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Drupad, Raajaa

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Drupad, Raajaa

Raajaa Drupad is a Mahaabhaarat character. Raajaa Drupad was the King of Paanchaal Desh. Kaampilya Nagaree was his capital. His eldest wife's name was Prishataa. She was the mother of Shikhandee. He was known as Yagyasen also (that is why Draupadee was called Yagyasenee also).

He had a daughter named Draupadee and ten sons - (1) Shikhandee, (2) Dhrishtdyumn (killed by Ashwatthaamaa in sleep on 18th day), (3) Uttamaujaa, (4) Yudhaamanyu, (5) Kumaar [Drone, 16], (6) Satyajit [Drone, 21, killed by Drone on 12th day], (8) Surath [Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day], (9) Shatrunjaya [Drone, 155, killed by Ashwatthaamaa on 14th day], (10) Janamejaya. [Drone, 166].

Kshaatradev son of Shikhandee [Drone, 21, killed by Drone on 12th day], and Kshaatdharm, the son of Dhrishtdyumn were his two grandsons. He came to fight with Kaurav with all his 10 sons and two grandsons. Both Shikhandee and Dhrishtdyumn were the disciples of Drone. Drone made him his disciple in spite of knowing that he is born to kill him. Krishnaa was called Draupadee because her father's name was Drupad and was called Yagysenaaa also because her father's name was Yagyasen too.

He and Dronaachaarya were together in Gurukul. They were great friends. At that time he said to Drone that whatever is his, its half is his. Later they went back to their respective places. Read Bhaaradwaaj also.

Drupad and Dronaachaarya
Drupad's father Prishat and Muni Bharadwaaj were great friends. Drupad was born to Prishat and Drone was born to Bharadwaaj at about the same time. Being both the fathers friend, Drupad used to go to Bharadwaaj's Aashram to play with him. Later when both the fathers died, Drupadbecame the King and Drupoad continued to live in Aashram.

Drone was a Braahman, he wanted to become a teacher but he couldn't get anything for living. In the meantime Drone got married to Kripee and had a son named Ashwatthaamaa. Because of no living means, Kripee was not able to give him even milk. Once Drone saw her giving him flour mixed water telling him as milk. Drone got very sad seeing this so in such great difficult times, he remembered his friend Drupad and his promise that "whatever I will have half of it is yours". He turned back. Kripee asked him - "Where are you going?" Drone said - "To bring a cow for the son. Until I will get the cow I won't come home."

He went to Drupad and reminded about his promise made in childhood and asked him only a cow from his share, but Drupad refused to give the cow saying that he might have said it in some playful mood that "whatever is mine, half of it is yours". How could it be possible. Now we are grown-up, we should forget childhood talks. If you ask the cow as a Braahman, I can give you as many cows as you ask, but not as a friend. Friendship is always between the people of equal status. we have no equality between us." Drone felt insulted and came back.

Dronaachaarya Gets Drupad's Kingdom
Later Drone started teaching Paandav and Kaurav. (read " Childhood of Arjun") When Paandav and Kaurav had finished their education, and the time came to pay Guru Dakshinaa, Drone asked both of them, Kaurav and Paandav to bring Raajaa Drupad tied with a horse. Kaurav went there but came back defeated by Drupad; but Paandav brought him to Drone tied with a horse. Drone said to Drupad - "Although I have defeated you, I still consider you my friend. Now you and your kingdom are mine. When you had the whole kingdom, you did not give me even one cow from my share, but now first I divide your kingdom in half and half as a friend as we promised; and then I take only one cow from your part of kingdom." He took one cow from Drupad's share of kingdom and gave back his kingdom to him and freed him. Then Drone went to home where Kripee was still waiting for him to bring milk for his little son Ashwatthaamaa.

Drupad Asks For a Son to Kill Drone
Drupad did go away, but an enmity had developed in Drupad's heart, at the same time he was impressed with Arjun's fighting style. He just wished that if he had a daughter then he would have married her to Arjun. But Drupad was greatly insulted by Drone. So Drupad decided to do a Yagya for a son who could kill Drone and a daughter to marry to Arjun.

He came to know that Yaaj Rishi had come o his kingdom and was staying outside the capital. He went to him and asked him to do such a Yagya which could give him a son who could kill Drone. Yaaj said - "I do not do such Karm, my younger brother Upayaaj does, you may go there, he will help you in this regard. Drupad went to Upayaaj and told him his saga. Upayaaj agreed to do such a Yagya.

When the time came to give Aahuti for the son, Rishi asked the King to call his wife, but his wife was taking bath. Rishi could not wait, so he gave Aahuti but with the desire of a girl. So Agni Dev appeared from Havan Kund with a beautiful girl Draupadee and gave her to him. Drupad was very happy to see that girl. He found her just suitable for Arjun. He said - "Now I want a son". So the Rishi gave another Aahuti and Agni Dev appeared again with a handsome man Dhrishtdyumn. Drupad was very happy to see him also. He was born with bow and arrow in his hands. Thus both sister and brother were born from a Havan Kund and were Divine. He married his daughter Draupadee to Arjun, as he planned. But since at that time Paandav were in living in hiding, Drupad could not know that who took her. Later when he came to know that only Arjun took her, he got very happy. She was married to all five Paandav by the order of Maa Kuntee.

Drupad Marries Draupadee
Drupad wanted to marry his daughter to Arjun, so he built a machine in which a fish was revolving on the top of a pillar around it and at its bottom was a pond of oil. One had to pierce the fish's eye looking at the shadow of the fish in the oil below.

Many kings came as her candidates. Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Karn, Jayadrath were there. Krishn and Balaraam were also invited. Paandav arrived there in Braahman's disguise. Duryodhan tried to lift the bow to pierce the eye of the fish but he couldn't even move it. Karn also got up, he picked the bow and aimed at the fish's eye, the then Krishn gestured Draupadee that she should refuse to marry him. Draupadee stood and said - "I will not marry a Soot-Putra." Karn felt very much insulted and got very angry at all this.

Then Krishn gestured Arjun to proceed on and set his aim  Arjun came, lifted the bow, set the aim and pierced the eye of the fish. All were surprised to see that a Braahman would take Draupadee in the presence of so many Kshatriya kings. But nobody could do anything as the condition of the marriage had been met. Drupad was already sad because after hearing the news of Paandav's death in Baaranaavat. He was already disappointed that now his Draupadee will not be married to Arjun. And after this incident he got more sad that some Braahman took away his Draupadee.

So after Paandav had left the court along with Draupadee, Drupad and Dhrishtdyumn thought that at least they should check the man who took away their daughter and sister. So Drupad asked Dhrishtdyumn to follow them. Dhrishtdyumn followed them, heard all their talks, including Krishn's reason for Draupadee's five husbands and told everything to his father. Drupad got relieved with both the news that Paandav were alive and only Arjun took Draupadee in marriage. He was a bit sad about her married to five Paandav, but couldn't do anything for her fate.

Drupad previously had a daughter also, named Shikhandinee who later got changed to his son as Shikhandee. So all of them, Drupad, Dhrishtdyumn, and Shikhandee, fought from Paandav's side in Mahaabhaarat war. Shikhandee and Dhrishtdyumn were killed by Ashwatthaamaa at the end of the war, on its last day, along with Paandav's sons.



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