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Reading through the scriptures, I came across through some of the important information about many things. The information about Raakshas is summarized below with most Raakshas and Raakshas women (Raakshas' wives. sisters or daughters etc) names and their brief necessary details. Normally it is very difficult to remember their names and their genealogy and relationship with other Raakshas. That is why this list has been prepared - to bring all those names here at one place and show their relationship with each other, Some have their short description, some have their detailed description, while some do not have at all. Many unpopular names have the name of the source of their name also -
Ram = Raamaayan
MBH = Mahaabhaarat
Bhag = Bhaagvat Puraan

There are a few Raakshas who were Braahman, such as - Alambooshaa, Jataasur, Raavan, Kumbhkarn, Vibheeshan, Vritraasur etc.

Origin of Raakshas and Yaksh
Vaalmeeki Raamaayan, 7/2 describes the origin of Raakshas very clearly when Raam asks about it from Agastya Jee. He said - "First water appeared, then appeared a lotus flower from it and on it was sitting Brahmaa Jee. To guard the water he created some living beings [I don't understand, when there was nobody there, so from whom to guard that water?]  As they were created they were hungry and thirsty. They asked Brahmaa Jee as what they should do? Brahmaa Jee told them to guard the water. Hearing Brahmaa's instructions, some said - "Rakshaam" (yes, we will guard the water.), while others said - "Yakshaam" (we want to eat food). Hearing this Brahmaa Jee said - "Who have said Rakshaam will be known as Raakshas and whoever has said Yakshaam will be called as Yaksh. Thus these were the first two species born from Brahmaa Jee's creation.

As Brahmaa Jee said these words, two very powerful Raakshas appeared named Heti and Praheti. Praheti was of religious nature so he went to do Tapasyaa, and Heti was married to Kaal's sister Bhayaa. heti and Bhayaa had a son Vidyutkesh who married Sandhyaa's daughter Katankataa and had a son named Sukesh. Sukesh was taken care of Shiv and Paarvatee and they granted him boons and a Vimaan (airplane) and made him fearless.

Sukesh had three gracious sons - Maalee, Sumaalee and Maalyavaan - read further on Raakshas' Names by searching their names ---

Who Killed Which Raakshas and When?
There is a confusion at several places to know that which Raakshas was killed by whom, where and when.

Two lists have been prepared of such Raakshas, their killer's name, when and how he was killed, and the reference where that information is given. These two lists are arranged by Raakshas names and Killers' names

Readers are requested to send any other information about them if they find it anywhere else. Use the e-mail --



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