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20-Puru Vansh-Raajaa Dushyant and Raajaa Bharat

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Now I will tell you about Raajaa Puru. You are born in the same Vansh. Many kings and Brahmarshi were also born in this Vansh. Puru's son was Janamejaya, his son was Prachinvaan, his son was Praveer, his son was Namasyu, and his son was Sudyu, his son was Bahugav, his son was Sanyaati, his son was Ahanyaati, his son was Raudraashwa. Raudraashwa had 10 sons from Ghritaachee Apsaraa - Riteyu, Kuksheyu, Sthandileyu, Kriteyu, Jaleyu, Santateyu, Dharmeyu, Satyeyu, Vriteyu and Vaneyu. Among them Riteyu had the son named Rantibhaar. Rantibhaar had three sons - Sumati, Dhruv and Apratirath. Apratirath's son was Kanv and his son was Medhaatithi who produced Prasakanv etc Braahman.

Once Raajaa Dushyant went for hunting in a forest. After some time he found himself in the Aashram of Kanv Muni. He saw a very beautiful girl there sitting in the Aashram. He got attracted to her so he started talking to her - "Devee, Who are you? Whose daughter are you? What are you doing in this lonely forest? I understand that you are not a Kshatriya." The girl said - "You are right. I am the daughter of Vishwaamitra and Menakaa Apsaraa. My mother had left me in forest, so Maharshi Kanv brought me up and he is witness to it. What can I do for you? Please, You may sit here and be our guest. There is some Neevaar (Tinnee rice Kaa Bhaat), if you like to take it, take it and if you think proper, you may stay here too."

Dushyant said - "O Beautiful, You are born in Kaushik Vansh that is why you are so good in entertaining a guest. Because kings' daughters can choose their husband themselves." Shakuntalaa agreed for the marriage, so Dushyant married her with Gaandharv method. He stayed with her for one night and next day he went back to his capital. At the appropriate time Shakuntalaa gave birth to a son. Maharshi Kanv performed all his rites in the forest. This child was so mighty and fearless that he used to play with big lions in his childhood. That child was the Ansh Avataar of Bhagavaan. Shakuntalaa went to Raajaa Dushyant with her son. Dushyant refused to recognize Shakuntalaa. Then a Bhavishya Vaanee was heard - "Mother is like a means to produce a son. In fact the son is of his father only. Therefore Dushyant you don't insult Shakuntalaa and bring up your child. A son can save a father from going to Narak. Shakuntalaa is right. You are his father."

After Dushyant died, that child became Chakravartee Samraat. Since he was the Ansh of Bhagvaan, his praises are still sung on Prithvi. He had a Chakra sign in his right hand and Kamalkosh sign in his feet. His name was Bharat. Bharat did 55 Ashwamedh Yagya appointing Mamataa's son Deerghtamaa as his Purohit on the banks of River Gangaa - from Gangotree to Gangaa Saagar. In all these Yagya he donated lots of wealth. He donated one Baddh (13,084) cows to each of 1,000 Braahman. He tied 55+78=133 horses in his 133 Yagya. People got very surprised to see this. There is a Karm in Yagya - Mashnaar, in that Karm he donated 140,000 black color and white teeth elephants. Bharat killed Kiraat, Hoon, Yavan, Andhra, Kank, Khash, Shak and Mlechchh etc all enemies of Braahman at the time of his victory. In the previous Yug, mighty Asur won Devtaa and they lived in Rasaatal. At that time they took away many Dev girls to Rasaatal. Bharat got them released from there. He ruled for 27,000 years. In the end he decided that this life is untruth (Maayaa) so he became indifferent with this world.

Bharat had three wives - all three were the daughters of Vidarbh King. He had a great respect for them. But when Bharat said to them that their sons were not like him, they got frightened and lest he leaves them, they killed all their own children. Then Bharat did a Yagya named "Marutastom" to get a child. Pleased with his Yagya Marut Gan gave him a son named Bharadwaaj.

How Bharadwaaj was born? Once Brihaspati wanted to have sexual relationship with his elder brother Utathya's pregnant wife [Mamataa]. At that time she had the child Deerghtamaa in her womb. Deerghtamaa asked Brihaspati not to do so, but Brihaspati Jee didn't pay any attention to his words and had her and gave him Shaap "You remain blind for your whole life". Utathya's wife Mamataa got scared, lest her husband abandons her, that is why she wanted to abandon Brihaspati's son. At that time Devtaa said - "Brihaspati says, "O fool, He is my Auras (by the relationship of common wife) son and my brother's Kshetraj (own) son, thus he is of the son of both (Dwaaj), therefore you don't be scared, bring him up (Bhar)." At this Mamataa said - "Hey Brihaspati, He is not my husband's son, but he is the son of both us, that is why only you bring him up." Thus arguing with each other both parents went away abandoning the child. That is why he was named as Bharadwaaj. In spite of Devtaa's words, Mamataa thought that "my this son is born illegitimate", therefore she abandoned that child. So Marut Gan brought him up and when Bharat's lineage was coming to an end, they gave that child to him. The same Bhardwaaj became the adopted son of Bharat."

21-Bharat Vansh and Raajaa Rantidev

Shuk Dev Jee said - "Pareekshit, Bharadwaaj's son was Manyu. Manyu had five sons - Brihatkshatra, Jaya, Mahaaveerya, Nar and Garg. Nar's son was Sankriti. Sankriti had two sons - Guru and Rantidev. Rantidev's glory is told everywhere in this world. Rantidev enjoyed only those things which he got without any labor and thus day by day his capital was decreasing. Whatever he got, he used to give it to somebody and remained himself hungry. He did not collect anything, he was not in love with anything and he was very patient. His family was suffering. Once 48 days passed and he did not get even water to drink. On 49th day he got some Ghee, Halavaa, Kheer and water in the morning. His family was in great trouble. They were trembling with hunger and thirst. But as soon as they started eating it, a Braahman came as a guest. Rantidev used to see Bhagavaan in everything, so he offered some food to him. He went away after getting satisfied.

Now Rantidev started distributing remaining food among themselves and wanted to eat it, that a Shoodra came. Rantidev offered some food to him also. After Shoodra had left, one other man came with his dogs. He said - "Raajan, My dogs and I are very hungry, kindly give us some food." Rantidev offered the remaining food to him and bowed to Bhagavaan in his heart. Now only water remained with him, and that was also for one person only. They wanted to distribute it among themselves, that a Chaandaal came and said - "I am a very low level person, please give me some water only." Rantidev said - "I do not want Param Gati which includes eight Siddhi, I do not even wish for Moksh, I only desire that I should bear all people's sorrows so that they can live in joy and happiness. This man wants to drink water. By giving water to him I will give him life. Now my sorrows, hunger, thirst, weakness, everything is gone. I have become joyful." and he gave the remaining water to him. After he drank water, Brahmaa, Vishnu, Mahesh all three appeared before him. Rantidev fell on the feet of Bhagavaan. He had no desire so he did not ask for anything. He put all desires in Bhagavaan's feet, so everything got disappeared as a dream. All his followers also got the same Gati as he got.

Manyu's son Garg had the son Shini and Shini had the son named Gaargya. Although Gaargya was a Kshatriya, but his Vansh was a Braahman Vansh. Mahaaveerya's son was Duritkshaya. He had three sons - Trayyaaruni, Kavi and Pushkaraaruni. All three became Braahman.

Manyu's son Brihatkshatra had a son named Hastee who habited Hastinaapur. Hastee had three sons - Ajameedh, Dwimeedh and Purumeedh. Ajameedh's sons - Priyamedh etc became Braahman. Among them one was Brihadishu, his son was Brihatkaaya and his son was Jayadrath, his son was Vishad and his son was Senjit. Senjit had four sons - Ruchiraashwa, Dridhhanu, Kaashya and Vats. Ruchiraashwa's son was Paar, and his son was Prithusen. Paar's second son was Neep, he had 100 sons. Neep married Chhaayaa-Shuk's daughter Kritwee and had a son from her named Brahmdatt. He was a Yogee. He produced a son named Vishwaksen from his wife Saraswatee. Vishwaksen wrote Yog Shaastra. His son was Udakswan and his son was Bhallaad. These were the descendents of Brihadishu.

Dwimeedh's son was Yaveenar, his son was Kritimaan, his son was Satyadhriti, his son was Dridhnemi, and his son was Supaarshwa. Supaarshwa's son was Sumati, his son was Sannatimaan, and his son was Kriti. Kriti attained the knowledge of Yog from Hiranynaabh and told six Samhitaa of "Praachya Saam" Richaa. Kriti's son was Neep, his son was Ugraayudh, his son was Kshemya, his son was Suveer, his son was Ripunjaya, and his son was Bahurath.

Dwimeedh's brother Purumeedh did not have any child.

Ajameedh's second wife's name was Nalinee. She gave birth to Neel, his son was Shaanti, his son was Sushaanti, his son was Puruj, his son was Ark, his son was Bharmyaashwa and he had five sons - Mudgal, Yaveenar, Brihadishu, Kaampilya and Sanjaya. Bhaarmyaashwa said - "My all these five sons are worthy to rule five countries (Panch Alam), therefore they were known as Paanchaal. Among them Maudgalya Braahman Gotra started from Mudgal.

Mudgal had twins. Among which the son's name was Divodaas and the girl's name was Ahalyaa. Ahalyaa was married to Maharshi Gautam. Gautam's son was Shataanand, his son was Satyadhriti who was very good at bow and arrow. Satyadhriti's son was Sharadwaan. One day Maharshi Sharadwaan saw Urvashee and his semen dropped on a bush of Moonj. It caused to born one son and one daughter. Mahaaraaj Shaantanu saw those children and named them as Krip and Kripee. Krip became Kul Guru Kripaachaarya of Kaurav and Kripee was married to Aachaarya Drone (who taught weapon knowledge to Kaurav and Paandav)."



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