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Padm Chakra Method

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Padm Chakra Method

Ancient Padm Chakra has nothing to do with individual horoscopy, it is the chart of international horoscope, hence I call it Prithvi Chakra to avoid confusion. Kundalee software includes these Chakra in the form of 16 divisional charts on international map (Prithvi or Padm Chakra) or on India's map (Desh Chakra). If you know the foundation time of provinces, towns, villages, buildings, etc, you can make Pradesh Chakra, Nagar Chakra, Graam Chakra, Griha Chakra and Kshetra Chakra etc, and the last for your farmland to predict its agricultural produce. Now people do not keep records of horoscopes of their villages or towns, but a scholar from Bhuj in Gujarat has sent the horoscope of Bhuj town preserved on a mediaeval manuscript.

In Ahamadaabaad, Gujaraat, one person called Nanubhai Bhatt has developed one fantastic technique, called Padm Chakra Paddhati. It is combination of progression with Dwaadashaansh which is more accurate then KP or Naadee Astrology. Where if you combine Gocher it gives amazing results of predication. Today Nanubhai is not present but Mr Pramod Bhavasaar is using this systems and he said he never uses any other system of prediction than this in his life. I am using this systems and found that this is more pin point predictive systems than any other system. Also Varsh Phal, Month Phal etc can also be very accurately predicted. All otherwise this good systems may lost after no one is using it.

Naanubhai Bhatt used an ancient title for a different and modern technique. Padm Chakra is same as the so-called Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati named by Saptarshi Astrology team, based on Chandra Kaal Naadee / Dev Keralam. There are 84 ancient astrological Chakra described in Yaamal Tantra texts whose archaicness is said to belong to Vaidik period. One of those astrological Chakra is Padm Chakra. I call it Prithvi Chakra to remove ambiguity and misunderstanding. "Saptarshi Astrology" magazine once described a monk in Vaaraanasee who said that any Shodash Varg can be exclusively used for all topics, but the technique was not explained. I have activated that ancient technique in Kundalee software, but it demands exact rectification of birth time. The software is ready, but help files and case studies are still in the pipeline, without which hardly anyone will be able to use this ancient and most accurate tool of Vaidik astrology. This tool is 100% based on BPHS and is different from that used by Nanubhai Bhatt, but the technique of Nanubhai Bhatt in an expanded form will also be available in Kundalee software.
Vinay Jha

PC Bhavsar is one of the two masters alive (in 2012) who teach prediction by Padm Chakra method. He says that most predictions are made by Lagn Chart or Birth Chart and Raashi Chart, but when a prediction is made for any House combined with Dwaadashaansh chart, is called Padm Chakra method.

Use of the term "Padm Chakra" in Horaa Shaastra (individual horoscopy) is a recent invention by Mr Bhavsar who attributes it to some unknown yogi giving its knowledge to Mr Bhavsar's Guru Nanubhai Ji. Before Mr Bhavsar, "Padm Chakra" is not mentioned in any classic in connection to horoscopy, although a different type of Padm Chakra is mentioned in some classics in reference to Medinee Jyotish. Mr Nanubhai or Mr Bhavsar should have used a different term for a different concept, because Padm Chakra was used for a Medinee tool for thousands of years but this fact was not known to Mr Bhavsar.

Aachaarya Medh Vijaya has written a book "Varsh Prabodh" on this subject. In this book the prediction has been made for the Samvatsar from Chaitra Maas to Phaalgun Maas, the base of which is the holy town Ujjain from 8 Dishaa described, then a system from star and name of the town or state or city, his first word getting star of city like the star of the city Sholaapur is P-Bhaadrapad then Dishaa of Sholaapur from Ujjayinee. There are Dhuranks of Dishaa then calculating from the star of Saturn we can get Mahaadashaa, [356 days] Chandra Maas Antar-dashaa, Pratyantar Dashaa, Sookshm Dashaa, then Praan Dashaa, you can predict the whole year of the city or state or town by this Dashaa. Someone can try this for his city by calculating city, if Saturn changes star in the year the calculation also given from 11th Oct 2012 Saturn will change star. I will give all Dashaa of four multi cities of India like Mumbai after one can observe it in this book all Dashaa of planets are described with results so there is a Padm Chakra.

(2) Padm Chakra is an ancient tool of Medinee Jyotish described in Narapati Jayaachaarya based on ancient Yaamal Tantra. Modern astrologers should use different names for new concepts.

(3) It is a Muhoort-based approach in which Taaraa Balam helps for the good or bad to open. In Gochar we need two factors - 1. Place, 2. Purpose, otherwise general studies is only for informative purpose.

Padm Chakra has been renamed as Prithvi Chakra in Vinay Jha's Kundalee Software

[by Vinay Jha]
Timing of periods of various houses is exactly same as Sudarshan Chakra Dashaa (SCD) of BPHS. I have provided for five levels from annual return to 5th level of ~25 minutes period in Kundalee software, which generates all shodash varga charts for these five levels of SCD. Thus, Shodash Varg charts at the moments of solar returns to annual / monthly / Vidashaa / Sookshm / Praan levels provide ancient Varsh Phal technique which some ignorant now think to be of foreign origin, although Soorya Siddhaant clearly speaks of Varsh and Maas Pravesh charts (Varshesh, Maasesh).

This ancient Varsh Phal technique does not need Taajak Neelkanthee methods and standard BPHS principles can be successfully applied to get good results, provided Soorya Saiddhantic Ganit is used as was done by sages. The same five level table of timings can be used by 3-tier Sudarshan Chakra method of BPHS, which works well and is in complete harmony with so-called Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati (BCP) or Nanubhai System based on ancient Naadee texts. Saptarshi Astrology team has wrongly declared that Sage Paraashar's SCD is different from BCP, the timing method is exactly same in both. The difference lies in the fact that extant version of BPHS does not contain the Naadee Astrology portion by Sage Paraashar, whose proofs are available in the first ever publication of BPHS from Khemraj Press of Mumbai about a century ago. That edition contains 155 Yog, some of which are repetitions, which is a form of 150 portions of Raashi used in Naadee texts, resulting from all permutations and combinations of 16 Divisional Charts. But details in Paraasharee Horaa are lost, as a verse in Khemraj edition says there were 8,000 verses in the first part of Paraasharee Horaa (now called BPHS), now only 3000 verses are left. Number of verses in second part are not mentioned. Thus, there was no difference of opinion among Rishi. Saptarshi Astrology issues statements like "when Vinshottaree system was not discovered....

 In BPHS, the chapter on Ashtak Varg is placed near that on Sudarshan Chakra. Why? Because Sudarshan Chakra method is useless without Ashtak Varg. If Ashtak Varg is not used with Sudarshan Chakra, we will get exact replicas of Sudarshan Chakra Dashaa after 12 years, which is nonsense. Therefore, the role of transits must not be neglected.



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