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Ethiopian Characters

There are two main characters in Ethiopian folktales - Cinzero, or Senzero and Queen Makeda.

Cinzero is the most popular character of Ethiopian folktales. It is only a 8"-9" tall man. He is very clever and loves his mother more than anyone else.

Recently a doll has been manufactured named and based on this character which is available from "Senzero Doll Factory, Addis Ababa, 2003. Ethiopa". This doll is the first of its kind on Ethiopian children folktales characters.

A computer-animated doll was created by Girma Zelleke of Ethiopia. He died in an accident in Ethiopia on March 19, 2018. This doll is available in Amharic and other Ethiopian languages also in VCD and Video Cassettes forms.

Queen Makeda
Queen Makeda (Maqueda) was the female ruler queen of Ethiopia 3000 years before from now. She was the queen of Sheba (or Saba) in Southwest Arabia as well as of Ethiopia. She was the first queen who went to meet the King Solomon, the King of Israel, to Jerusalem between 900 and 1000 BC. She has been described in Bible, Hebrew Bible, Quran and Ethiopian "Kebra Negast" (national epic of Ethiopia) too. She has been known as Queen of Sheba, Bilqis in Arabic, Makeda in Ethiopian language.

Some people consider her a human while others consider her a demon in disguise. While some people consider her a holy figure.

A book has been published in Hindi about her and her meeting with the King Solomon. There are several books, several paintings, several films etc available on her life. Salome Yilma conceived the idea of making her doll and designed this line.




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