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8-Understanding the Birth Chart: A comprehensive guide to classical interpretation
Kevin Burk

Fire Signs

[46-] The elemental balance of the Zodiac comes from the ancient Greek philosophical concept of the Universe - that everything was made up of the four elements - Fire, Earth, Water and Air.

Fire - The Fire Signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. One quality of Fire that is usually overlooked in the Western traditions, but is a fundamental quality of Eastern element of Fire, is that Fire is clinging and dependent. Fire can only exist as long as there is fuel, once the fuel is consumed, the fire dies.

With the word "Fire" we should think about "passionate" also. Fire Signs are very prone to intense emotions - either intense joy or intense anger. They must learn how to experience the full range of emotions and not to limit these two extremes.

Fire is masculine, one-pointed energy that it has a strong "all or nothing" tendency. When a Fire Sign runs, it instantaneously runs on all eight cylinders. By the same token, when they stop, they just dead stop - they run out of fuel and drop exhausted. They are extremely honest. It never occurs to them to express anything other than their true nature and they have little tolerance for dishonesty in others.

They recharge through physical activity, especially outdoors and in the Sun which is strongest representation element of Fire. They also like sitting in front of fireplace, tending to campfires, or dining by candlelight

Earth Signs

The Earth Signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn, representing substance and physical form. The Earth does not move, it is practical, substantial, and material, it is passive and receptive. Earth is the most stable and the slowest moving elements. In fact earth does not seem to move at all. Earth Signs have most even temperaments and are most difficult to be provoked to take action. But when they move, they move slowly, but the sheer weight and mass that Earth Signs carry can be a formidable experience.

They are concerned with practical and primarily on the physical and tangible level and often struggle understanding more abstract concepts. Who are very strong in its characteristics, they communicate best through their sense of touch, taste and hearing. They rely more on what their physical bodies tell them. They experience full range of emotions, but they do not appear to be feeling much of anything. They are so grounded that they have difficulty accepting



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