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2-Importance of Nakshatra
[From Indian and Western Astrology]     [read  Vedh Star]

Nakshatra can change all predictions which we get from Raashi.

Nakshatra are huge electromagnetic bodies radiating energy into space, thus having lot of influence. Nakshatra in which the Moon is placed at time of birth is called Janma Nakshatra. Nakshatra describe how a planet is acting, his inner nature, purpose etc. Nakshatra lordship of planet has a lot to say about the functioning of the planet, eg is Mercury is in the Nakshatra of Jupiter (Nakshatra lordship of Mercury is Jupiter), Mercury will bless him with lot of intelligence (as Jupiter is Kaarak for intelligence). Most famous Vinshottareey Dashaa system is based on Nakshatra.

To your question, Tara Bal relates the Janma Nakshatra (natal birth start) to the transiting Moon i.e. to check what will the day look like for today for you, check today's Nakshatra and find its relationship with your Janma Nakshatra. There is a dictum listing down this relationship like if today's Nakshatra is 9th from your Janma Nakshatra, today is very favorable to you (to write exams - best day) or if today's Nakshatra is 3rd from your Janma Nakshatra, it is not auspicious day as it has the potential to cause loss, accidents etc.

In view of the above, for Muhurta, Moon / Nakshatra plays very important role.

Taaraa Bal   see also   Taaraa Balam...
You must have heard of Taaraa Bal. Who was Taaraa? And what is her Power? Taaraa was the wife of Brihaspati. Our Pandit recite the Mantra for auspicious occasions, "Taaraa Balam Chandra Balam Tathaiv, Vidyaa Balam, Daiv Balam Tathaiv, Om Lakshmee Pathate, angriyugam Smaraami…  Taaraa told there is for the "Star of the Day" on which this Mantra is recited.

Taaraa, eife of Brihaspati, was a force of attraction (Balam) like magnetic pull. That is why, Moon abducted her, lived along with her, ensued war for years, had a son Budh from her and just for fearing curse from Brhmaa Jee returned her to Brihaspati Jee. Similarly for Brihaspati also, he had two wives even after loosing Taaraa and a son through the second wife Mamataa - Kach, still he wanted Taaraa back and ensued war for years. Finally even after knowing that she was impregnated, it was an insignificant matter to Brihaspati. He wanted Taaraa. So this must have been due to some attractive force with her.

In astrology Budh (Mercury) is considered the Number One enemy, while the Moon does not consider him so.
--So if placement of Budh is in Kark (Cancer) Raashi which is Moon's own Raashi, Budh will have least power and thus the native's intelligence could be low. It is a general statement.
--If a person has strong Budh in Lagna, all his intelligence is found wavering in nature. This is by observation.

How does a Nakshatra play an important role in persons life?
Nakshatra are lunar mansions and they have certain qualities and the have a lordship of a planet and also sub lords etc.. The lord and Sub-lord planets assert an influence on the Nakshatra (and planet in that Nakshatra) e.g. mars in Aries will give generally good results (being own house), but the results are modified by the Nakshatra it is placed in. In Aries it can be in Ashwinee, Bharanee or Krittikaa, whose lords are Ketu, Venus and Moon respectively.

Does a Nakshatra for a person is always lucky for him? I mean to say if a person needs to carry a new task or an important task like taking board exams, if they take it when the Moon is in their Raashi (eventually in their Nakshatra Pad) would it prove better for the results?
There are 27 Nakshatra, and they are divided into 9 groups with the Moon Nakshatra as your first or Janam Nakshatra. These are arranged as per the natural sequence they occur in Raashi etc and the 10th and 19th Nakshatra will fall under first group. These 9 groups of 3 Nakshatra each are deemed as auspicious/ inauspicious, helpful etc for the native.

So the Nakshatra that are lucky, will always be lucky for the native throughout his life?
Nakshatra also have certain qualities and certain activities are more auspicious when taken in these Nakshatra eg for endings or termination Revatee Nakshatra etc is good, but for new beginnings, Ashwinee Nakshatra is good. You can also look at Nakshatra falling in the 6th group of Nakshatra (of the 9 groups) that will give Saadhanaa or achievement to the native (see  Taaraa,  and  Saadhanaa Taaraa). So there will be 3 Nakshatra in this group. and whenever the Moon transits these, it will give success.

Does the Nakshatra play any importance in Muhoort science?
Nakshatra are essential in Muhoort charts. As eg I will give you the planetary transit for today, where the Moon transits Revatee Nakshatra and later into Ashwinee Nakshatra and its respective indications.

Auspicious activities in Revatee
Initiating all activities of a positive nature; Business activities and financial dealings; Anything involving exchange of goods; Good for marriage & sexual activity; Religious rituals; All kinds of traveling; Good for dealing with gemstones (putting them on for the first time etc.); Buying cars, homes and other valuable goods; Creative activities like music, drama etc.; Good for kind, charitable and soft activities; Learning, especially spiritual or occult; Healing and treatment of diseases; Rest and relaxation; Good for leisure activities like gardening; Good for completion of all types (putting the final touches on things).

Inauspicious activities in Revatee:
All activities requiring harshness and boldness should be avoided. Not good for overcoming difficulties, obstructions, enmity or calamities; Not good for negative, sharp actions like surgery; Not good for strenuous activities of any kind like mountain climbing. The last two quarters of this Nakshatra should be avoided for beginnings of all kinds.

Auspicious activities in Ashwinee
Good for all types, of beginnings and initiations, especially those involving learning new things; Laying foundation stones; Taking medicines; Good for all healing, rejuvenation and exercise; Good for improving physical appearance, self improvement on other levels, and age prevention techniques; Good for all activities requiring quickness of thought and action; Equine related activities; Favorable for buying or selling; Traveling; Repairing vehicles or machinery of any kind; Putting on clothes & jewelry; Planting seeds; Learning astrology and other Spiritual, occult sciences; Especially good for installing sacred items such as altars, statues, temples etc.; Legal activities; Favorable for taking up a new name. **The first Pad of this Nakshatra can be avoided for performing activities in general.

Inauspicious activities in Ashwinee.
Unfavorable for marriage; All kinds of endings; All kinds of activities requiring patience and perseverance; Sexual activity; Not good for activities which are heavy on the emotional plane; intoxication; Not good for completions of any kind.



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