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1. Who was Draupadee, Her Birth and Her Marriage to Five Paandav
2. Why Draupadee had Five Husbands?
3. Draupadee as Queen-1
4. Draapadee as Queen-2
5. Draupadee in Exile
6. Draupadee After the War

Draupadee In Exile:

Draupadee and Jayadrath
This was not the end of sorrows of Draupadee. Once passing time in forest, she went outside to fetch water. Jayadrath, Duryodhan's only sister Dushalaa's husband, was passing by Paandav's Aashram. Paandav were out at that time. He saw her and misbehaved with her. He abducted her in his chariot. When Paandav came, they looked for her and Arjun found chariot's wheels' marks. He heard the chariot's sound too so he shot Agni arrows, one, two, three and created fire all around the chariot. He then ran and got hold of Jayadrath. After a brief fight, he caught Jayadrath and brought him to his Aashram for punishment. But then they let him go on Draupadee's request (she did not want Dushalaa being widow), but they shaved his head irregularly - leaving five braids on it to remind him of Paandav.

Draupadee and Durvaasaa Muni
At another time, Duryodhan sent Durvaasaa Muni and his disciples to see Paandav and bless them. He especially requested them to go there in the afternoon. Muni went there in the afternoon, met Yudhishthir on the way, so he told him that after they had taken bath in the river, they would have food at his place. Yudhishthir came home and informed about this to Draupadee. Now Draupadee had a Divine pot given by Soorya Dev which gave food until she had eaten from it. On that day, since it was afternoon, she had already eaten her food by that time Paandav told her about Durvaasaa Muni's coming. Now all were thinking as what they should do. Paandav knew about the Shaap of Durvaasaa Muni and his anger. They knew this also that only Duryodhan has sent him here, but they could not do anything. Seeing no other alternative Draupadee meditated Krishn.

Again Shree Krishn helped them out in this odd situation. Everybody saw Him coming through the door and asking for food. Draupadee told Him that there was no food in the house because she had already eaten the food from the pot. Krishn insisted her to check the pot, but Draupadee said that she herself had cleaned it properly, now there could not be anything in it. Still Krishn insisted - "Bring it soon, let me see if you have cleaned it properly." When Draupadee brought it He found a grain of rice (some say it was a leaf of greens) stuck on a side of the pot. He ate that and said - "The whole Tri-Lok should be satisfied with this grain of rice (leaf)." and that satisfied the whole world at that time. Durvaasaa Muni and his disciples felt very full as if they had just eaten food, so they didn't come to Paandav's place and went back from the river itself.

Draupadee and Keechak
Exile period of 12 years came to an end and one year of Agyaatvaas period began. Paandav spent that year at Raajaa Viraat and Sudeshnaa's palace in Viraat Nagar, Matsya Desh. They kept their weapons on a Shamee tree and went one by one to Viraat Nagar. Yudhishthir worked there as Kank - the courtier and counselor of Raajaa. He was King's counselor and played Chausar with him. Bheem worked in royal kitchen as their head cook. Arjun used his Curse from Swarg (Urvashee) and he taught music and dance to their daughter Princess Uttaraa. Nakul worked in royal stable and Sahadev worked with their cows. Draupadee worked as Sairandhree in Sudeshnaa's chambers. Draupadee told her already that she should not be considered as an ordinary maid and that she was always protected by her five brave Gandharv husbands.

In fact Viraat was only the King for name sake, he was not the real ruler of that country, it was Sudeshnaa's brother Keechak who was ruling it. Once he came to Viraat Nagar and he saw Draupadee in Sudeshnaa's palace. He got attracted to her and in spite of Sudeshnaa's warning, Keechak asked her to send Draupadee to his palace. She had to send her, but he misbehaved with her.

Draupadede went to Viraat's court, but nobody listened to her there. Then she told everything to Bheem. He advised her to invite him in the music room and told her that he would kill him there only. Draupadee did so, Keechak came in that room in the night. Bheem kept that room dark. Keechak insisted to put the light on, but Draupadee who was standing nearby told him that she didn't want anybody to know about this affair that is why it was all dark. Bheem was lying there. As Keechak removed the cloth form his face expecting to see Draupadee there, he got frightened seeing Bheem's face there. Bheem and Keechak fought for a while but at last Bheem killed him soon. Thus Bheem saved her from Keechak.



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