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The whole zodiac is divided in 12 Signs and 27 Nakshatra or Stars, and each Nakshatra is subdivided in 4 parts (Pad). Thus the whole zodiac is divided into 108 parts.

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1. Introduction to Nakshatra
2. Importance of Nakshatra
3. Characteristics of Nakshatra
4. Gun of Nakshatra
5. Lords of Nakshatra
6. Dhurank
7. Fallen Stars

Saadhanaa Taaraa - When to start Saadhanaa? In which Nakshatra?
Vedhaa Star -
Conflicting situation when the Sun passes through these stars

Abhijeet Nakshatra
Mool Nakshatra -
What is bad in it?
Pushya Nakshatra
Rohinee Nakshatra
Shatbhishaa Nakshatra



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