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Prashn Charts (Horary Chart, Time Chart)
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Prashn Chart is known as Horary Chart or Time Chart also, as this chart is based on the time of the asking a question taking it as the Lagna (Ascendant). Prashn chart is drawn with the time when the Prashn (question) is asked by the querist. What are the planets' position at that time and then it is interpreted.

Rotation of the Chart (as in KP System)
In Prashn Chart Lagna represents the who has put up the query. If the question is about the querist himself, there is no need to rotation of the chart, but if it about somebody else, the chart has to be rotated. Such a chart is not just a Prashn Chart, but is about a PARTICULAR question, in the mind of the querist, that is why it has to be rotated according to the question.

Stanza 47. As Prashn Lagna is similar to Janm Lagna, all events should be read from Prashn as you would do from a natal horoscope.

The sum and substance of these three stanzas is that the time of question (Prashn) should be given the same importance as the time of birth. Human births are regulated according to the law of Karm and hence the time of birth is significant. Similarly a person proceeds to an astrologer to ascertain his future prompted by a Divine force and hence the time of question is equally important. There are no doubt certain points of difference in reading Prasna charts and horoscopes. They are discussed by the author in their proper places. But unless otherwise implied, all events revealed in a horoscope can also be read from a Prashn chart. The principles given in this book may be used with advantage in studying horoscopes.

There are some points of difference in reading which the author details in Chapter XIV and XVII.
Prashn or Horary astrology deals with a lot more than one can imagine, covers what can be dealt in a Jaatak or Natal horoscope too say if one is not sure of birth time can give you similar results to it if a serious, sincere query is posed to a good astrologer by the time he asks, how he asks (humility, sincerity, faith not teasers, taunts or sarcasm or doubtful the results are good similarly can deal with many questions based on yes/no.

Books by BV Raman like Prashna Tantra, Prashna Marga 2 vols, Hora Shastra of Varaah Mihir etc are good to start with.
Deva Keraleeyam and Ashta Mangala Prashn is very interesting and informative.
Start with Deepak Kapoor's prescribed text "Prashan Shastra-Horary Astrology".



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