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1. Duryodhan and His Childhood
2. Duryodhan and Paandav
3. Duryodhan and Yudhishthir
4. Duryodhan During and After Agyaatvaas
5. Duryodhan in War

Duryodhan With Raajaa Yudhishthir-1

After returning from Laakshaa Grih and marrying Draupadee, Paandav were living in Hastinaapur, but Duryodhan was continuously in the process of thinking that how they should be thrown out of Hastinaapur so that he would be the King of Hastinaapur. He said to his father - "I cannot live with these Paandav. This kingdom is mine and I cannot give it to them." After a long discussion they found the solution that Hastinaapur should be divided in two, and the other part of the kingdom should be given to Paandav. This other part of Hastinaapur was Khaandav Van area whose land was un-arable.

Everybody insulted Dhritraashtra on taking such decision but he could not do anything except this. So Paandav went to Khaandav Van, habited it with great efforts and labor and did Raajsooya Yagya there. Yudhishthir invited many kings including all people from Hastinaapur. Everybody came and shared work at Yagya. Duryodhan was the in-charge of treasury. He donated many things with his free will. After this Yagya, he got more jealous with Paandav's prosperity. Besides his royal court was also a piece for jealousy and unfortunately he got there insulted also by Bheem and other Paandav. (to know its details see " Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya")

All came back to Hastinaapur, but Duryodhan was restless with jealousy and Paandav's insult to him. So with Shakuni's consultation he planned to play Chausar with Yudhishthir. He forced his father to send Vidur Jee to invite Paandav for Chausar (a dice game). Although Yudhishthir had also guessed that Duryodhan's intentions were not good, but still as Dharm Raaj he could not say "No" to the invitation; and they all went to Hastinaapur at the order of Dhritraashtra.

Duryodhan and His First Dice Game
As per his plan, Duryodhan asked Yudhishthir to set the rules of game, but Yudhishthir said, "You are my younger brother, you have invited me for this game, so whatever rules you will set will be all right for me." So Duryodhan set the rules. In the end he said, "My Maamaa (Shakuni) will play the dice on behalf of me." Everybody including Paandav, objected this, except Dhritraashtra, but Yudhishthir said - "As you wish." Then Arjun said - "Now you don't say that dice will also be Maamaa's." Duryodhan said smilingly "No" and he took out his own dice and gave them to his Maamaa. As per according to plan dice were already exchanged before, so now Maamaa had his own  dice.

The game started. Yudhishthir started losing the game. He lost his kingdom, treasury, servants, brothers, himself, even his wife Draupadee. Duryodhan was looking for this opportunity only. As Yudhishthir lost Draupadee, Duryodhan said beating his thigh, "Bring Draupadee here and she will sit in my lap, because she is now my maid. And she will live in my palace like my other maids." Seeing this Bheem could not resist and vowed that he would break his thigh with his Gadaa. (It is the rule of Gadaa fight that it is not hit on the area below navel and above knee).

When Draupadee didn't come on call, Duryodhan sent Dushaasan to bring her there and if she doesn't come by her will then to bring her by dragging and pulling her hair. Dushaasan went and brought her there by pulling her hair and dragging. Duryodhan then asked him to pull her dress till she was naked. Dushaasan obeyed him. Everybody got stunned but nobody said anything, nobody did anything. Draupadee called everybody present there for her help, but to no avail. Then she called Krishn for her help, and He saved her by increasing her dress length. Now Dushaasan got tired pulling her dress, several piles of cloth were collected there in the court, but Draupadee's dress cloth was not coming to end. At last Dushaasan got damn tired and sat down.

Then Draupadee abused everybody sitting there, nobody spoke anything. She said - "I will not tie my hair until I get Dushaasan's chest blood to wash them." Then she was about to give Shaap to Kaurav family that Gaandhaaree came in between and saved the family. Later Gaandhaaree helped her to restore all her losses. Bheem again vowed to bring Dushaasan's chest blood for Draupadee's loose hair.

Duryodhan and His Second Dice Game
Paandav were not at all comfortable with this episode, so they got prepared to go back. But Gaandhaaree's intervention had failed Duryodhan's all plans, so Duryodhan was back to square one. What to do now? Shakuni again suggested Duryodhan to play only one game more. So Duryodhan again forced Dhritraashtra to stop Paandav from going back and play just one game more. This time the condition was "Whoever will lose, will go to exile for 13 years including one year of Agyaatvaas (in this one year one should not get recognized while living in the society)."

Yudhishthir had to stay back and played another time. This time also Shakuni played on behalf of Duryodhan. This time also Paandav lost and they had to go to exile for 13 years. So they all went to forest along with Draupadee. Kuntee stayed with Vidur. Paandav greeted the King of Hastinaapur and left for forest.



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