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4-Uttar Parv

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9-Bhavishya Puraan, 4-Uttar Parv-169-, p 578-

Anna Daan
(Chap 164) Krishn said - "Raajan, At one time Muni told the importance of Anna Daan, I tell you that now. Anna Daan satisfies instantly. When Shree Raam was in exile, He said to Lakshman sadly - "Lakshman, The whole earth is full of Anna, still we are not getting Anna, it shows that we have not fed Braahman any Anna in our previous lives." A human being does whatever Karm in his life, he gets the fruit of the same Karm. People say it rightly, "Nothing is got without giving it." There are many food items to give but Ann is the most important and the same is the best Daan among all Daan. There is no greater Punya than Satya (truth), no greater happiness then contentment, and no greater Dann than Ann Daan. I tell you one story in this regard.

There was a very great king named Shwet. He did many Yagya, won many wars, donated many things and ruled his country justly. In the end he did Tapasyaa in the forest and went to Swarg. He was very respected there, Gandharv sang for him, Apsaraa danced for him, but when the time to eat food came, he had to come to Prithvi to eat his own body flesh. He ate this kind of food everyday, he got fed up with this, so he went to Brahmaa Jee and said - "By your grace everybody respects me, I get every comfort of Swarg, but this hunger is never satisfied, that is why I have to go to Bhoo Lok to eat my old body flesh everyday. What sin I have committed that I do not get good food?" Brahmaa Jee said - "You donated many things, did many Yagya, but never fed Braahman good food, that is why you are also not getting good food here. There is nothing greater than Anna, that is why you go and feed Braahman good food, then your problem will be solved."

King Shwet came and fed Muni Agastya Jee and gave him a necklace to him as Dakshinaa. As he fed Agastya Jee he got satisfied. When Raam had killed Raavan, Agastya gave the same necklace to Raam. When a hungry man goes to somebody's house and comes back satisfied, the giver of the food becomes blessed. A student who has got Deekshaa, Kapilaa cow, who does Yagya, king, a beggar - all make one holy by seeing only. That is why if somebody cannot feed a hungry man, his Grihasth Aashram is useless. A human being's sin enter into Ann, so whoever eats such person's Ann, he eats other's sin only. Besides who feeds somebody with love and Bhakti, he takes the Punya of one month's Punya the person to whom he feeds.

In ancient times There lived a Vaishya named Dhaneshwar in Vaaraanasee city. once in his shop, a she snake delivered an egg and she went somewhere else leaving that egg there. Vaishya saw that egg and took great care of it. After some time a black snake came out of the egg. That Vaishya gave him milk everyday. That snake also played with that Vaishya and wandered in the house fearlessly. Now he became a big snake. One time, Dhaneshwar went to Gangaa Snaan, and his son was selling goods on his shop. At the same time that snake passed through his legs, the son got afraid and hit him with a stick. The snake immediately sat on his head and said - "O fool, I wish to do your good only because you father has taken care of me; but you have hit me, that is why I will not leave you alive." All in the house of Vaishya started weeping at this.

At the same time Dhaneshwar also came home pronouncing Achyut, Govind, Anant etc names. Seeing all this he said to the snake - "Why are you sitting on my son's head. Somebody has said rightly that keeping relationship with a foolish friend and a person born in a lower species is like to pick a burning coal with hand." The snake said - "Your son hit me without any reason, that is why I am taking his life in front of you, so that any other man cannot do this to anybody else." Dhaneshwar said - "Who loses his way of doing good to others, Bhakti, and love; who can stop him? But you just release this boy for a moment and do not bite him. Let me feed a Braahman so that I can do my Shraaddh myself, because after you have bitten him, I will have no son." The snake accepted this.

The Vaishya fed 1,000 Braahman with tasty food, and they blessed him, "Live long, and by the order of Braahman your all enemy should die and your all desires are fulfilled." And they dropped rice on the head of his son, the snake soon fell down dead. Seeing the snake dead the Vaishya got very sad, and he thought, "I brought him up like my son and today he died because of me only. This is not good." So he neither could eat any food on that day nor he could sleep. Next morning he again went to Gangaa Snaan and again fed 1,000 Braahman with good food. Pleased with him, Braahman asked him to ask for any Var. Hearing this he said - "Please make this snake alive." Braahman sprinkled Abhimantrit water on the dead snake and he got alive. Dhaneshwar got very happy to see this. This was all about Ann Daan importance and glory."

Sthaalee Daan
(Chap 170) Yudhishthir said - "As you told me the importance of Anna Daan, I remember an incident. When Duryodhan had taken our kingdom by defeating us in the dice game, and we were going to forest, many people and Braahman also came with us because of their affection to us. "All people eat food themselves, but who feed other people also, that is human being." Thinking thus I said to them, "Tell me some way so that the food can be arranged for brothers, servants etc including you. We have to pass 12 years in forest." Maitreya Muni said - "I have seen an ancient incident by my Yog power, I tell you that. Once a poor Braahman woman was living in a forest. She daily worshipped Braahman in that condition also. Pleased with her discipline, one day Braahman said to her - "We are very pleased with you, ask any Var from us." The woman said - "Mahaaraaj, Tell me some Vrat or Daan so that I become dear to my husband, I get a son, I become Saubhaagyavatee, rich and people admire me."

Vashishth Jee said - "I tell you the method of Sthaalee Daan. Make a copper vessel of 500 Pal, or 250 Pal, or 125 Pal ( 1 Pal = 50 gram); and if one cannot make such a pot, then take a clay pitcher. It should be deep and strong. Fill it with Khichadee (Moong and rice), decorate it with sandalwood paste, and keep it on a Mandal. Keep all kinds of vegetables, a water pot and a Ghee pot. Worship it with flower, Dhoop, lamp and Naivedya and pray that pot thus - (the Mantra is given on p 581). Then donate that pot to a Braahman. One should do this on a Sunday, Sankraanti, Chaturdashee, Ashtamee, Ekaadashee or Triteeyaa." Hearing this that woman started giving Sthaalee to Braahman everyday. By the Punya of the same action, the same woman has become your wife Draupadee. Her hand will never be empty for giving Daan, because wherever she is living in the guise of Draupadee, Satee, Shachee, Swaahaa, Saavitree, Bhoo, Arundhatee, or Lakshmee, which material can be unavailable there?" After saying this Maitreya Muni said to Yudhishthir - "If this Draupadee gives food from her own Sthaalee, she can satisfy the whole world, then why do you worry about these few people?"

Then we did the same and all started eating food from her Sthaalee. Whoever will donate a copper pot filled with rice to a Braahman on some festive day he never lacks food in his house even if many people take food there."

Jal Daan and Agni Daan
(Chap 172-173) Krishn Jee said - "In the beginning of Chaitra month, in some auspicious Muhoort (with the consultation of an astrologer), set a place to give water to needy people. Keep several large pitchers of water and employ a Braahman to give this water to drink to needy people. Make arrangements for his living and give whatever he needs. Feed a Braahman and give that place to the Braahman. This arrangement should be doe for four months. If possible give something to eat also with water. Whoever donates water in this way in summer season, he gets the fruits of all kinds of Daan. If one cannot set the place for drinking water, then he may donate water to Braahman everyday reading this Mantra ( this Mantra is given on p 583 ). If one cannot do this also, then worship and circumambulate Peepal tree everyday for four months saying "Ashwatth Roopee Bhagavaan Preeyataam Mey Janaardanah".

In the same way in winter season, from Maagsheersh month to Phaalgun month, one should donate fire - means he should arrange dry wood so that poor people can come there to get some warmth. If somebody wants to eat something, make arrangement for food also. This should be done at both the times - in the morning and in the evening. While the people are enjoying fire, one should always tell religious stories. Whoever does that he goes to Brahm Lok, lives for 66,000 years and then comes back to world as a knower of Ved, healthy, rich, and a powerful Braahman.



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