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1. Who was Draupadee, Her Birth and Her Marriage to Five Paandav
2. Why Draupadee had Five Husbands?
3. Draupadee as Queen-1
4. Draupadee as Queen-2
5. Draupadee in Exile
6. Draupadee After the War

Draupadee as Queen-1:

Comes to Hastinaapur
When Duryodhan returned from the Swayamvar of Draupadee, he was very much disturbed, because, one: he could not marry Draupadee, two: some Braahman took away Draupadee and he could not do any thing, and three: his friend Karn was insulted there. After coming to Hastinaapur, he tried to find out as who took Draupadee. His people told him that the man who married her was no other than Arjun. Hearing this Duryodhan got very disturbed as he was sure that Paandav were not alive after the incident of Baaranaavat. Now from where they have got their life back?

When Bheeshm heard this, he got very happy. He suggested Dhritraashtra that as Draupadee was their daughter-in-law and would-be queen (because Yudhishthir was already declared as Crown Prince of Hastinaapur), she should be welcomed in Hastinaapur, and now Paandav should be given their kingdom. And all this should be done on behalf of te King of Hastinaapur. Dhritraashtra had to agree with Bheeshm and Paandav were invited to Hastinaapur along with Kuntee and Draupadee. All of them came to Hastinaapur.

All elderly people - Bheeshm, Vidur Jee, Dronaachaarya, Kripaachaarya etc, advised Dhritraashtra that Hastinaapur should be given to Yudhishthir, as Dhritraashtra was only the representative of their father Paandu. But Dhritraashtra had the taste of being the King, besides Duryodhan was also not ready to return the kingdom to Paandav as he considered Hastinaapur as his own kingdom after Dhritraashtra. Besides Duryodhan didn't even want to live with Paanadav. Finally there was no other alternative left for Dhritraashtra except to divide the kingdom in two. Although it was not an acceptable proposition to anybody, it was put in action.

Paandav were given a very uneven, non-productive, un-arable, full of thorns and prickles land of Khaandav Van. Paandav accepted it as their fate. They worked hard on that land, made it arable and even cleared forests. In this process Arjun burnt Khaandav Van and offered it to Agni Dev. Agni Dev pleased with his food, presented Arjun many things. Besides, Arjun saved the life of Maya Daanav also who was living in Khaandav Van, from this fire. As a result of gratitude he built a Divine royal court for Yudhishthir's new kingdom Indra Prasth. It was indeed a unique royal court whose mention was made even in far places. It is said that in that court people mistook dry place with water, and water with dry place. In the same way they used to see doors where there was wall and hit themselves, and did not go to doors as they saw walls there.

Draupadee's glory was at its height as the queen of Paandav. She had many maid-servants and the best palace.

Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya
After Paandav settled down in their new kingdom, with the advice of Naarad Jee and Shree Krishn, Yudhishthir decided to do Raajsooya Yagya. He invited many kings along with all his family members from Hastinaapur. Although Dhritraashtra and Duryodhan were not happy with this news, but still all went to attend this occasion - Bheeshm, Vidur Jee, Dhritraashtra, Duryodhan, Dushaasan, Dronaachaarya, Kripaachaarya etc. All were assigned different jobs and all did their jobs very sincerely and happily. Duryodhan was the in-charge of treasury. He was spending money and giving alms freely. At last the celebrations were over and people went back to their places. Yudhishthir asked Duryodhan and Dushaasan to stay back for some time more.

They stayed there and enjoyed Yudhishthir's hospitality. They appreciated it. But Duryodhan was very jealous in the bottom of his heart. He had already seen the richness and prosperity of Yudhishthir when he was the in-charge of his treasury. He went to see Draupadee's palace and the wonderful royal court also. He was astonished to see Draupadee's palace. It was made of really very expensive materials. Thousands of very beautiful young maids were wandering around in the service of Draupadee.

While Duryodhan was wandering around the royal court, once he lifted his clothes with the fear that they will be wet in water while there was dry floor; at another time he hit a wall thinking that it was a door; and at another time he fell in water while he thought it was a dry floor. As he fell in the water, Bheem Arjun, Nakul ad Sahadev all brothers laughed heartily at him. Duryodhan went mad with anger and insult, but didn't speak anything. He immediately came back from there, and came back to Hastinaapur.

This was the seed of the severe enmity with Paandav and anger and revenge with them.



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