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Uddhav,  Uttaraa,  Vaalmeeki,  Varun,  Vaaruni Devee,  VashishthVed Vyaas Jee,  Vidur,  Vishwaamitra,  Vishwakarmaa,  Vishwaroop,  Vishwaavsu,  Vritraasur,  W,  X,  Yaagyavalkya,  Yayaati,  Yudhishthir,  Z

Uddhav Jee was a good friend of Shree Krishn Jee. He was very proud of his Brahm Gyaan, so one time Krishn thought that his pride should be destroyed. So He sent him as His messenger to Gopee in Gokul. When he reached there, Gopee asked him many questions about Sa-Gun and Nir-Gun Roop of Krishn then his eyes were opened and he forgot his Brahm Gyaan. Later when Krishn was leaving this world for His Dhaam, He delivered Bhaagvat Dharm to Uddhav Jee. Krishn told him that he was a Vasu in his previous life and this was his last birth. [Bhaagvat, 3/1]

Uttaraa was the daughter of Raajaa Viraat and Sudeshnaa of Viraat Desh. She had a brother named Uttar. When Paandav had to spend their one year in Agyaatvaas (living incognito) then they spent that year in Viraat's kingdom Viraat Nagar. There Arjun taught music and dance to Uttaraa. Although Viraat wanted to marry her to Arjun, but Arjun told that he did not see her in that way, besides she was his student, and student is like his child, so he considered her as his daughter, and he could accept her for his son Abhimanyu, if that is agreeable to Raajaa Viraat. Viraat agreed and she was married to Abhimanyu. Pareekshit was Abhimanyu and Uttaraa's son who was listening to this Bhaagvat Puraan from Shuk Dev Jee at the time of his Shaap. Unfortunately Abhimanyu was killed in the war. Very soon after the war Uttaraa's son Pareekshit was born by the grace of Krishn and he was married to Uttar's daughter.

Vaalmeeki Jee

Varun is the Devtaa of Jal (water). Varun Jee's capital is Vibhaavaree Nagaree. Varun Jee has a daughter Vaarunee Devee - she is the goddess of wine. Once Varun Jee sent her to give pleasure to Balaraam Jee and Gopee in Brij.

Vaarunee Devee
She is the Goddess of the Wine. She is the daughter of Varun Jee. She came out from the Samudra at the time of Saagar Manthan. Daitya took her. Once Varun Jee sent her to Brij when Balaraam Jee was there. She entertained him and Gopee there.

Vashishth Jee

Ved Vyaas Jee

Vidur Jee
Vidur Jee was the third and the youngest son of Ved Vyaas Jee, leaving Dhritraashtra and Paandu. He was born to the maid-servant of queen Ambikaa. Since the maid-servant didn't get frightened seeing Vyaas Jee, she got a very religious and philosopher son. Vidur Jee was the Avataar of Dharm Raaj as a result of Maandavya Muni's Shaap. How? There was a Maandavya Muni. Once king's servants caught some thieves at the Aashram of Maandavya Muni. They thought that Maandavya Muni was also in the group of thieves, so they caught him also and took all of them to the king. The king assigned death punishment to all, but when he came to know about Maandavya Muni, he immediately called him back.

When Maandavya Muni was taken to Narak to Yam Raaj, he asked Yam Raaj, "What was my sin to get this punishment?" Yam Raaj said, "You have done a Paap."  "What?"  "Once you have pierced a Tiddee (locust) with the tip of a Kush." Muni said - "That I must have done when I was a very little child and unknowingly. And you punished me for that little crime?"  Then Muni gave Shaap to Dharm Raaj, "Go, and live in Shoodra Varn for 100 years." So He was born as maid-servant's son as Vidur Jee. He always helped Paandav, taught justice to Dhritraashtra and was faithful to Hastinaapur, so faithful that when Dhritraashtra didn't listen to him at all, he resigned from his position and went away from there. Later Dhritraashtra had to call him back. His ethics is known to everybody as Vidur-Neeti. He was Dharm Raaj himself, so how could he commit any mistake.

It is said that when most men were killed in MBH war, and their widows remained alone, they took them to near Gangaa River and rehabilitated them there. That place has been developed as Vidur Kutee, in the vicinity of Bijnor District, in UP.


Vishwakarmaa is the architect of Devtaa. He built Dwaarakaa Puree for Shree Krishn. Vishwakarmaa had one daughter - Sangyaa. Sangyaa was married to Vivaswaan (Soorya). Sangyaa had three children, Yam, Yamee and Shraaddhdev (Manu of 8th Manvantar). After that she could not tolerate Soorya's Tej (grace) so she kept her shadow, Chhaayaa, there and went away. She came to Earth, assumed the form of a mare and started doing Tapasyaa. Later Chhaayaa also had three children from Soorya - Saavarni Manu, Shanaishchar and Tapatee. Chhaayaa's behavior with Sangyaa's children was not good. So Shani identified her as a fake Sangyaa. He told this to his father but first he did not pay much attention to him, but later when Chhaayaa misbehave with Shani, he also ran to hit her with his leg. At this Chhaayaa cursed him that both of his legs should fall from his body. At this Shani ran to his father crying "Save me, Save me". Soorya managed to change the curse into that "worms would eat only some of the flesh of his legs and then these worms would then fall on Prithvi. After this Soorya got convinced that Chhaayaa was not his wife. He called Chhaayaa and she accepted that she was not his wife.

Then where was Sangyaa? Soorya went to Vishwakarmaa and asked him about her. He said - "She could not tolerate your Tej so she kept her shadow there, assumed the form of a Badavaa (mare) and went to Prithvi to do Tap. She is living there in the form of a mare." Soorya asked him to cut some of his rays to be tolerable to Sangyaa. So he did it. Soorya then went to Sangyaa in the form of a horse and had her by force as she could not recognize him. With the fear of breaking her Paativrat she threw his semen by her two nostrils which caused to be born a twins sons - Ashwinee Kumaar. Later Vishwakarmaa made many weapons for Devtaa from the remains of Soorya's rays.

He was Twashtaa's son. Once Brihaspati Jee came to Indra Sabhaa, but Indra neither got up from his seat to welcome him, nor he greeted him. At this he got angry and went out from the Sabhaa. When he went away, then Indra felt that he had done insult to his Guru. So he rushed to ask for his forgiveness. He then tried to locate him but could not find him because Brihaspati Jee knew that when Indra would realize his mistake he would come to find him, so he left his house and went somewhere where Indra couldn't find him. Now without Guru Indra did not feel secured, so he went to Vishwaroop to request him to become their Guru. He accepted it and protected Indra with Naaraayanee Kavach. But Indra found him giving Aahuti for Daitya also (because his mother was from Daitya family, so he considered it as his obligation). So he killed him. (whole story)

Vishwaavasu was a Gandharv. 

When Indra requested to Vishwaroop (Twashtaa's son) to be their Guru, he accepted it, but Indra was not satisfied with him so he killed him. When his father Twashtaa heard about his death, then he did a Havan and gave an Aahuti to produce a Krityaa, so a Krityaa appeared from that fire. His name was Vritraasur. He was so mighty that he could not be killed by any existing weapons. Bhagavaan suggested Indra to bring Dadheechi Rishi's bones which when made in a weapon, would kill Vritraasur. So Indra went to Dadheechi to ask for his bones. He readily gave his body to Indra. Then Vishwakarmaa made Vajra from his bones, then only Indra could kill Vritraasur. (read in detail) (previous life of Vritraasur)

Yaagyavalkya Jee is the son of Vishwaamitra. He was the one who told Raam Kathaa, in Tulasee Daas Jee written Ram Charit Maanas, to Bharadwaaj Muni and others when they had taken bath in Gangaa for the whole Maagh month. (see his detailed description)

Yayaati was the son of Raajaa Nahush (Pururavaa's grandson). Once he was out in the forest for hunting. He got thirsty, so he looked for a well. He found a well. That well was dry but he found a girl in that dry well. So he took her out. She was Devayaanee - the daughter of Daitya Guru Shukraachaarya. Daitya Raaj Vrishparvaa's daughter Sharmishthaa had pushed her in this well out of a quarrel. She didn't have any clothes on her body so Yayaati gave his cloth to wear. Then she expressed her desire to marry him. Yayaati knew that this marriage was not according to Dharm but he took it as his destiny and he married her.

As a result of the quarrel, Devayaanee asked Raajaa Vrishparvaa that Sharmishthaa should serve her the whole life with her friends. So as Devayaanee married Yayaati, Sharmishthaa also went with her along with her friends. Shukraachaarya Jee warned Yayaati not to take Sharmishthaa to his bed.

Now Yayaati and Devayaanee had a son, so Sharmishthaa also expressed her desire to Yayaati to have a son. Yayaati considered it according to Dharm so they also had a son. After some time Devayaanee had three sons and Sharmishthaa had two sons. When Devayaanee came to know about this she got very angry and went to her father's house. When Yayaati heard of her leaving him, he also followed her. He explained the situation to Devayaanee and Shukraachaarya Jee but Shukraachaarya Jee gave him Shaap that "he should get that kind of old look in which a person looks ugly". Yayaati told him that this would affect his daughter also, so he said "OK, you can exchange your old age with somebody, if at all somebody is ready". Yayaati called his all sons and asked them to give him their youth in exchange of the old age Shukraachaarya gave to him, but nobody agreed upon this except his youngest son.  Then he exchanged his old age with the youth of his youngest son and enjoyed the worldly pleasures for long time. One day Vairaagya arose in his mind and he gave his youth back to his son, took his old age back and went to forest. His wives also went with him.



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