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A-Bhukt Mool Nakshatra
[From Indian and Western Astrology]
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Birth in A-Bhukt Mool - What happens to those women who are born with this Dosh?
First of all, A-bhukt Mool must be clearly understood . It is the birth taking place in the last portion of the the last Ghatikaa of Jyeshth (Scorpio) and first two Ghatikaas of Mool Nakshatra. It really means the 1/12th part of ending Jyeshthaa and 1/3 part of the first quarter of Mool in Dhanu (Sagittarious Sign). Take it as last 1/6 Pad of Jyeshthaa and the first 1/3 of first Pad of Mool Nakshatra. Conveniently one can take it as the last quarter of Jyeshthaa and the first quarter of Mool Nakshatra, no harm in that.

Jaatak Paarijaat has extensively dealt with it. In North India what rules the most is Nirnaya Sandhu (many English writing astrologers would not have even heard about it). It is considered bad in many respects and it has very sound astronomical reasons.

Remedy -
The remedy prescribed by South Indian sage Maharishi Agatsya vide Agatsya Tulaa Naadee is as follows:
--Collect water from 16 sources and make the child bath in it.
--With three fruits, Copper plate or vessel filled with Rice, conduct Ganesh Nandee Poojaa on every Full Moon Day (Poornimaa).
--A visit and a Poojaa to a Brahmaa (Jupiter) temple like Pushkar Jee is a must.
--A visit and Poojaa at one of the Jyotirlingam.
--Worship of Jupiter (in any form) for 48 weeks with lighting an earthen lamp (Deepak) filled with Til (sesame) oil.
--Chanting of Saraswatee Mantra twice 1008 times over 48 weeks.

It is neither expensive nor impossible for the survival of an A-Bhukt Mool Child or elders effected by it. I hope the members will benefit from it.

Both Ketu and Moon are friends of Jupiter so the first step would be to put on some gold on the body of the child. If not possible, then a yellow thread on the right wrist of male child and left wrist of female child would be as effective. I am very apprehensive of Upaaya but I have outlined one of the secret and effective Upaaya on which some can make a big fortune. I have written this keeping my reverences for Sunil Nair.
[By Shobhana]

I would like to know if there is any exception you found in certain charts or do you think that all people born under this Dosh this dictum is applicable, and what is your opinion on effect of it.
Mool Nakshatra - the 19th lunar mansion, which contains Scorpio. Nirriti (death) is believed to be the Lord of this constellation. It was for this very reason that the Atharv Ved has identified "Arisht" (disaster) and the "Mool" is the cause of disaster.... or is Calamity itself. Star "Aardraa" - Rudra is in opposition to the sign of Dhanu (Sagittarius).

The point, which is deep in the constellation Mool, is the centre of Solar system , around which it revolves. Thus Mool represents a new beginning after a big deluge or disaster. This is the reason that sign Gemini opposite to it, represents copulation.

Nakshatra led to the formation of zodiac signs which was a later development. Nakshatra provide the bridge to cross from one sign to another but there is a creek, in between the signs - Cancer and Leo, Scorpio and Sagittarius, and Pisces and Aries. On the junction point, Moon has to jump, and thus he harms the native.

Though, A-Bhukt Mool position is considered most dangerous due the reasons explained above, if the natives manages to survive, it touches unprecedented heights, as the native is supposed to have toughened after facing miseries, like Sant Tulasee Daas. Graha Shaanti has a important role to play and gives strength to the family and the native to face the rigorous life, but the stars do not give up their effects. BPHS Ch 3, says that the knowledge of Nakshatra should be learnt from the vast literature which is already available.
[by GK Goel]



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