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A chart is a diagrammatical representation of the Heavens, positions of some planets, at the time of Birth of a native. It may be called by Kundalee, Patree, Janm Patree, Janm Kundalee etc names. Their names are based on the "basis of their construction"; based means taking it as Ascendant; eg
--whichever chart is based on Birth, is called Birth Chart or Natal Chart or Janm Kundalee
--whichever chart is based on Moon, is called Moon Chart or Chandra Kundalee or Raashi Kundalee
--whichever chart is based on Sun, is called Sun Chart or Soorya Kundalee
--whichever chart is based on Question, is called Prashn Chart or Horary Chart or Prashn Kundalee
--Whichever chart is based on Mahaa Dashaa (MD), is called Entry Chart or Dashaa Chart
--whichever chart is based on the Varg (Division - there are many Divisions) is called Varg Chart or Divisional Chart

There are several Designs of Charts in use and there are several types of charts are in use for different purposes --

Natal Chart (Birth Chart, Jaatak Chart, or Janm Kundalee)
Natal Chart is the original basic main chart which is drawn keeping the Rising Sign as Ascendant. See the North Indian style of chart

Raashi Chaart (Moon Chart or Chandra Kundalee)
Raashi Chart is drawn keeping the Moon Sign as the Ascendant or the First House. Indian Vaidik astrologers use it often.

The above two charts are normally drawn at the time of the birth of the Native and remain with most households for the future of the Native (the person who is born). The following charts are drawn later when the need arises.

Bhaav Chaalit Chart
Bhaav Chaali Chart is

Entry Chart
The Entry Chart is drawn at the beginning of each Mahaa Dashaa (Period or MD), or Antar-Dashaa (Sub-Period or AD), or Pratyantar Dashaa (Sub Sub-Period or PD) etc, means at each subdivision of a Dashaa.

Prashn Chart (Horary Chart, Prashn Kundalee)
The Prashn Chart or the Horary Astrology system is a unique system of Vaidik Astrology that analyzes the Kundalee of the question (Prashn Kundalee) itself to find answers to a person's queries. Under this system the Kundalee is generated for the question using the time and the place where the question was asked. Then it is checked for positive and negative combinations to judge whether the person will get suitable results.

Transit Chart
Transit Charts are normally drawn for day to day predictions.

Varg Chart
A Varg Chart is the chart drawn by dividing any Sign in its various parts. See Varg. Sign can be divisible up to 2, 3, 6, 9, 12, 16, 30, 60 parts etc and they all are called Varg or Division, such as D-3 (means Division 3rd), D-30 (means Division 30th) - dividing a Sign in these many parts to be precise. These parts can be made in separate charts. These charts are called Varg Chart. These charts are made to know a specific thing in depth.

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