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5-Nakshatra Lords

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Worship Nakshatra Lords
[From Ancient India Astrology (AIA) Group, Jan 6, 2012 by Boon]

By worshiping the Nakshatra Lord occupying the specific Nakshatra, all of one’s wishes are fulfilled.

Worshiping Ashwinee Kumaar in Ashwinee Nakshatra, the person gets free from all ailments and becomes long lived.

Worshiping Yam by blue flowers and camphor in Bharanee Nakshatra will protect the person from premature death.

Worshiping Agni (Fire god) in Krittikaa Nakshatra with the garland made of Rakt Pushp (Red flower) and with Hom gives desired fruits.

Worshiping Brahmaa in Rohinee Nakshatra would fulfill all the desires.

Worshiping Moon in Mrigshiraa Nakshatra gives knowledge and good health.

Worshiping Shiv in Aardraa Nakshatra gives victory; the person is blessed on worshiping lord Shiv with Lotus and other flowers.

Worshiping Aditi (wife of sage Kashyap, mother of Gods) in Punarvasu Nakshatra gives protection to the worshiper’s mother.

Worshiping Brihaspati (Jupiter) in Pushya Nakshatra, Jupiter is pleased and the person is blessed with wisdom.

Worshiping Naag in Aashleshaa Nakshatra will free one from the fears of Naag.

Worshiping the Pitri (departed souls) in Maghaa Nakshatra gives wealth, sons, animals and servants.

Worshiping Pooshaa in Poorvaa-Phaalgunee Nakshatra gives, victory, desired spouse and blesses them with good looks and wealth.

Worshiping Sun God in Hast Nakshatra by Gandh (sandalwood paste) and flowers gives all wealth and luxuries.

Worshiping Twashtaa (the celestial architect) in Chitraa Nakshatra gives a kingdom free from enemies.

Worshiping Vaayu (Air God) in Swaati Nakshatra gives lots of divine strength.

Worshiping Indraagni in Vishaakhaa Nakshatra with red flowers, the person begets wealth and becomes lustrous.

Worshiping Mitradev (Friend God) in Anuraadhaa Nakshatra with devotion and rituals, the person begets Lakshmee (goddess of wealth) and long life.

Worshiping the King of Gods Indra, in Jyesthaa Nakshatra, the person gets strength and becomes rich and superior in wealth, behaviors and Karm.

Worshiping gods and Pitri (the departed souls) with devotion in Mool Nakshatra the person gains heaven and gains fruits of past good deeds.

Worshiping Aap (Jal - water god) in P-Aashaadhaa Nakshatra and performing Havan, the person is freed from mental and physical stress.

Worshiping Vishwadev and Vishweshwar, in U-Ashaadh Nakshatra with flowers, the person begets everything.

Worshiping Vishnu in Shravan Nakshatra with Shwet, Peet and Neel (white, yellow and blue) flowers the person gains wealth and victory.

Worshiping Vasu 1 by Sandalwood paste and flowers, the person is freed from all kinds of fears.

Worshiping Indra in Shatbhishaa Nakshatra, the person becomes free from all ailments and the curious person begets strength, wealth and luxury.

Worshiping  "Ajanmaa" who is like a pure crystal bead, in P-Bhaadrapad Nakshatra, gives supreme devotion and victory.

Worshiping Ahirburshakee in U-Bhaadrapad Nakshatra gives divine peace.

Worshiping Pooshaa in Revatee Nakshatra with white flowers gives lots of auspiciousness, non-destroyable courage and victory.



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