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1. Who was Draupadee, Her Birth and Her Marriage to Five Paandav
2. Why Draupadee had Five Husbands?
3. Draupadee as Queen-1
4. Draupadee as Queen-2
5. Draupadee in Exile
6. Draupadee After the War

Who was Draupadee?
Draupadee is a Mahaabhaarat character. She was the daughter of Raajaa Drupad, King of Paanchaal Desh. Being the daughter of Drupad she was called Draupadee. She was called Paanchaalee too as she was the Princess of Paanchaal Desh. She was called Yagyasenaa also as she was the daughter of Yagyasen (another name of Drupad).

On her birth she was named as Krishnaa, but she is popularly known as Draupadee. She was born out of Havan Kund (along with her brother Dhrishtdyumn). She was very beautiful and her hair was incomparable to anyone else's hair. It was very long, black, lustrous, shining, radiant, shimmering. She was very proud of her beauty and especially of her hair. Later she became proud of her five husbands too. She had four brothers, named Dhrishtdyumn, who was also born from the same Havan Kund. Shikhandee, Uttamaujaa and Yudhaamanyu were her other brothers. When she was born, Aakaashvaanee said - "This woman who is the most beautiful of women, will be the cause of the destruction of all Kshatriya. She is born to fulfill a Divine purpose."

She is one of the Panch Kanyaa (five Virgins) -
Ahalyaa Draupadee Kuntee Taaraa Mandodaree Tathaa |
Panch Kanyaa smare Nityam Mahaapaatak Naashnam ||

Garud Puraan having Draupadee as Avataar of Bhaaratee Devi, and
Naarad and Vaayu Puraan as a composite Avataar of Shyaamalaa (w/o Dharma), Bhaaratee (w/o Vaayu), Shachee (w/o Indra), Ushaa (w/o Ashwins). Brahmaa angered by a joke they cracked (along with Paarvatee) cursed the 4 (except Bhaaratee) with human birth. They asked Bhaaratee to join them. Paarvatee Jee decided that they would jointly become one human body.
Where is this story to be found in Puraan?

Garud Puraan - from  3.17.1  to  3.17.48

Why and How She was Born?
Raajaa Drupad had the enmity with Dronaachaarya, [Read Drupad,   Dronaachaarya first to know the details of their enmity], besides he had the appreciation for Arjun when he defeated him and made captive for Drone to pay his Guru Dakshinaa. At that time he wished that if he had a daughter, he would have married her to Arjun. So he wanted a son who could kill Drone and a daughter whom he could marry to Arjun. For this he arranged for a Yagya which could give him a son like that and a daughter for Arjun. So the Rishi did a Yagya which caused a chariot to appear in which a handsome youth was sitting in a warrior attire. Drupad got very happy to see him and got assured that he would surely kill Drone. Then appeared a very beautiful woman who was worthy bride for Arjun. Thus they were divine children - they were named as Dhrishtdyumn and Krishnaa, better known as Draupadee.

To know another reason of her coming to Earth, read "Why Draupadee had five husbands?"

Draupadee's Previous Life
There are two stories mentioned in our scriptures about Draupadee's previous life. One appears in MBH, 3/10, itself - see "Why Draupadee Had Five Husbands?"

The other one appears in Bhavishya Puraan, 4/48. When Krishn tells about various types of Vrat, Daan etc to Yudhishthir, Yudhishthir tells this story to Krishn in context of Anna Daan -

"Yudhishthir said - "As you told me the importance of Anna Daan, I remember an incident. When Duryodhan had taken our kingdom by defeating us in the dice game, and we were going to forest, many people and Braahman also came with us because of their affection to us. "All people eat food themselves, but who feed other people also, that is human being." Thinking thus I said to them, "Tell me some way so that the food can be arranged for brothers, servants etc including you. We have to pass 12 years in forest." Maitreya Muni said - "I have seen an ancient incident by my Yog power, I tell you that. Once a poor Braahman woman was living in a forest. She daily worshipped Braahman in that condition also. Pleased with her discipline, one day Braahman said to her - "We are very pleased with you, ask any Var from us." The woman said - "Mahaaraaj, Tell me some Vrat or Daan so that I become dear to my husband, I get a son, I become Saubhaagyavatee, rich and people can admire me."

Vashishth Jee said - "I tell you the method of Sthaalee Daan. Make a copper vessel of 500 Pal, or 250 Pal, or 125 Pal ( 1 Pal = 4 Tolaa/8 Tolaa - 50 gram/100 gram); and if one cannot make such a pot, then take a clay pitcher. It should be deep and strong. Fill it with Khichadee (Moong Daal and rice), decorate it with sandalwood paste, and keep it on a Mandal. Keep all kinds of vegetables, a water pot and a Ghee pot. Worship it with flower, Dhoop, lamp and Naivedya and pray that pot thus - (the Mantra is given on p 581). Then donate that pot to a Braahman. One should do this on a Sunday, Sankraanti, Chaturdashee, Ashtamee, Ekaadashee or Triteeyaa." Hearing this that woman started giving Sthaalee to Braahman everyday. By the Punya of the same action, the same woman has become your wife Draupadee. Her hand will never be empty for giving Daan, because wherever she is living in the guise of Draupadee, Satee, Shachee, Swaahaa, Saavitree, Bhoo, Arundhatee, or Lakshmee, what material can be unavailable there?" After saying this Maitreya Muni said to Yudhishthir - "If this Draupadee gives food from her own Sthaalee, she can satisfy the whole world, then why do you worry about these few people?"

Draupadee's Marriage to Five Paandav
Drupad wanted Draupadee to marry to Arjun, so he created a machine in which a fish was revolving on the top and one had to pierce its left eye looking in the pond of oil at the bottom of it. When Draupadee's Swayamvar was organized, Paandav were spending their time hiding in forest in disguise of Braahman after their Baaranaavat incident. They also heard the news of her Swayamvar, so they also went there.

Duryodhan, Karn and Jayadrath were also there as her suitor. Many kings could not even move the bow. Duryodhan and Jayadrath were also among them. Karn also tried. He did pick the bow and went to that machine to aim at it. He had made the circle of the bow to shoot the arrow that Draupadee said - "I will not marry a Soot-Putra." (MBH, Aadi, 190) Karn felt very much insulted, he left the bow and came back to his seat.

And this insult came out when he was sitting with Duryodhan at the time he was playing Chausar (a dice game) with Paandav when Duryodhan ordered Dushaasan to bring Draupadee pulling by her hair. He said - "What kind of respect a woman can have, who has five husbands. There was nothing wrong even if she had been brought naked in the court." (MBH, Sabhaa, 67).

Well, then Shree Krishn eyed at Arjun to come and aim at the fish. Arjun did it and Draupadee was married to Arjun. Since Paandav were in Braahman's guise nobody could recognize them except Shree Krishn. Kshatriya kings present there sat there just like that and a Braahman took a princess away. They didn't like it but they couldn't do anything as not any of them could fulfill the condition of marriage.

On their way to home, Paandav thought to gave a surprise to their mother Kuntee. They said at the door of the house, "See, what we have brought in Bhikshaa (alms) today?" Without seeing what it was, Kuntee said from inside, as usual - "Distribute it among yourselves." Now all Paandav got surprised to hear this. They just remained stood there silently. In the meantime Kuntee thought that her children asked her to see the Bhikshaa. What does it mean? Why did they want her to see it? So she came out and saw Draupadee standing with them. Now she repented for her words, and scolded her children saying that "was she a Bhikshaa? You call her a Bhakshaa?" They were all thinking as what to do, because Maa's words could not be untrue, that Shree Krishn came there and told them the story as why Kuntee said this to them. [Read Krishn's explanation on Next Page).

In Drupad's place, Drupad never expected a Braahman to take away his daughter, because he wanted to marry his daughter to Arjun, but he also couldn't do anything because everybody knew that Paandav had dies in Baaranaavat incident and the Braahman had fulfilled the condition of the marriage so he took her. But Drupad also could not believe that a Braahman could aim at the fish like this, because that machine was especially designed keeping Arjun's skills in mind. It meant that there was some Braahman also who had such skills. Who is he? So he sent his son Dhrishtdyumn to follow them and find out about them and his daughter.

Dhrishdyumn followed them up to their house, saw and heard everything from Paandav's words to Krishn's explanation. He immediately came back to his father and told everything to him. Drupad first got sad hearing this that his daughter will be the wife of five husbands but then got satisfied hearing that his daughter was in right hands and Krishn's explanation about her to marry to five husbands.

She had five sons from five Paandav:
Prativindhya from Yudhishthir
Shrutkarmaa from Bheem
Sutsom from Arjun
Shataaneek from Nakul, and
Shrutkeerti from Sahadev

Coincidentally they looked like their fathers.



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