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1. Who was Draupadee, Her Birth and Her Marriage to Five Paandav
2. Why Draupadee had Five Husbands?
3. Draupadee as Queen-1
4. Draupadee as Queen-2
5. Draupadee in Exile
6. Draupadee After the War

Draupadee as Queen-2:

Duryodhan's Plans-Dice Game
After returning from Indra Prasth, Duryodhan told this incident to his Maamaa Shakuni, friend Karn and brother Dushaasan. They were all with Duryodhan that Paandav had no right to laugh at him like this. But now how to take revenge, this is to be planned. Maamaa Shakuni was very clever and cunning. He was very best in Chausar (dice game) also. He never used to lose  game, so he suggested to Duryodhan that he should force Dhritraashtra to invite Paandav for a dice game. Once they have started the game they wouldn't be able to go back to Indra Prasth.

Duryodhan went to his father and asked him to invite Paandav for a Chausar. Dhritraashtra understood his mischief. He tried to stop him from playing this mischief but Duryodhan threatened him with his own life, so he had to agree for that. He sent Vidur Jee to Indraprasth to invite Paandav for Chausar.

From MBH Serial - This is popular idea among people and MBH Serial also shows this that Draupadee laughed at the incident of Duryodhan in the royal court and commented - "A blind man's son is blind only." (but MBH does not mention it). So back in Indra Prasth, Draupadee was repenting after commenting on Duryodhan. In fact that comment was not only on Duryodhan, but it was on her great father-in-law too. She was very sad, she came to Yudhishthir and told the incident. Yudhishthir also got very sad hearing this incident and he just said - "Paanchaalee, We will have to do Praayashchit for this fault. It is better if we can do it in this life. We will have to pay for this mistake."

Vidur Jee arrived in Indraprasth and delivered the message of Dhritraashtra to Paandav. Paandav guessed from Vidur Jee's tone that they should not accept this invitation, but Dharm Raaj Yudhishthir said - "We cannot say "No" to this. One: we are Kshatriya and Kshatriya's Dharm is to play Chausar; two: our great uncle (elder uncle) has invited us, so we cannot say "no" to him. We will go there, so get ready to go to Hastinaapur. We all will go there." And so all went to Hastinaapur. Once again Hastinaapur echoed with the hustle ad bustle of Kaurav and Paandav.

Paandav Lose the First Game
The game started. Duryodhan said - "Let us set the rules of the game." Yudhishthir said - "You have invited us, you are my younger brother, besides my great father is also sitting here, so whatever rules you set, are agreeable to me." Duryodhan said - Maamaa will play dice on my behalf." Although Yudhishthir was ready for every condition put by Duryodhan, but other elderly people sitting there objected it, but Duryodhan's supremacy quieted everyone. Then other Paandav said - "Now don't say that even the dice will be of Maamaa." Duryodhan said - "No, The dice will be mine." So he gave his dice to Maamaa to play. In fact they exchanged their dice before coming there, so Maamaa got his own dice back from Duryodhan. Thus Maamaa was playing with his own dice.

In a short time Yudhishthir lost his kingdom, his jewelry, his royal treasury, then his brothers, himself, and on top of that, in the last, Draupadee too. Duryodhan was looking for this opportunity only. He asked a servant to bring Draupadee in the royal court. He said - "Since Yudhishthir has lost everything, Draupadee will now be living in my palace with my maids. I want to see how does she look like to whom I have won in the game."

The messenger went in the palace chambers of Draupadee and told the message of Duryodhan. But Draupadee refused to go to the court. She asked - "First I want to know that whether the King had lost himself before he lost me, or after he lost me?" Messenger came back with this question, Duryodhan said - "Just ask her to come here, her all questions will be answered here." So the messenger went again and told her that her all questions would be answered in the gathering. Still she didn't come there. Duryodhan could not tolerate this insult and asked Dushaasan to bring her there, and if she doesn't come with her own will, bring her by dragging pulling by her hair.

Dushaasan immediately went to Draupadee and brought her dragging and pulling her by her hair. There she asked a few questions from the court about the rules of game, Yudhishthir losing her in the game etc but to no avail. Nobody replied her. Then Duryodhan asked her to come and sit in his lap as she was now his maid and he could behave with her as he wished. The then Bheem vowed that he will break his thigh which he showed to her to sit upon, with his Gadaa . All people sitting in the court felt very bad and angry, but couldn't do anything. They requested Dhritraashtra also to intervene, but he didn't speak anything.

Duryodhan further said - "Dushaasan, Take off her clothes, let me see how does she look like without clothes, the one I have won in the game." Somebody said - "At least you should keep the respect of the family." At this Karn said - "What is the respect of such a woman who has five husbands. If she can hold the hand of sixth one also, there is no harm. And if such a woman had been brought in the court even naked, there was nothing wrong in it." (MBH, Sabhaa, 67)

So Dushaasan started loosening her clothes. Draupadee helplessly saw towards all elders sitting there but found nobody on her side, so she started meditating upon Krishn. Krishn immediately came to her rescue and made her clothes unending. Now there was lots of cloth lying on the floor by loosening her cloth, but there was no end of her cloth. Dushaasan got damn tired, but the cloth was not coming to end. He sat down on the floor tired. Everybody was seeing this, but nobody had the courage to speak anything against Duryodhan. Dhritraashtra could not see anything, so maybe, he didn't feel its impact. Many elderly people closed their eyes, lowered their heads etc.

In the end Draupadee was about to give Shaap to Kaurav family, that Gaandhaaree intervened and quieted her. As a result of this, Dhritraashtra asked her to ask anything from him. Draupadee asked for Paandav's freedom, Paandav's kingdom and royal treasure back plus whatever more they had lost in the game from him which he gave her readily.

Draupadee vowed that she wouldn't tie her hair until she will wash her hair with the blood of Dushaasan's heart. Bheem again vowed that he would bring the blood of Dushaasan's chest to wash Draupadee's hair.

Paandav Lose the Game Second Time and Go to Exile
After this incident, Paandav were very sad, they started packing to go back to Indra Prasth. Seeing failing his trick, Duryodhan went mad again and consulted his people (Maamaa, Karn, Dushaasan) as how to defeat them again, because his father had spoilt everything after giving everything back to Draupadee. Shakuni advised Duryodhan to invite them again to play one game more. And then he will see them again. Duryodhan again went to his father and asked him to stop Paandav for another game. Dhritraashtra never wanted to do this again but had to do this because of his Putra Moh (love of son). Yudhishthir was a great Dharm follower, so he stayed back in Hastinaapur for another game. Everybody condemned both parties actions but to no avail.

The next game started with the same conditions. This time also Duryodhan had his first chance and Paandav never got their chance after it. The condition of this game was whoever will lose will go to Van for 13 years, 12 years in Van and one year in Agyaatvaas (passing the year in the society where nobody can recognize them, incognito). Yudhishthir understood that he had no choice and he would have to suffer. He was ready for that. In the last they lost and they got ready to go to exile.

Kuntee wanted to go to Van with them but Yudhishthir and Vidur Jee kept her back. She stayed with Vidur Jee, and Paandav went to Van along with Draupadee.



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