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Paandu, Raajaa

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Paandu, Raajaa

Raajaa Shaantanu of Hastinaapur had three sons: Bheeshm from Gangaa, he vowed to remain lifelong Brahmchaaree (bachelor). His other two sons were Chitraangad and Vichitraveerya from Satyavatee. When they were still young, Raajaa Shaantanu died, so Bheeshm took care of them. Chitraangad was appointed King of Hastinaapur as he grew up, but died early in a fight with a Gandharv of his own name Then Vichitraveerya was crowned as the King of Hastinaapur. Bheeshm married him to Kaashee princesses Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. (see also  Ambaa)

Ved Vyaas Produces Heirs
But unfortunately Vichitraveerya also died early childless. Then Satyavatee asked Bheeshm to produce heirs from Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa, but Bheeshm politely declined the offer as he had already vowed for being unmarried and not having children lifelong to Daashraaj - Satyavatee's father. Then Satyavatee called her eldest son Ved Vyaas (from Maharshi Paraashar) and asked his help to produce children from Ambikaa and Ambaalikaa. Since Ved Vyaas came just like that from his Tap, his look was not proper, so he asked a year time from his mother to do her job, but Satyavatee told him that she had no time.

So he obeyed his mother. He asked his mother to send Ambikaa to him. When Ambikaa saw Ved Vyaas she closed her eyes. Later Ved Vyaas Jee said to his mother - "Ambikaa closed her eyes so she will give birth to a blind son." Satyavatee was not happy with this news. Then she sent Ambaalikaa to Vyaas Jee. She did not close her eyes but she got yellow seeing Ved Vyaas. Later Ved Vyaas Jee told his mother that since she went yellow seeing him she would have a yellow color son. He will be all right, but he will not keep good health.

Seeing this Satyavatee got very sad and requested Vyaas Jee to give her another chance. So she asked Ambikaa again to go to Ved Vyaas Jee but Ambikaa managed to send her maid to him. The maid felt fortunate, she was very happy and pleasant seeing Ved Vyaas Jee all the time. Ved Vyaas Jee told his mother that Ambikaa didn't come to him, she sent her maid. She would have a very pious, healthy and Dharm-knower son. Her son will be famous in the world. To whoever two princes he will serve they will have special places in history of Bhaarat Varsh. And Ved Vyaas Jee went back to his Aashram.

Thus Ambikaa gave birth to a blind son - Dhritraashtra; Ambaalikaa got a yellow colored son - Paandu and the maid got a pious and Dharm-knower son - Vidur. Again Bheeshm took care of these children and got them educated well.

Paandu Gets the Throne
When they grew up, one of them was to be appointed as Raajaa of Hastinaapur. As Dhritraashtra was the eldest, his name was suggested, but Vidur Jee said - "The politics guidelines say that a Raajaa should not be a physically incomplete man, that is why Dhritraashtra should not be appointed as Raajaa." So Paandu was appointed as Raajaa, and Vidur Jee was appointed his Chief Minister and counselor.

Paandu's Ruling Period
Paandu was married to Kuntee: Raajaa Kuntibhoj's daughter. The same day Paandu went for expansion of his kingdom. When he returned, he brought Maadree (princess of Madra Desh) along with him as his second wife. Kuntee welcomed her and all started living happily. It was decided that Paandu should be sent for some enjoyment after winning so many countries. So he handed over his kingdom to Dhritraashtra and went to a forest far from the city along with his both wives.

Paandu was a good archer and knew to aim Shabd-Vedhee arrow. So one day when he was in a forest, Maadree asked him to bring a skin of a lion. The lion started running and Paandu followed him. After some time he hid and made a roar. Paandu aimed a Shabd-Vedhee arrow at that animal, but instead it hit Rishi Kindam. At that time Rishi Kindam was with his wife. When Paandu arrived there he found that his arrow had hit Rishi Kindam. He beat his head. Rishi Kindam gave a Shaap to Paandu that as he had hit him while he was trying to have a child, he would also not be able to have any child and will die when he would be with his wife. Now Paandu got very worried about his children.

As a result of this Brahm Hatyaa (killing a Braahman), Paandu had to do some Praayashchit (repentance). So he came back to Hastinaapur, and again went to Van with his wives. In his absence he again handed over his crown to Dhritraashtra as his representative.

Paandu was very worried about his children, because he could not have any child because of the Shaap of Kindam Rishi. Once Paandu expressed this to Kuntee. Kuntee thought for a moment and said - "I have a Mantra given by Durvaasaa Muni by which I can call any Devtaa, so let me use it now." Paandu got very happy to hear this and asked Kuntee to call Dharm Raaj first, so that his first son should be like Dharm Raaj and rule the kingdom properly. So Kuntee first called Dharm Raaj and got Yudhishthir from him. Then she called Pavan Dev and had Bheemsen from him. As she had Bheem in her hands, and wanted to give to Paandu, he fell down on a rock. Kuntee got scared and worried about him that she might have got hurt him by falling on the rock, but she was surprised to see that the child was playing and the rock was cracked beneath him. Then she called Indra and had Arjun from him.

After that she called Ashwinee Kumaar and had a twins for Maadree: Nakul and Sahadev. Thus Paandu had five sons. They were all called Paandav.

Death of Paandu
Later once Paandu saw Maadree taking bath under a waterfall. She was looking beautiful. A desire to have her rose in Paandu's heart, Maadree tried to stop him, but whatever has to happen it happens. Rishi's Shaap worked and Paandu died when he was with Maadree. Kuntee wanted to become Satee with Paandu but Maadree stopped her saying that "He has died when he was in love with me, so I will become Satee with him. Secondly you are capable to take care of these five children so you live. I will not be able to take care of them properly, so let me go with him." And Maadree became Satee with Paandu.

Later, after 17 days of Paandu's death,  Kuntee came back to Hastinaapur along with her five sons. Bheeshm and Vidur were very happy to receive them in the palace, but Dhritraashtra and Duryodhan didn't like it. Dhritraashtra was again worried about his crown.

Did Paandu Have Some Extraordinary Powers?
In Gita Press Mahaabhaarat, it is written that Paandu had told his sons a secret that due to celibacy and meditation he had developed great powers. Once he has died, they should eat his flesh and they will know everything. But as his body was cremated they could not do that. Sahadev noticed ants carrying a piece of flesh his father's body and he ate that. Immediately he came to know a lot and he rushed to inform his family but a stranger stopped him, and told him never to tell what he knows unless asked. And further answer the question by another question.



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