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Introduction to Nakshatra
[From a file from Jyotish_Remedies Group]
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Nakshatra are star-clusters, and have been mentioned in the Ved times without number.  They are called Taaraa (stars) also. There are 27 Nakshatra in Indian astrology. They also come in a specific order like Signs (Raashi), because they are inside Signs. All Nakshatra have their own Gan, Yoni, Lord, Ruler, Sex etc attributes. These attributes are used in various ways while making predictions.

S No Nakshatra Gan Yoni Lord Ruler Type Dashaa Sex Quality  
1 Ashwinee Dev Ashwa Ashwinee Ketu Light 7 Yrs Male Divine  
2 Bharanee Manushya Gaj Yam Venus Cruel 20 Yrs Female Human  
3 Krittikaa Raakshas Mesh Agni Sun Mixed 6 Yrs Female Demon  
4 Rohinee Manushya Sarp Brahmaa Moon Fixed 10 Yrs Male Human  
5 Mrigshiraa Dev Sarp Chandramaa Mars Soft 7 Yrs Eunuch Divine  
6 Aardraa Manushya Shwaan Shiv Raahu Sharp 18 Yrs Female Human  
7 Punarvasu Dev Maarjaar Aditi Jupiter Mutable 16 Yrs Male Divine  
8 Pushya Dev Mesh Guru Saturn Light 19 Yrs Female Divine  
9 Aashleshaa Raakshas Maarjaar Sarp Mercury Sharp 17 Yrs Female Demon  
10 Maghaa Raakshas Mooshak Pitar Ketu Cruel 7 Yrs Female Demon  
11 P-Phaalgunee Manushya Mooshak Bhag Venus Cruel 20 Yrs Female Human  
12 U-Phaalgunee Manushya Gau Aryamaa Sun   6 Yrs Female Human  
13 Hast Dev Mahish Soorya Moon Light 10 Yrs Male Divine  
14 Chitraa Raakshas Vyaaghra Vishwakarmaa Mars Soft 7 Yrs Female Demon  
15 Swaati Dev Mahish Vaayu Raahu Mutable 18 Yrs Female Divine  
16 Vishaakhaa Raakshas Vyaaghra Indra & Agni Jupiter Mixed 16 Yrs Female Demon  
17 Anuraadhaa Dev Mrig Mitra Saturn Soft 19 Yrs Male Divine  
18 Jyeshthaa Raakshas Mrig Indra Mercury Sharp 17 Yrs Female Demon  
19 Mool Raakshas Shwaan Raakshas Ketu Sharp 7 Yrs Eunuch Demon  
20 P-Ashaadhaa Manushya Vaanar Jal Venus Cruel 20 Yrs Female Human  
21 U-Aashaadhaa Manushya Nakul Vishwedev Sun Fixed 6 Yrs Female Human  
22 Abhijeet   Nakul Brahmaa            
23 Shravan Dev Vaanar Vishnu Moon Mutable 10 Yrs Male Divine  
24 Dhanishthaa Raakshas Sinh Vasu Mars Mutable 7 Yrs Female Demon  
25 Shatabhishaa Raakshas Ashwa Varun Raahu Mutable 18 Yrs Eunuch Demon  
26 P-Bhadraa Manushya Sinh Ajaikpaad Jupiter Cruel 16 Yrs Male Human  
27 U-Bhadraa Manushya Gau Ahirbudhnya Saturn Fixed 19 Yrs Male Human  
28 Revatee *** Dev Gaj Pooshaa Mercury Soft 17 Yrs Female Divine  

*Abhijit Nakshatra - In fact Abhijit, the 22nd one, is not a Nakshatra, but a certain time period. Some people consider Abhijit as Nakshatra, thus making 28 Nakshatra. This time period, Abhijit, is very auspicious Muhoort and it falls in day time - for one Ghadee (24 minutes) before and one Ghadee after 12.00 pm. Even if the whole Panchaang is not auspicious, even then to travel during this period is very auspicious - but not to South.

**If the two people are of enemy Yoni, they are enemy in themselves also, such as
Shwaan and Mrig
Nakul and Sarp
Mesh and Vaanar
Sinh and Gaj
Gau and Vyaaghra
Mooshak and Maarjaar
Mahish and Ashwa

***Read a strange story about Revatee Nakshatra here

Such match is necessary in Kundalee match making for marriages.

No Nakshatra is less than 56 Ghatee (28 Muhoort, or 22.4 hours) and more than 66 Ghatee (33 Muhoort or 26.4 hours). One Muhoort is of 48 minutes.
[Naarad Puraan, p 331]

Pushya Nakshatra is a very powerful Nakshatra, even if it is in Paap Graha. Leave alone marriage, this Nakshatra gives desired fruit in all auspicious Karm.

Types of Nakshatra

Types of Nakshatra Name of Nakshatra


Rohinee, U-Aashaadhaa, U-Bhaadrapad
Mutable Puarvasu, Swaati, Shravan, Dhanishthaa, Shatabhishaa
Soft Mrigshiraa, Chitraa, Anuraadhaa, Revatee
Light Ashwinee, Pushya, Hast
Sharp Aardraa, Aashleshaa, Jyeshthaa, Moolaa
Cruel Bharanee, Maghaa, P-Phaalgunee, P-Aashaadhaa, P-Bhaadrapad
Mixed Krittikaa, Vishaakhaa

Rulers of Nakshatra

Rulers of Nakshatra Names of Nakshatra


Krittikaa, U-Phaalgunee, U-Aashaadhaa
Moon Rohinee, Hast, Shravan
Mars Mrigshiraa, Chitra, Dhanishthaa
Mercury Aashleshaa, Jyeshthaa, Revatee
Jupiter Punarvasu, Vishaakhaa, P-Bhaadrapad
Venus Bharanee, P-Aashaadhaa, P-Phaalgunee
Saturn Pushya, Anuraadhaa, U-Bhaadrapad
Raahu Aardraa, Swaati, Shatabhishaa
Ketu Ashwinee, Maghaa, Mool

Auspicious Taaraa (Nakshatra)   see also    Saadhanaa TaaraaVedh Star
There are some Nakshatra which are good to do some work, to start some work for their auspiciousness. Auspicious Taaraa is mostly used for many other works, like starting any Saadhanaa, study, business etc. Check your birth Nakshatra, count from it to the desired day Nakshatra and whatever number comes, divide it by 9. If remainder is 1, 2, 4, 6, 8, and 0, it is auspicious. To know this all Nakshatra are divided in three groups of 9 Nakshatra each from one's own birth Nakshatra. Then the each group of 9 stars depict as the following, for example, the first star which is the birth star is good, 2nd star from the Birth star brings wealth, the 3rd star from the Birth star brings danger and trouble, and so on

S.No Group-1 S.No Group-2 S.No Group-3 Taaraa Meaning Good/Bad







Janma Taaraa


22 Shravana 4 Rohinee 13 Hast Sampat Taaraa Wealth/ prosperity Good
23 Dhanishthaa 5 Mrigashiraa 14 Chitraa Vipat Taaraa Danger / Trouble Bad
24 Shatabhishaa 6 Aardra 15 Swaati Kshem Taaraa Well being/ Health Good
25 P-Bhadraa 7 Punarvasu 16 Vishaakhaa Pratyak Taaraa Obstacles Bad
26 U-Bhadraa 8 Pushya 17 Anuraadhaa Saadhanaa Taaraa Achievement Very Good
27 Revatee 9 Aasaleshaa 18 Jyesthaa Nidhan Taaraa Death Star Very Bad
1 Ashwinee 10 Maghaa 19 Mool Mitra Taaraa Friend Better
2 Bharanee 11 P-Phaalgunee 20 P-Aashaadhaa Param Mitra Taaraa Best Friend Good

* Janm Nakshatra is the first one in the series.
By Raghunath Rao Nemani

Each Nakshatra is divided in four Pad or Charan for the convenience of exactness. Since the Sun passes through 12 Raashi/ Signs, every Raashi is made up of 2 1/4 Nakshatra or their 9 Charan. Thus there are 12 x 9 = 108 Charan of 27 Nakshatra divided in 12 Raashi. Each Raashi, each Nakshatra, and even each Charan of every Nakshatra has its own Lord.

Inauspicious Nakshatra Table

Four Mandal
The four Mandal constituting 28 Nakshtra in a cyclic pattern, are : Agni Mandala, Vaayu Mandal, Varun Mandal and Mahendra Mandal.

Gandant Nakshatra    see also   Gandant Dosh
(1) Like 4th Pad of Aashleshaa and the 1st Pad of Maghaa - (junction of water/fire signs - Cancer/Leo)
(2) Planet having longitude between 0 to 4 degree and 26 to 30 degrees in Pisces/Aries, Cancer/Leo and Scorpio/Sagittarius junction are called planet in Gandant Nakshatra. They create serious health problems, accidents, break in relationships etc giving us a lot of physical and mental pain.

Nakshatra Division by Naadee
28 Nakshatra (including Abhijeet) are grouped into 7 Naadee in following manner :

Start from the furthest planet Saturn, giving it the lordship of the 2nd and 3rd Nakshatra, Bharanee and Krittikaa; Jupiter for the 4th Nakshatra, Mars for the 5th Nakshatra, and Sun-Venus-Mercury-Moon following likewise. Thus at two ends are Saturn and Moon which are the Lords of two consecutive Nakshatra : Saturn the Lord of the 2nd and 3rd Nakshatra, and the 16th and 17th Nakshatra, while Moon will be the Lord of the 9th and 10th Nakshatra and the 23rd and 24th Nakshatra. These seven planets are associated with seven attributes in following manner :

Saturn - Chandaa Naadee
Jupiter - Vaayu Naadee
Mars - Dahanaa Naadee
Sun - Saumya Naadee
Venus - Neeraa Naadee
Mercury - Jal Naadee
Moon - Amrit Naadee

Narapati Jayacharyaa ascribes Sun to Vaayu and Jupiter to Saumya, but a comparison of sequence of planetary distance with Naadee shows that the above list is correct. Vinay Jha Ji used Sapt Naadee Chakra in his rain forecasts, but Sapt Naadee Chakra is only a small tool in his method which is mainly based on Bhaav-Chaalit charts made at junctures of solar transits into Nakshatra and half-degrees of the Sun at the meridians of either Meru (Prithvi / Padm Chakra) or Vidishaa (Desh Chakra). These Chakra are originally from ancient Yaamal Tantra texts.

Nakshatra Division by Gun
These Nakshatra may be divide in the following way also --

Raajas Nakshatra (1st part of cycle - beginning, energetic, creative):
0000'  Aries -   1320'  Aries: (1) Ashwinee *star of new beginning*, Lord: Ketu
1320'  Aries -   2640'  Aries: (2) Bharanee *star of creation*, Lord: Venus
2640'  Aries -  1000'  Taurus: (3) Krittikaa *star of birth*, Lord: The Sun
 1000' Taurus - 2320' Taurus: (4) Rohinee, *star of growth*, Lord: Moon
2320' Taurus - 0640'  Gemini: (5) Mrigashiraa, *star of curiosity*,Lord: Mars
0640' Gemini - 2000'  Gemini: (6) Aaardraa, *star of purifying*, Lord: Raahu
2000' Gemini - 0320'  Cancer: (7) Punarvasu, *star of challenge*, Lord: Jupiter
0320' Cancer - 1640'  Cancer: (8) Pushya, *star of humility*, Lord: Saturn
1640' Cancer - 3000'  Cancer: (9) Aashleshaa, *star of mental power*, Lord: Mercury

Taamas Nakshatra (2nd part of cycle - establishing, stable, materialistic) :
0000' Leo - 1320' Leo: (10) Magha *star of service*, Lord: Ketu
1320' Leo - 2640' Leo: (11) Poorvaaa Phalguni *star of wealth*, Lord: Venus
2640' Leo - 1000' Virgo: (12) Uttaraa Phalguni *star of support*, Lord: The Sun
1000' Virgo - 2320' Virgo: (13) Hasta *star of forming*, Lord: Moon
2320' Virgo - 0640' Libra: (14) Chitra *star of grandiosity* , Lord: Mars
0640' Libra - 2000' Libra: (15) Swaati *star of independence* , Lord: Rahu
2000' Libra - 0320' Scorpio: (16) Vishakha *star of self-interest*, Lord: Jupiter
0320' Scorpio - 1640' Scorpio: (17) Anuraadhaa *star of sacrifice*, Lord: Saturn
1640' Scorpio - 3000' Scorpio: (18) Jyesthaa *star of superiority*, Lord: Mercury

Sattwa Nakshatra (3rd part of cycle - finishing, purifying, spiritualistic) :
0000' Sagittarius - 1320' Sagittarius: (19) Moola *star of roots*, Lord: Ketu
1320' Sagittarius - 2640' Sagittarius: (20) Poorvaa Aashaadhaa *star of invincibility*, Lord: Venus
2640' Sagittarius - 1000' Capricorn: (21) Uttara Ashadhaa *star of universality* , Lord: The Sun
1000' Capricorn - 2320' Capricorn: (22) Shravana *star of knowledge*, Lord: Moon
2320' Capricorn - 0640' Aquarius: (23) Dhanisthaa *star of excellence*, Lord: Mars
0640' Aquarius - 2000' Aquarius: (24) Shatabhishaa *star of cosmic order*, Lord: Rahu
2000' Aquarius - 0320' Pisces: (25) Purva Bhaadrapadaa *star of final realization* , Lord: Jupiter
0320' Pisces - 1640' Pisces: (26) Uttara Bhaadrapadaa *star of final liberation*, Lord: Saturn
1640' Pisces - 3000' Pisces: (27) Revati *star of final perfection*, Lord: Mercury



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