda and Haus Estudio.  2012.

How Not to Catch Fish and Other Adventures of Iktomi
by Joseph M

Iktomi: issue #1 (The Lke of the Sacred Hoop)
by Leo Masetti, Brian Bicknell and Mariano Torres.  2014.  Kindle Edition.

Iktomi and Buzzard
by Paul Goble

Iktomi and Muskrat
by Paul Goble. 

Iktomi and the Berries: a plains Indian Story.
by Paul Goble.  1989

Iktomi and the Boulder: a plains Indian story
by Paul Goble.  1991

Iktomi and the Buffalo Skills. 
by Paul Goble.  1996.

(2) Iktomi and the Coyote
by Paul Goble.  NY, Orchard Books.  1998.  26 Unnumbered pages.  A 1-story Children's Picture Book.

(3) Iktomi and the Ducks
by Paul Goble.  NY, Orchard Books.  1998, 2002.  30 Unnumbered pages.  A 1-story Children's Picture Book.

Iktomi Loses His Eyes
by Paul Goble.  1999.

Love Flute
by Paul Goble.  1997.

Old Indian Legends
by Zitkala-Sa.  2008 (original copyright 1901)
[Contains 6 stories about Iktomi - Iktomi and the Ducks, Iktomi's Blanket, Iktomi and the Muskrat, Iktomi and the Coyote, Iktomi and the Fawn, Iktomi and Turtle

The Coyote Healing
by Mehl Madrona Lewis.  2003.  (Kindle Edition)
[Not about Iktomi - it is about traditional healing in Native Americans]

The Girl Who Loved Wild Horses:
by Paul Goble.  1993.

The Lakota Way: stories and lessons for living
by Joseph M Marshall III.  Penguin Company.  2002.  239 p. (Kindle Edition)

The Lost Children: the boys who were neglected. 
by Paul Goble.  1998.

The Story of Iktomi: learning about footcare

The Trickster and the Troll
by Virginia Driving Hawk Sneve.  University of Nebraska.  1997, 1999. (Kindle Edition)
[It seems it is a novel - A Lakota trickster and Troll, from Norway, meet and become competitors, helpers and friends, as they try to hold on their native ways that are being abandoned as more people settle across America...]






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