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Bhaav Chaalit Chart

Examples - how to use Bhaav Chaalit?
A small example of the difference of results between Bhaav Chaalit and Natal Chart, and how to use this -
(1) Suppose in Natal Chart - Leo Ascendant, Mercury is in the 11th with the Lagna Lord Sun. This makes a superb Raaj Yog (Combination) for Wealth. But if in Bhaav Chaalit chart Mercury moves to the 12th house, and Sun to the 10th, then what happens? The native will earn name and fame in life, but no money, on the contrary the Native will always have outflow of money more than inflow. (Whole life the native would be told by astrologers that he will have superb wealth, but actually will have empty pockets, because these astrologers do not go deep in studying the Bhaav Chaalit Chart).

(2) Gaj Kesaree Yog. Suppose in a Natal chart Jupiter is in Kendra from the Moon, but if in Bhaav Chaalit chart Jupiter moves away, then where is the Gaj Kesaree Yog? It is vanished, and the native need not feel elated the whole Life about his Gaj Kesaree Yog.

(3) Now suppose one Virgo Ascendant has Mercury in the Ascendant and is been told by his family astrologer that he has a Panch Maha-Purush Yog (In this case known as Bhadra Yog), this poor chap's feet would be in the air all his life and would be waiting for the Mahaa (Greatness) to fructify in his Life, which would never happen, if the Mercury has shifted to the 2nd house in his Bhaav Chaalit chart.

(4) Alternatively, if we take the first example in the above discussion, if one Leo Ascendant has Mercury in his 12th House, and has been told by the astrologer that he will never rise above the ordinary level, now need not feel disappointed, if this same Mercury has shifted to the 11th house in the Bhaav Chaalit chart.

Now when you have read the above examples and read the essence of how to use Bhaav Chaalit charts, you need not have to search or buy any books, just apply these principles to every chart you encounter, and check the results as actually stated in the Natal chart, and as actually happening in the native's Life.

Books on Bhaav Chaalit
There are no particular books on Bhaav Chaalit or how to judge between Natal Chart and Bhaav Chaalit Chart, but all books related to Krishnamurthy Paddhati (KP System) have reference to such Charts and their usage.



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