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There are so many interesting websites about astrology with articles and books some of which are rare.

Interesting website at the University of Chicago:

PDF books from witchcraft collection at the Cornell University:

Babylonian horoscopes:

A book with horoscopes of Popes:

Interesting website of Mahendra Sharma with market forecasts:

Sreenadhji has a long list of websites of Vaidik books at:

Almost all Vaidik astrology books are on the web if you try to search them...

Many resources only to download

Astrology and Spirituality Resources

Shani Hom

Manuscripts - Saptarishis Astrology magazine, digital magazine for astrology - a publisher of useful and rare techniques of Vedic and West...

KP Astrology Video Course
Professional video course on KP Astrology titled "Accurate Predictions with KP Astrology" Foundation, Advanced and Professional Levels.

By Andrew Dutta (Sri Indrajit);  Publisher : BRGJ  for all the details of the video courses on KP astrology

Free Audio Courses on Personal Vaastu and Arudhaa
These lectures were delivered at a workshop in Dubai in 2010 to a group of beginner astrologers. They are now available for free.
Other free courses include Sakuna Shastra, Mantra Shastra and Nadi Navamsa.



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