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Abhimanyu,  Agastya,  Agni,  Akroor,  Ambaa,  Aniruddh,  Arjun,  Ashwatthaamaa, Ashwinee Kumaar,  Atri, Bahleek,  Baanaasur, Balaraam,  Bali,  Bhadraa,  Bhaumaasur,  BheemsenBheeshm,  Bhrigu,  Brahmaa Jee,  Brihaspati,  Chandramaa,  Chyavan,  Daaruk,  Daksh,  Dantvakra,  Dattaatreya,  Deerghtamaa,  Devayaanee,  Dhrishtdyumn,  Dhritraashtra,  Dhruv,  DraupadeeDronaachaarya,  Drupad,  Durvaasaa Muni, Dwivid,  Eklavya

Abhimanyu was Arjun and Subhadraa's (Krishn's younger sister) son. He was the disciple of Shree Krishn. When he was 16 years of age, he was killed in Mahaabhaarat's war fighting with a great bravery. Kripaachaarya Jee created such a Vyooh (an arrangement of army) for Paandav which was impossible to break in for all except Arjun and Krishn. And the day he created this Vyooh, Arjun was intentionally kept away from the battleground. Abhimanyu knew how to enter it, but he didn't know how to come out. He bravely went inside the Vyooh, and there he fought alone with seven great warriors (Dronaachaarya, Kripaacharya, Duryodhan, Karn, Ashwatthaamaa, and Shakuni) together. He could not hold them all together for long and was killed fighting with them in the war. That was the black day of the Mahaabhaarat war. He was married to Uttaraa, the princess of Viraat Desh, daughter of Raajaa Viraat, to whom Arjun taught music and dance during his Agyaatvaas period.

How he knew entering that Vyooh, that is quite a story. When he was in the womb of Subhadraa, she was living with Krishn. So one day Krishn was telling all this to Subhadraa. He was also listening to it in the womb. But when the time came to tell about coming out of this Vyooh, Subhadraa slept thus he could not hear it any more. Since he remembered it after he was born and grew up, he asked Krishn the way to come out of that Vyooh, because he was the disciple of Krishn. At that time Krishn told him to find it out from his father Arjun. He was trained in the art of war by Krishn Himself and He used to say to Subhadraa, "Your son will be a great warrior in the history of Bhaarat Varsh and people will take his name with a great honor." It was true, when he died fighting with seven great warriors, he was only 16 years of age. [Perhaps Krishn knew that he was going to die that way.]

Agastya Muni
Agastya Muni is Mitra's son. Once Mitra and Varun were going somewhere. They saw Urvashee Apsaraa on the way. Seeing Urvashee both Mitra and Varun's semen dropped. They kept it in a pitcher. From that semen were born Munivar Agastya and Vashishth Jee (reborn, otherwise he was Brahmaa's Maanas Putra). Agastya Muni was in Raam's Yug. He met Him when He was in exile.

He has helped Devtaa many times. Once Vindhyaachal Parvat became very proud of his height and continued to go higher and higher until Sun could not cross it. This made the whole planetary system disturbed, so Devtaa requested him to do something. Agastya Jee went to south with his wife, so Vindhyaachal bent down to touch his feet. Agastya Jee said, "We are old people, we are going to South, we cannot cross you like that so you lie down in the same position till I come back." And he never came back. Since then Vindhyaachal has been lying in the same position waiting for his return.

Because of Muni Agastya Jee's Shaap, a Raajaa called Indradyumn of Paandya Vansh in Dravin Desh became an elephant. Once this King left his kingdom and started living like a Tapaswee. One day when he was worshipping Bhagavaan that Agastya Jee saw him worshipping. So he gave him Shaap, "You are behaving like a fool, and not following your Dharm, so you should born as an elephant." and he became an elephant. He was liberated from that Yoni by Bhagavaan and then was appointed as Bhagavaan's Paarshad. [This story is of Gajendra and Graah. Gajendra was the King. Bhaagvat, 8/2]

Agni Dev married Daksh Jee's one of the 60 daughters Swaahaa. That is why whenever an Aahuti is given to Agni, Swaahaa is pronounced at the end of the Shlok.

Akroor Jee was Krishn Jee's paternal uncle in relation. Once Kans sent him to Brij to bring his nephews, Krishn and Balaraam, to the Dhanush Yagya in Mathuraa. While coming to Mathuraa, Krishn showed him His real form and His Paramdhaam in Yamunaa River. Another time Krishn sent him to Hastinaapur to find out about Paandav. Yet at another time he had taken Syamantak Mani, and Krishn had to take out this information from him to save Himself.


Aniruddh was the grandson of Shree Krishn and Rukminee, and the son of Pradyumn and Rukmvatee (Rukmee's daughter). He was married to Rukmee's son's daughter Rochanaa. He was married to Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa also. He is said to be the Ansh Avataar of Vaasudev as was his father Pradyumn (Avataar of Kaamdev). Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa saw him in her dream and got attracted to him. Her best friend Chitralekhaa was very good in sketching, so she drew numerous sketches to find who he was who attracted her friend. From those sketches Ushaa recognized Aniruddh's sketch. 

Then Chitralekhaa brought him to Ushaa while he was sleeping to please her friend. He stayed there for some time. There he forgot the time scale. When Baanaasur came to know about him, he got very angry and got ready for fight with him. Then Krishn and Pradyumn came to fight with Baanaasur. Baanaasur's city was guarded by Shankar Jee, so they faced Shankar Jee there. In the end Shiv Jee requested Krishn not to kill Baanaasur and make him fearless. Krishn said, "I could never have killed him anyhow, because I know he is the son of Bali and I have given Var to Bali that I will not kill any Daitya in your Vansh". Then Baanaasur himself brought Ushaa and Aniruddh and sent them with Krishn.


Ashwinee Kumaar
Kashyap-Aditi had a son named Vivaswaan (Soorya). Soorya was married to Sangyaa and Chhaayaa. Sangyaa had two sons - Yam and Shraaddh Dev Manu; and a daughter named Yamunaa - Yam and Yamunaa were twins. Chhaayaa had two sons - Shanishchar and Saavarni Manu and one daughter Tapatee.  Chhaayaa had Ashwinee Kumaar, sons of Soorya, after she changed her form to a mare. They were not legible to have Som Ras in Yagya, but started getting it after they cured Chyavan Rishi's eyes and old age. This started when Chyavan Rishi's wife Sukanyaa's father Mahaaraaj Sharyaati came to ask him to do Som Yagya. Chyavan Rishi promised them to have Som Ras, so he invited Ashwinee Kumaar also to take their Som Ras. Indra got angry at this and wanted to kill Sharyaati with his Vajra but Chyavan Rishi froze his hand. Then other Devtaa also agreed to give them Som Paan in Yagya. They are Devtaa's Vaidya (traditional doctors).

Atri      see also    Brahmaa Jee
Atri Rishi was one of the 10 Maanas sons of Brahmaa Jee [Mareechi, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Bhrigu, Vashishth, Daksh, and Naarad]. His wife's name was Anasooyaa. A son was born from Atri's eyes, his name was Chandramaa (Brahmaa Jee's Avataar). Brahmaa Jee appointed him as the king of Braahman, herbs and constellations. Among his other sons are Dattatreya (Vishnu''s Avataar), and Durvaasaa Muni (Mahaadev's Avataar), (see also "Why Brahmaa, Vishnu...")

Baahleek was the younger brother of Shaantanu. They were three brothers - Devaapi, Shaantanu, and Baahleek. They were in the lineage of Kings Bhageerath >> Dileep. Dileep's son was Prateep and Prateep had these three sons. Among them Shaantanu's lineage continued with Paandav and Kaurav. He had one son named Somdatt. Both fought in Mahaabhaarat war.

Baanaasur     see also      Aniruddh
Kashyap and Aditi's sons were Hiranyakashyap and Hiranyaaksh. Hiranyakashyap had four sons, among them the youngest son was Prahlaad. Prahlaad's son was Virochan, and Virochan's son was Bali. Bali had 100 sons. His eldest son was Baanaasur. He had 1,000 arms. He got these arms from Shiv Jee. Shiv Jee even guarded his city also. Krishn cut his all arms, except two, at the time of His grandson Aniruddh's marriage to Baanaasur's daughter Ushaa. Baanaasur had a daughter named Ushaa. She saw Aniruddh (Krishn's grandson and Pradyumn's son) in her dreams and started loving him. Her best friend Chitralekhaa brought him there while he was in sleep. When Baanaasur came to know about it he got very angry and got ready to fight with him. Then Krishn and Pradyumn also came to help him. Here Shankar Jee was the guard of Baanaasur's city, so Shankar Jee fought with Krishn. Later  when Shankar Jee got weaker then He requested Krishn to spare Baanaasur's life. Krishn said, "I could not have killed Baanaasur because I know he is the son of Bali and I have given Var to Bali that I will not kill any Daitya of your Vansh, so you don't worry." Then Baanaasur himself offered Ushaa and Aniruddh to Krishn.

Balaraam was the Avataar of Shesh Naag Jee and was the son of Vasudev and Rohinee. Although first he came as Devakee's son but to deceive Kans, Vishnu pulled him out of Devakee's womb and kept him in Rohinee's womb, that is why he is called "Sankarshan" and Rohinee's son. He is elder to Krishn, since he is the 7th son of Devakee. The 8th one is Krishn.

Bhadraa was the daughter of Vasudev's another sister Shrutkeerti. Shrutkeerti was married to the King of Kaikaya Desh. Bhadraa's brothers Santardan etc themselves married her to Krishn. She was one of the 8 chief wives of Krishn. Others were Rukminee, Satyabhaamaa, Jaambvatee, Kaalindee, Lakshmanaa, Mitravindaa and Naagnjitee.

Bhaumaasur was the son of Prithvi. Bhaumaasur had taken Devtaa's mother Aditi's ear-rings, Chhatra (royal umbrella) of Varun and Mani Parvat place of Devtaa on Meru Parvat. So Indra came to Dwaarakaa to Shree Krishn and told everything. Krishn took His ride Garud and His most beloved wife Satyabhaamaa and flew towards Bhaumaasur's place - Praag Jyotishpur. His place was very difficult to cross. But He broke the boundaries of his city with His arrows, Gadaa, and Chakra etc weapons and killed him. Mur Daitya was the guard of that city. He killed him too. When Bhaumaasur was killed then Prithvi came to thank Him and requested Him to accept Bhaumaasur's son Bhagdatt. He made Bhagdatt fearless and entered the capital. There He found 16,100 princesses imprisoned, they chose Himas their husband, so He married all of them.


Bheeshm Pitaamaha

Maharshi Bhrigu was one of the ten Maanas sons of Brahmaa Jee - Atri, Mareechi, Angiraa, Pulastya, Pulah, Kratu, Vashishth, Daksh and Naarad. Later he was born to Varun and Chaarushanee. He was married to Kardam Jee's one of the nine daughters Khyaati. They had two sons - Dhaataa and Vidhaataa. Meru Rishi married his two daughters Aayati and Niyati to them. Dhaataa and Vidhaataa had two sons - Mrakand and Praan. Mrakand had a son named Maarkandeya Rishi. Bhrigu Jee had a son named Kavi also whose son was Shukraachaarya Jee - Guru of Daitya. Bhrigu Jee has a he-goat's head, beard and mustache according to Shiv Jee's suggestion, after Daksh's Yagya was got destroyed. Bhrigu was killed when Daksh was doing Yagya in which Daksh did not invite Shiv Jee. Bhrigu Jee had another son named Chyavan Rishi from his another wife Pulomaa. He was married to Vaivaswat Manu's son Sharyaati's daughter Sukanyaa.

Brahmaa Jee

Brihaspati Jee
Brihaspati Jee is the son of Maharshi Angiraa and Kardam's one of the nine daughters Shraddhaa. Brihaspati Jee is the Guru of Devtaa. Once he went to the court of Indra. There all people stood up from their Aasan in his respect and welcomed him but Indra did not get up from his throne. So he got angry and went back to his home. When he had left the court then only Indra realized that he had committed a mistake, so he thought that he should ask for his pardon. Brihaspati Jee knew this so he disappeared from his house. Indra could not find him. Without Guru he did not feel secured so he requested Vishwaroop to become their Guru. Although later he killed him too because he was offering Aahuti to Daanav (because his mother was from Daanav family).

Brihaspati Jee's wife's name was Taara. Once Chandramaa got attracted to her and kidnapped her and he wouldn't return her to Brihaspati even after several requests. Chandramaa was mad about her. Chandramaa requested her to be his wife, but Taaraa said she already had Brihaspati Jee's child in her womb, but Chandramaa didn't listen to her and impregnated her with his own child and took her away. Brihaspati Jee asked him to return his wife several times, but he wouldn't listen to him. 

Taaraa was after Brihaspati Jee that he should bring up the child because he was his child, but Brihaspati Jee said, "He is not my child." Now when the child was born it was very beautiful, Now both started fighting that "This is mine, this is mine"  Then Brahmaa Jee came for rescue. He asked Taaraa "Whose child it is?" Taaraa got embarrassed with this question, then the child in the womb spoke "Why don't you tell the truth?" Then somehow she told "It is Chandramaa's child", So Chandramaa took that shiny beautiful child. Brahmaa Jee named him "Budh" because his Buddhi was very sharp.


Chyavan Rishi was the son of Maharshi Bhrigu. Chyavan Rishi was married to Sukanyaa - Vaivaswat Manu's Son Sharyaati's daughter. One day Sharyaati came to Chyavan Rishi's Aashram with his daughter Sukanyaa. Sukanyaa was playing around with her friends that she saw an anthill and in that she saw two holes from which light was coming out. Just for curiosity sake she pricked those lights with a thorn. Blood came out of those holes, she got frightened and ran away from there. At the same time the excretion system of Raajaa's soldiers stopped working. Raajaa understood what would have happened, he asked everybody "who had played with Chyavan Rishi". Sukanyaa said - "Father, I think I did." Sharyaati immediately went to Rishi, and asked for his forgiveness. Seeing Muni's inclination he gave his daughter to him. Sukanyaa also accepted him considering herself as criminal. One day Ashwinee Kumaar came there, then Chyavan Rishi requested them to cure his eyes and give him a beautiful body and youth. So they did. Later Chyavan Rishi helped Ashwinee Kumaar to get Yagya share. When Sharyaati came to know about Rishi he got very happy to see the changed Muni. Later Chyan Rishi did a Yagya for Sharyaati to have a son.

Daaruk was the Saarathee (chariot driver) of Shree Krishn.

Daksh Jee

Dattaatreya Jee

Dantavakra was the son of Prithaa's (Kuntee) younger sister Shrutdevaa and Raajaa Vriddhsharmaa of Karoosh Desh. He was born first as Hiranyaaksh, and then as Kumbhkarn in his previous lives because of the Shaap of Sanakaadi Muni. He was liberated by Shree Krishn.

This is in the context of Bharadwaaj's birth. Once Brihaspati Jee wanted to take his brother Utathya's pregnant wife Mamataa. The child (Deerghtamaa) who was in her womb at that time warned him not to do so. But Brihaspati Jee did not listen to him and cursed him - "You remain blind for all your life." and impregnated her with his own child. Utathya's wife Mamataa got frightened lest her husband leaves her. Therefore she wanted to leave Brihaspati's son. At that time Devtaa said naming the child - "Brihaspati Jee says - "O Fool! this is my Auras son and my brother's Kshetraj son, thus he is the son of both of us (Dwaaj), therefore you don't fear and carry it" At this Mamataa said - "Brihaspati, This child is not of my husband, this is our son, therefore you bring up this child." Thus both argued for some time and when they could not decide, they left the son in their argument, that is why he was named as Bharadwaaj. In spite of being named by Devtaa, Mamataa thought that this son is born as an illegitimate (Vitath) son, therefore she left it. Marud Gan brought him up and when Raajaa Bharat's Vansh was going to end they gave him to Bharat. The same Vitath (Bharadwaaj) became Bharat's adopted son. The other son, Utathya's son Deerghtamaa was born blind because of Brihaspati's Shaap.
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Devayaanee      see       Shukraachaarya ,   Yayaati

Dhrishtdyumn    see also   Drone,   Drupad  
He was the son of Drupad. He was born from a Havan Kund with his sister Draupadee. Raajaa Drupad wanted a son to kill Dronaachaarya, because Drupad had a long time enmity with him. It happened thus that both were in the same Gurukul. They were very fast friends. Drupad once said to Drone that whatever he had, its half would be his. Drone heard it, he did not want anything of others, but kept it in his mind. Drupad was a King's son. Later he became the King. On the other side Drone was a Braahman. He was married to Kripee (sister of Kripaachaarya and daughter of Sharadwaan and Urvashee Apsaraa). He could not get anything to live up on for quite some time. In the meantime they had got a son also Ashwatthaamaa. When he was very young, he wanted to drink milk, but there was no milk in the house. So Kripee gave him flour mixed water instead of milk. Drone saw it. He became extremely sad. He decided to go to his old time friend, who said that whatever is mine, half of it is yours. He went there and reminding him of his saying, and asked only for one cow. But Drupad said "It was only child's talks. How it could be possible that I could share my half wealth with you." and refused to give the cow to him. Drone came back, but sowed the seed of enmity in Drupad's heart.  For the same reason Drupad did a Yagya to get a son who could kill Drone. And that was Dhrishtdyumn. In Mahaabhaarat war he was the Army Chief of Paandav army. He killed Drone.

Dhruv was the son of King Uttaanpaad (son of Manu). Uttaanpaad had two wives Suneeti and Suruchi. Dhruv was Suneeti's son. Suruchi also had one son named Uttam. When Dhruv was only five years old he wanted to sit in his father's lap, but Uttam was already sitting there. Then Suruchi said - "This lap is not for you, this lap is for Uttam, if you wish to sit here you will have to take birth from my womb." Crying Dhruv came to his mother and told everything. She wept and said - "Son, Only Paramaatmaa's lap is the highest lap, and nobody can snatch it from you, so try for that lap." Dhruv left the palace at the same time in search of Paramaatmaa's lap. He was too young - only 5 years old. He did not know where to find it and how to get it. Then Naarad Jee came and he guided him to go to Madhu Van (in Mathuraa near Yamunaa River) and told the way. He got Bhagavaan's Darshan in a very short time. Bhagavaan gave him the highest status - Dhruv Taaraa (Polar Star). When he came home then Uttaanpaad welcomed him and repented for his actions.


Dronaachaarya Jee

Drupad    see also     Dhristdyumn,   Dronaachaarya,    Shikhandee
Drupad was the King of Paanchaal Desh. He and Dronaacharya were together in the Gurukul.At that time he said to Drone that whatever is his, its half is his. So when Drone was in great difficult times, he went to Drupad to ask for a cow but Drupad refused to give the cow saying that he might have said it in some playful mood that "whatever is his, half of it is his too". Drone came back. But an enmity had developed in Drupad's heart. So he decided to do a Yagya for a son who could kill Drone. When the time came to give Aahuti for the son, Rishi asked him to call his wife, but his wife was taking bath. Rishi could not wait and Agni Dev appeared with a beautiful girl Draupadee and gave her to him. Drupad said, "I did not ask for a girl, I wanted a boy" so the Rishi gave another Aahuti and Agni Dev appeared again with a son Dhrishtdyumn. Thus both were born from the same Havan Kund. He married his daughter Draupadee to Arjun, as he planned, but by Kuntee's misunderstanding she was married to all five Paandav.

Drupad had a son previously also, Shikhandee. In all he had 10 sons. All of them - Drupad, Dhrishtdyumn, and Shikhandee, fought from Paandav's side in Mahaabhaarat war and all of them were killed.

Durvaasaa Muni

Dwivid was a Vaanar. He was a friend of Bhaumaasur, Minister of Sugreev, and mighty brother of Maind. When he heard that Krishn had killed Bhaumaasur, he got very angry. He became a terrorist and started destroying things in and in the vicinity of Dwaarakaa Puree. He was as powerful as 10,000 elephants. He was killed by Balaraam Jee.

Eklavya was the son of an army chief of Jaraasandh (of Magadh Desh). He wanted to learn archery from Drone but could not have learnt it as he was neither a prince, nor a Kshatriya. Once he was practicing his archery. At the same time Dronaachaarya had brought Paandav and Kaurav for some entertainment in the forest. They had a dog also. As they were playing around, the dog also wandered in the forest and happened to come to the place where Eklavya was practicing his archery. The dog started barking at him, so he shot a few arrows at him and filled his mouth with them. Poor dog came running to where Paandav and Kaurav were playing. Arjun got wonderstruck as who could be who could do this their dog. Drone said - "Let us go and see that who has done this to him?"

They came to the place where Eklavya was still practicing his archery. Seeing Drone coming to him, he immediately greeted him - "Guru Jee, Pranaam." Drone asked him - "Did you fill this dog's mouth with arrows?" "Yes." "Where did you learn this archery?" "I have learnt it from you." Drone got surprised to hear this. He said - "But I have never seen you, I have never taught you." Eklavya said - "But I have learnt all this from you only." Then he took them to the place where he had established the statue of his Guru Drone. He showed them the statue and said - "I have established this statue of yours here and I learn from you only. Sometimes I see you teaching these princes from a distance."

Drone saw a future better archer in Eklavya. He had already promised Arjun that he will make him the best archer of the world, so after a careful thought he sid to Eklavya - "If you are learning from me then give me Guru Dakshinaa." Eklavya immediately said - "Please order me, Guru Dev." Drone cunnin gly said - "Give me your right hand thumb." Everybody was dumbstruck hearing such a Guru Dakshinaa from a Guru's mouth from his archer disciple. But Eklavya immediately took a knife and cut his right hand thumb and offered in his Guru's feet.

It is said that since then the people belonging to that tribe do not use their right thumb while using their bow and arrow. Eklavya's Guru Dakshinaa is famous in the whole Indian history.


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