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There are so many interesting websites about astrology with articles and books some of which are rare.

Astrological Software
There is a very little difference between the KP calculation system and Paraashar calculation system. Only the style of studying chart is different.
(1) KP uses ascendant as beginning of Cusp; while, Paraashar uses this as equal house or middle of the House.
(2) KP uses Placidus House system.
(3) KP uses KP Ayanaansh, while Paraashar System uses the Lahiri's  (very near to KP) or BV Raman's or whatever one fancies.
Jagannath Hora is very much capable and complete to provide all calculations necessary for KP, more than perfect.
But Significator's Chart one has to prepare manually. It takes only few minutes to do this...

Jagannath Hora Software
J Hora software .You can download it free from    or  (tinyurl dot com slash jhorasw)
Download the latest one - 7.51 (on 10/1/2012)

Kundalee Software
Vinay Jha's Kundalee Software free
Birth Time Rectification with Kundalee Software

KP Star One Software
Download KP Star One 6.7.17 - for KP users, free
Download full installer version of it instead of individual downloading patches. Updating patch may create a problem

KP users can use JHora software also for all their KP astrological calculations.

Swiss Ephemeris



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