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3-Nakshatra Characteristics

Nakshatra Tables
The Nakshatra are considered to be the wives of the Moon. In Vaidik Mythology the wives or consorts symbolize the power of the divinity. Therefore, as the wives of the Moon, the Nakshatra represent the powers of the Moon. Of what sort are these powers? The Moon indicates consciousness and that which grows as a result of what is in the consciousness. In fact, the Moon's favorite Nakshatra or wife is Rohinee, which means to grow, and which is presided by Prajapati, the Lord of creation. The Nakshatra, therefore, indicate the powers of consciousness that create growth. The growth of any planet or point is dependent upon the Nakshtra in which it falls.

The Nakshatra Tables provide an array of details and qualities pertaining to the Nakshatra. The growth of any planet or point is dependent upon the qualities of the Nakshatra in which it falls:
--In the event of benefic influences the qualities of the Nakshatra will provide healthy growth and realization.
--In the event of malefic influences the qualities of the Nakshatra will be perverted so as not to provide any healthy growth.

Nakshatra Categories
Some of the different categories of Nakshatra as given in the Nakshatra Tables, they are now being explained:

Deity - The myths of these Deities have a lot to reveal about the Nakshatra. For instance there is a myth that Naaraayan taught astrology to the Ashwins, Ashwinee therefore is one of the Nakshatra that indicates astrology. The Deities can also be worshipped to increase the growth of those things falling in their Nakshatra.
Shakti - The power of the consciousness to create growth.
Basis Above - The foundation of the power of the consciousness.
Basis Below - The natural reciprocation, or reflection, of the Basis Above.
Result of the Shakti and Basis - The natural result of the Shakti's and Basis, these all applied with flexibility and imagination will yield very revealing results.
Gun - Indicates the activating motivation of the Nakshatra; whether Saatwik, inspired as a result of holding views that there are possibilities for elevation; Raajasik, inspired due to holding views that there possibilities of fulfilling activities; or Taamasik, inspired as a result of holding views that things can be depressed. Taamasik Nakshatra are not necessarily depressing; for instance Pushyami, a Taamasik Nakshatra, has the Shakti to create spiritual energy. It is motivated to do this as a result of holding views that things can be depressed, in order to avoid this possibility spiritual energy is created.
Nature - The nature inclines the Nakshatra to be better suited for different tasks. For instance moveable Nakshatra will give greater growth to this things that require movement, travel, or change.
Fierce/severe Nakshatra will give greater growth to those things requiring severity, such as fighting, etc.
Race - Dev Nakshatra are inclined to uphold what they believe is good. Manushya Nakshatra are pragmatic and versatile in nature, the do what they believe will give the best results. Raakshas Nakshatra are inclined to break taboos, restrictions, etc.
Tri-Moorti - Creation or Brahmaa Nakshatra indicate the creative aspect, these are also Karm (action) Nakshatra. Preservation or Vishnu Nakshatra are the reflection of the Brahm Nakshatra and thereby preserve or maintain what is created. These are also Bhog (enjoyment) Nakshatra. Dissolution or Shiv Nakshatra indicate that which happens between the creative aspect and its reflection. Namely the process of understanding that results in the loss of the many in view of the One. These are also Naash (loss) Nakshatra.
Activity - Passive Nakshatra are more receptive, active Nakshatra are more initiative, balanced Nakshatra are both active and passive depending upon need.
Goal - Indicates the goal or purpose of the Nakshatra. Whether Dharm, finding one's place and purpose in life; Arth, material wellbeing as the support of the other goals; Kaam, balanced fulfillment of one's desires; or Moksh, freedom from worldly suffering. The benefic or malefic influences upon the planet falling in a Nakshatra will determine to what extent the goal will be realized.
Body Parts - Useful primarily for medical astrology. The organs governed by Nakshatra with malefics or disease causing planets will be suffering due to some disruption, or excess to the proper flow of energy to that organ.
Dosh - The excess of energy the Nakshatra may give rise to.
People and Profession - These can be helpful to determine more specific detail about one's career or about people in the natives life.
Miscellaneous Articles - These can be helpful to determine more specific detail about one's possessions, expenses, goods sold, etc.

Nakshatra Table

Name Degrees Lord Meaning Stars* Shape/Symbol Gun Caste** Goal Race Sex***
1-Ashwinee 00 - 13:20 Aries Ketu the horsemen 3 horses head Rajas Vaishya Dharm Dev M
2-Bharani 13:20 - 26:40 Aries Venus the bearers 3 female sexual organ Tamas Mlechchh Arth Manusha F
3-Krittika 26:40 Aries - 10 Taurus Sun razor/ cutter 6 dagger/ razor Sattwa Braahman Kaam Rakshas F
4-Rohinee 10 - 23:20 Taurus Moon ruddy cow, red, growing 5 chariot Rajas Shoodra Moksh Manusha M?
5-Mrigashira 23:20 Taurus - 6:40 Gemini Mars dear or antelope's head 3 head or a deer Tamas servant Moksh Dev N
6-Ardra 6:40 - 20 Gemini Rahu the moist 1 tear drop, gem Sattwa butcher Kaam Manusha F
7-Punurvasu 20 Gemini - 3:20 Cancer Jupiter return of the light and goods, 4/5 quiver/house, bow Rajas Vaishya Arth Dev M
8-Pushya 3:20 - 16:40 Cancer Saturn nourisher, flower, the best 3 teat of cow, arrow, flower Tamas Kshatriya Dharm Dev M
9-Aashleshaa 16:40 - 30:00 Cancer Mercury entwiner, embracer, intimate connection 5/6 wheel, serpent Sattwa Mlechchh Dharm Rakshas F
10-Magha 00 - 13:20 Leo Ketu beneficent, mighty 5 throne, palanquin, royal court Rajas Shudra Arth Rakshas F
11-P-Phaalgunee 13:20 - 26:40 Leo Venus previous red one 2/8 legs of a cot, stage Tamas Braahman Kaam Manusha F
12-U-Phaalgunee 26:40 Leo - 10 Virgo Sun later red one 2 bed, legs of a cot Sattwa Kshatriyas Moksh Manusha F
13-Hasta 10 - 23:20 Virgo Moon hand 5 closed hand Rajas Vaishyas Moksh Dev M
14-Chitra 23:20 Virgo - 6:40 Libra Mars brilliant, distinguished 1 pearl Tamas servant Kaam Rakshas F
15-Swaati 6:40 - 20 Libra Raahu independent, sword 1 coral, sapphire Sattwa butcher Arth Dev F
16-Vishaakhaa 20 Libra - 3:20 Scorpio Jupiter branched, forked branches 4/5 leaf decked triumphal gate, potters wheel Rajas Mlecchas Dharm Rakshas F
17-Anuradha 3:20 - 16:40 Scorpio Saturn subsequent success, following Raadhaa 4 bali (heap of rice), umbrella Tamas Shudra Dharm Deva M
18-Jyeshtha 16:40 - 30 Scorpio Mercury the eldest 3 kundal (earring), umbrella, talisman Sattwa servant Arth Rakshas F?
19-Mool 00 - 13:20 Sagittarius Ketu root, commencement 11 tail of lion, crouching line Rajas butcher Kaam Rakshas N
20-P-Ashada 13:20 - 26:40 Sagittarius Venus earlier victory 2 hand fan, winnowing basket, tusk, square Tamas Braahman Moksh Manusha F
21-U-Ashada 26:40 Sagittarius - 10 Capricorn Sun later victory 2/8 machaan, elephant tusk, square Sattwa Kshatriya Moksh Maanusha F
22-Sravana 10 - 23:20 Capricorn Moon famous, hearing 3 3 footprints, arrow Rajas Mlechchh Arth Dev M
23-Dhanishta 23:20 Capricorn - 6:40 Aquarius Mars very rich, very swift 4/5 Mridang (drum) Tamas servant Dharm Raakshas F
24-Shatabhishaa 6:40 - 20 Aquarius Raahu 100 medicines or doctors 100 circle, flower Sattwa butcher Dharm Raakshas N
25-P-Bhaadrapad 20 Aquarius - 3:20 Pisces Jupiter earlier auspicious one 2 double faced man, stage, machaan, legs of a cot Rajas Braahman Arth Manusha M
26-U-Bhadrapad 3:20 - 16:40 Pisces Saturn later auspicious one 2/8 last bed, legs of a cot, two joined men
Tamas Kshatriyas
Arth Maanush M
27-Revati 16:40 - 30 Pisces Mercury rich, wealthy 32 Mridang (drum), fish
Sattwa Shudra Moksh Dev F

*Some sources give a different number of stars, in this case both sources have been included.
**Butchers are "a powerful class of cruel men."
*** There is some difference of opinion about the sex of two Nakshatra, these have a "?", the most agreed upon sex is listed.

The Shakti, Basis Above and Below and their Results are from Dr. David Frawley's translation of Taittireeya Braahman, 1.5.1.

Nakshatra Deity Shakti (power to/of…) Basis Above Basis Below Result of Shakti and Basis'
1-Ashwinee Ashwins-the twin horseman quickly reaching things those to be healed healing therapies world becomes free from disease
2-Bharanee Yama-Death take things away removal of life from the body carrying the soul to the ancestral realm moving on to the next world
3-Krittikaa Agni-Fire to burn heat light burning or purification
4-Rohinee Prajaapati-Lord of creation growth plants waters creation
5-Mrigashiraa Som-god of immortality
giving fulfillment extension weaving make the world enjoyable
6-Aardraa Rudra-god of storm effort hunting or searching reaching the goal brings about achievement
7-Punarvasu Aditi-mother of the Gods ability to gain wealth or substance wind or air wetness or rain revitalization of plants
8-Pushya Brihaspati- teacher of the Devas create spiritual energy sacrificial worship the worshipper creation of spiritual energy
9-Aashleshaa Sarp-serpent inflict with poison approach of the serpent trembling and agitation destruction of the victim
10-Magha the Pitris-the Ancestral Fathers leave the body mourning leaving the body death
11-P-Phaalgunee Aryaman-god of contracts and union, Sun as friend, beloved procreation wife, female partner husband, male partner creation of the fetus
12-U-Phaalgunee Bhag-the Sun as bliss giving of prosperity through union or marriage wealth gained from one's own family wealth gained from one's partner and their family accumulation of wealth
13-Hast Savitar-Sun as inspiration gain what one is seeking and place it in one's hands seeking of gain process of gaining puts what one wishes to gain in one's hand
14-Chitraa Vishvakarmaa-divine architect accumulate merit in life law truth gain honor in one's work
15-Swaati Vaayu-Wind scatter like the wind moving in various directions change of form transformation
16-Vishaakhaa Indraagni-gods of lightning and fire achieve many and various fruits plowing or cultivation harvest fruit of the harvest
17-Anuraadhaa Mitra-divine friend, Lord of compassion worship ascension descent honor and abundance
18-Jyeshthaa Indra-god of thunder rise or conquer, and gain courage in battle attack defense one becomes a hero
19-Mool Nirriti-goddess of disaster, A-Lakshmee to ruin or destroy breaking things apart crushing things the power to destroy (can destroy destruction)
20-P-Aashaadhaa Apas-goddess of Waters invigoration strength connection gain of luster
21-U-Aashaadhaa Vishwadev- Universal Gods grant an unchallengeable victory strength to win the goal that one can win becomes unchallenged winner
22-Shravan Vishnu-the Pervader connection seeking the paths connection of all things
23-Dhanishthaa Vasu-gods of Light and Abundance give abundance and fame birth prosperity bringing people together
24-Shatabishaa Varun-god of Cosmic Waters healing pervasion over all support of all world freed of calamity
25-P-Bhaadrapad Ajaikapaad-one footed serpent, horned goat, unicorn gives the fire to raise one worshipping up in life
what is good for all people what is good for the gods support the entire world
26-U-Bhadrapad Ahirbudhya-dragon of the Depths of the atmosphere bringing of the rain raining clouds growing of plants stability of the three worlds
27-Revatee Pushan-Sun as nourisher protector, fosterer nourishment symbolized by milk cows calves nourishment of the entire world


The following information is given in this order
# - Nakshatra - Nature,  Activity,  Tri-Murti,  Facing, Body-Varaah Mihir,  Body-Paraashar?, Body-KT.Shubakaran, Body-Misc
Dosh, Direction,  Place**

1 - Ashwinee - light, swift, passive, creation, Side, knees, head, upper feet
Vaat, South, Dhaatu/Karm, town

2 - Bharanee - fierce, severe, balanced, preservation, Down, head, forehead, lower feet
Pitta, West, Mool/Bhog, street

3 - Krittikaa - soft/dreadful, active, dissolution, Down, hips, loins, waist, eyebrows, head, upper/back of head
Kaph, North, Jeev/Naash, jungle

4 - Rohinee - fixed, balanced, creation, Up, legs, shanks, eyes, forehead, ankles, calves, shins
Kaph, East, Dhaatu/Karm, stable

5 - Mrigashiraa - soft, tender, passive, preservation, Side, eyes, nose, eyebrows,
Pitta, South, Mool/Bhog, cot

6 - Aardraa - sharp, dreadful, balanced, dissolution, Up, hair, scalp, ears, eyes, top/back of head, skull
Vaat, West, Jeev/Naash, temple

7 - Punarvasu - movable, passive, creation, Side, fingers, cheeks, nose,
Vaat, North, Dhaatu/Karm, grainery?

8 - Pushya or Pushyaami - light, swift, passive, preservation. Up, mouth, face, lips, face
Pitta, East, Mool/Bhog, house

9 - Aashleshaa - sharp, dreadful, active, dissolution, Down, nails, chin, ears. joints
Kaph, South, Jeev/Naash. debris

10 - Maghaa - fierce, severe, active, creation, Down, nose, neck, lips, chin,
Kapha.  West.  Dhaatu/Karm.  paddy box

11 - P-Phaalgunee - fierce, severe, balanced, preservation, Up, genitals, shoulders, right hand, lips, upper lip
Pitta. North. Mool/Bhog. ruined house

12 - U-Phaalgunee - fixed, balanced, dissolution, Down, genitals, heart, left hand
Vaat. East. Jeev/Naash. water

13 - Hasta - light, swift, passive, creation, Side, hands, sides, fingers
Vaat. South. Dhaatu/Karm. pond

14 - Chitraa - soft, tender, active, preservation, Side, forehead, chest, neck
Pitta. West. Mool/Bhog. river bank

15 - Swaati - movable, passive, dissolution, Side, teeth, stomach, chest, intestines
Kapha. North. Jeeva/Naash. field

16 - Vishaakhaa - soft/dreadful, active, creation, Down, arms, navel, breasts,
Kapha. East. Dhaatu/Karm. cotton field

17 - Anuraadhaa - soft, tender, passive, preservation, Side, breasts, heart, waist, stomach, womb, bowels
Pitta. South. Mool/Bhog. grassy place

18 - Jyeshthaa - sharp, dreadful, active, dissolution, Side, neck, upper hips, right side, tongue, middle finger
Vaat. West. Jeev/Naash. jungle

19 - Mool - sharp, dreadful, active, creation, Down, feet, lower hips, left side.
Vaat. North. Dhaatu/Karm. horse stable

20 - P-Aashaadha - fierce, severe, balanced, preservation, Down, thighs, genitals, back.
Pitta. East. Mool/Bhog. roof

21 - U-Aashaadhaa - fixed, balanced, dissolution, Up, thighs, scrotum, waist.
Kapha. South. Jeev/Naash. washing Ghaat

22 - Shravan - movable, passive, creation, Up, ears, lower belly, genitals.
Kapha. North. Dhaatu/Karm. battle-field

23 - Dhanishthaa - movable, active, preservation, Up, back, thighs, anus.
Pitta East. Mool/Bhog. oil press

24 - Shatabhishaa - movable, active, dissolution, Up, chin, laughter, knees, right thigh, jaw.
Vaat. South. Jeev/Naash. street

25 - P-Bhaadrapad - fierce, severe, passive, creation, Down side, legs, left thigh, soles, ribs, feet.
Vaat. West. Dhaatu/Karma. house in south

26 - U-Bhaadrapad - movable, balanced, preservation, Up side,, ankles, shins, soles, ribs, feet.
Pitta. North. Mool/Bhog. slesh?

27 - Revatee - soft, tender, balanced, dissolution, Side, abdomen, feet, ankles, armpit, groin,
Kapha. East. Jeeva/Naash. garden

*Dhaatu are minerals, Mool are roots, and Jeev are living beings. Karm is is activity, Bhog is enjoyment, and Naash is loss. These repeat in this order.

**These places are from Gyaan Pradeepikaa, an unusual work on Prashn. According to this work, these places indicate where lost articles are to be found.

Nakshatra - People and Professions

1 - Ashwinnee - horse-dealers, commandants, physicians, attendants, horse-riders, merchants, handsome persons, traders, horse-grooms, army general, hunter, astrologers, poets, ministers

2 - Bharanee - those that feed on blood + flesh, cruel men, those engaged in killing, imprisoning and beating others, low-born persons, those who are devoid of courage, character or nobility, burial related jobs, menial jobs, dancers, actors, musicians, singers, those who play on musical instruments, the wicked, hunters

3 - Krittikaa - Brahmans who maintain and worship the sacred fire daily, knower of the sacred hymns and sacrificial rules, grammarians, miners, barbers, Braahman, potters, priests and astrologers, commentators, gold miners, those who work on fire i.e. goldsmiths, blacksmiths etc., army commanders

4 - Rohinee - Observers of vows, merchandises, kings, wealthy persons, Yogee, cartmen, husbandmen, liquor drinkers, men in authority, politicians, entertainers, ascetic

5 - Mrigashiraa - foresters (or forest-dwellers) , those who partake of Soma juice (in sacrifices), musicians, lovers, carriers of letters, lustful persons, hunters, loafer, singers, sacrificers, officiating priests at sacrifices, noble persons

6 - Aardraa - Murderers (executioners) , animal-catchers, liars, adulterers, thieves, rogues, creators of discord, cruel persons, charmers, sorcerers, those well versed in raising goblins, black magic, butchers, fowlers, prostitutes, oilmongers, washermen, dyers

7 - Punarvasu - the truthful, generous, pure (clean), rich, high-born, handsome, intelligent, grain merchants, famous, merchants, servants, artisans, bankers, cave-dwellers

8 - Pushya or Pushyaami - sacrifice conductor, ministers, kings, fishermen and the like, virtuous men and those that are engaged in big and small sacrifices, those involved in physical exercise, persons engaged in ringing bells, those who make loud announcements (or those who live in hamlets), gamblers

9 - Aashleshaa - nurses, robbers, and all classes of physicians, artisans, sorcery

10 - Maghaa - People rich in gold and corn, mountaineers, those devoted to parents or the Manes, valiant people, traders, heroes, carnivorous beings, women-haters, civil engineers, traders, Storehouses, commanders of elephant divisions or chief ministers

11 - P-Phaalgunee - Actors, young women, amiable persons, musicians, artists, boys, dancers, fashion, painting, dealers in juices or articles having the six kinds of tastes, courtesans, virgins

12 - U-Phaalgunee - kind-hearted persons, the pure in conduct, modest, heretics, charitable persons, the learned, very rich men, those who are devoted to their duties, and kings, lawyer, judge, financiers, government or social service, those with Vedic Knowledge, treasurers, hermits (or mendicants), water

13 - Hast - thieves, advocates, those who travel in chariots, elephant drivers, artisans, men learned in the Vedas, traders, men of prowess, speculator, gambling, barbers, potters, oil-manufacturers etc, physicians, tailors (needle-workers), elephant-catchers (or elephants and crocodiles), harlots, garland-makers (florists), painters

14 - Chitraa - persons skilled in making ornaments, dyeing (or painting), writing, singing, perfumery, mathematicians, weavers, jewel examiners, ophthalmic surgeons, architects, interior decorators, laborers engaged in the sinking of wells

15 - Swaati - traders, ascetic, unsteady friends, feeble characters, ascetics and connoisseurs of wares, airplanes, rhapsodists ( bards), spies, couriers, charioteers or story-tellers, sailors, actors, musicians, messengers, traders

16 - Vishaakhaa - men devoted to Indra and Gani, those learned and skilled in handling fire, engineers, merchants

17 - Anuraadhaa - men of prowess, heads of corporations, friends of the virtuous, lovers of assemblies, tourists (or lovers of carriages), all honest persons in the world, athletes, vehicler repair and sales, ministers, those that work with wheels such as potters, oil-makers etc, those that beat gongs or bell-makers, friends, Kshatriya

18 - Jyeshthaa - great battle heroes, those who are noted for pedigree, wealth and fame, thieves, kings intent on conquests and commandants, kings, their preceptors, those that receive royal patronage or honor, leaders of Kshatriya

19 - Mool - physicians, leaders of groups, those who deal in flowers, roots and fruits, very wealthy persons, those who live only on fruits and roots, warriors, those who deal in medicinal roots (druggists)

20 - P-Aashaadhaa - tender-hearted people, navigators, wealthy persons, fishermen, the truthful, pure, constructors of bridges/dams/ canals, those who live by water, meat seller,

21 - U-Aashaadhaa - Elephant drivers, wrestlers, devotees of Gods, warriors, persons enjoying pleasures, men of valor, astrologers,

22 - Shravan - jugglers, the ever-active, the efficient, the energetic, the righteous, devotees of Lord Visnu, the truthful, king's officers, eminent Brahmins, physicians, priests

23 - Dhanishthaa - Men w/o pride, eunuch, fast friends, men hated by women, women, charitable persons, very wealthy, peaceful, conqueror of senses, treasurers, bankers and the like, heretics

24 - Shatabhishaa - Snarers, anglers, bird killers, dealers in fish etc., boar-hunters, hunters, washer-men, distillers and fowlers, physicians, poets, drunkards, traders, politicians

25 - P-Bhaadrapad - thieves, cowherds, murderous persons, niggards, those engaged in despicable and roguish activities, those devoid of virtuous or religious observances, those clever in single combat, physicians, poets, drunkards, traders, politicians, gamblers

26 - U-Bhaadrapad - Braahman, those that are engaged in sacrifices, charity and penance, ascetic, very wealthy persons, recluses, heretics, monarchs, rivers, those who dwell on river-banks, carriage-makers, carpenters etc.

27 - Revatee - traders, sailor, helmsmen, king's proteges, travelers and marching troops

Note: Those in italics are derived from Brihat Sanhita through a study of transit effects, the other indications are directly stated from other works.

Nakshatra-Miscellaneous Articles

1 - Ashwinnee - conveyances, horses,
2 - Bharanee - wells, husky grains, cereals, birth star of Raahu
3 - Krittikaa - Mantra, music, white flower, birth star of Chandra
4 - Rohinee - beasts of forests, rose apple, gems, ornaments, mountain, cows, bulls aquatic animals, beauty parlor, the market
5 - Mrigashiraa - fruits, Catechu plant, fragrant articles, birds, garments, aquatic products, flowers, gems, beasts, perfumes, brewery, mango, juices, tastes, crops
6 - Aardraa - fort, husky grains, belleric myrobalan (Bahedaa), heavy rains
7 - Punarvasu - weapons, best of grains (Kalama paddy),
8 - Pushya or Pushyaami - sugarcane, barley, wheat, rice, holy fig tree (Peepal), forest, water tanks, flowers
9 - Aashleshaa - artificial articles, liquid, husky grains, bulbs, roots, fruits, insects, reptiles, poison, herbs, worms, aquatic objects or animals, snakes
10 - Maghaa - corns, granaries, non-vegetarian food,
11 - P-Phaalgunee - salt, fire, butea frondosa (Palaash), commodities, oil, cotton, honey, kids, money exchangers, fried food, birth star of Guru
12 - U-Phaalgunee - elephants, stone, fire, corns, holy tree (Plaksh), fine grains (Kalama rice), jaggery, salt (Venus-ruins the beings in the Jangal regions - where there is little water)
13 - Hast - Neem tree, ornaments, commodities, husky grains, elephants,
14 - Chitraa - coconut, corns for royal use, birds, painted vessels, women
15 - Swaati - elephant, green gram, Arjun tree (arjun terminalia), birds, beast, horses, grains that produce gas, deer, vegetables, birth control gases in body
16 - Vishaakhaa - cotton, stone, trees with red blossoms and fruits, sesame, black, green and Bengal gram, gram, saffron, lac, crops, madder, safflower 17 - Anuraadhaa - wool and hide articles, ornaments, horses, vehicles, games, mimusops elengi (Bakul), all things growing in the Autumn,
18 - Jyeshthaa - wealth, buffaloes, fir, weapons, groups or seminaries, elite families, trade guilds
19 - Mool - opposite or reversed, seeds, weapons, agriculture, medicines, fruits, herbs
20 - Poorvaa Aashaadhaa - fire, fruits, aquatic flowers and fruits, aquatic animals,
21 - Uttaraa Aashaadhaa - elephant, horses, stone, commerce, immovable things like trees, diseases
22 - Shravan - medicinal plant (Aak), conveyance, birth star of Saraswatee
23 - Dhanishthaa - ornaments,
24 - Shatabhishaa - water creatures, things thriving in water, neulea orientalis (Kandab), aquatic products, ropes, nets,
25 - Poorv Bhaadra Pad - mango tree, animal husbandry, fire,
26 - Uttaraa Bhaadra Pad - elephant, stone, lemon, fine/valuable corns, roots and fruits, gold, women
27 - Revatee - things produced in water, conches, ornament, bassia latifolia (Mahuaa), fruits, salt, pearls, gems, flowers (fragrant), lotuses, perfumes, autumnal crops



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