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Kaalnemi,  Kaalyavan,  Kaamdev,  Kach,  Kans,  Kardam,  Karn,  Kashyap,  Khatwaang,  Kripaachaarya,  Kripee,  Krishn,  Kritvarmaa,  Kuber,  Kuntee,  Lakshmanaa,  Lakshmee,  Maalyavaan,  Madhu Kaitabh,  Mareechi,  Maya Daanav,  Muchukund,  Naagnjitee,  Naarad,  Nahush,  Nakul,  Nand,  Narakaasur

Kaalnemi was an Asur and uncle of Raavan. Raavan sent him to kill Hanumaan when Hanumaan was going to bring Sanjeevanee herb to revive Lakshman. Lakshman was lying unconscious because of Meghnaad's Shakti (Power). Although Kaalnemi explained Raavan that he could not stop Hanumaan who had already burned his golden Lankaa but Raavan refused to accept his advice and threatened him that if he did not obey him he would kill him. Kaalnemi thought it was better to be killed by the devotee of Raam than by a Daitya. So he assumed a form of fake Guru and wanted to give him Deekshaa (secret knowledge) to Hanumaan but Hanumaan knew his hypocrisy and killed him. The same Kaalnemi was born as Kans in Dwaapar Yug, and was killed by Shree Krishn. When Kaalnemi deceived Hanumaan Jee, Hanumaan Jee gave him Shaap that he should be born as Kans on Prithvi.

When Jaraasandh heard about the killing of his son-in-law Kans by Krishn, he intended to attack Mathuraa 18th time and killing Balaraam and Krishn (Jaraasandh's two daughters were married to Kans). Kaalyavan also thought to invade Mathuraa at the same time on Naarad's advice. Seeing them coming both together, Krishn transferred the public of Mathuraa to Dwaarakaa, a fort in the sea especially built for this purpose, and appointed Balaraam for their protection. He himself came out of Mathuraa and just walked away from the battlefield without any weapon. Kaalyavan recognized Him as Krishn from the description of Naarad Jee, but he was surprised to see Him walking like this. So he followed Him. Seeing Him following, Krishn started running, and He took him towards a cave where King Muchukund was sleeping. He covered Muchukund with His own Peetaambar and hid in the cave. When Kaalyavan entered the cave, he found somebody sleeping covering himself with the Peetaambar of Krishn. He mistook him for Krishn and kicked him. This kick woke up Muchukund and as he glanced at Kaalyavan in anger, he turned to ashes immediately according to Devtaa's boon. (see Muchukund below)

Kaam Dev  
Kaamdev is the Ansh Avataar of Vaasudev. When Satee Jee burned herself in Daksh's Yagya, Shiv Jee became very sad and went for Tap. He did Tap for many thousands years. In the meantime Satee was reborn as Paaravtee as Himaalaya and Mainaa's daughter. Once Naarad Jee came there and told Himaalaya that your daughter will be married to a Saadhu with a frightening look. All characteristics, whatever he told him, were available in Shiv Jee, so he suggested that Paarvatee should do Tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband. So she did and got married to Shiv Jee.

On the other side there was a terrible Raakshas Vritraasur who was not being killed by anybody. Brahmaa Jee had given him Var that he would be killed only by Shankar's 6-day old son. And Shankar's son will be there when Shankar Jee will get married; and he was sitting in Tap then how he will have a son. So Indra sent Kaam Dev to disturb his Tap. When Kaamdev reached there with his army (Vasant Ritu, flowers, cool fragrant air etc), he spread his Maayaa, Shiv Jee woke up, and as he woke up his third eye was opened in anger, and as his third eye opened Kaam Dev got burned to ashes.

The whole Universe got worried with this. His wife Rati came there weeping bitterly. Then Shiv Jee said "Don't worry, when, in Dwaapar Yug, Bhagavaan Krishn will be born, then your husband will be born as His son. Then you will meet him. Till then he will affect people without body. So Kaamdev was born to Krishn and Rukminee as their son Pradyumn. He was still the Ansh of Vaasudev and looked so much like Vaasudev that even Vaasudev's wives took him as Vaasudev. 

Kach was the son of Guru Brihaspati. He came to learn Mrit Sanjeevanee knowledge to Shukraachaarya Jee. After finishing his study when he was going back to his house, Shukraachaarya Jee's daughter Devayaanee expressed her desire to marry him, but because she was his Guru's daughter he did not accept her proposal. At this Devayaanee gave him Shaap that "Whatever you have learnt here from my father should be useless to you." At this Shaap, Kach said - "That is fine, but at least other people will be benefited from it." He also gave her Shaap - "Since you have given me Shaap without any reason, no Braahman will accept you as his wife." and went away. After returning from here, he taught that Vidyaa to his people so that they could bring Devtaa alive died in Dev-Asur war.

Kans was the son of Ugrasen, the King of Mathuraa. he was the brother of Devakee. When he married Devakee to Vasudev, his best friend, and was taking them to their palace, a Divine voice said - "To whom you are taking with such enthusiasm, her eighth child will kill you." Hearing this Divine voice, he got ready to kill Devakee, but Vasudev pacified him by promising to give him all his children as soon as they were born. Still Kans kept them in prison and whenever any child was born to Devakee, Kans killed it. Thus he killed six sons. The seventh one was transferred from Devakee to Vasudev's other wife Rohinee's womb, and thus was not known to anybody where did it go. The eighth child was exchanged with Nand's daughter in Nand Gaanv after His birth by the order of Bhagavaan Himself.

When Kans saw a girl, although he did not believe that it was Devakee's daughter, still he threw her on the stone to kill her like her other children; but she flew in the sky saying that "Your killer has already been born." After this Kans sent tens of Raakshas to kill Krishn, but they all were ,killed by Him. Once when Krishn lifted Govardhan Parvat on His left smallest finger for 7 days and 7 nights continuously, Kans got frightened and invited Him to kill Him by his elephant and wrestlers, But Krishn killed both and killed Kans too. Kans' eight brothers also came to kill Him but Balaraam killed all of them.

Kardam Rishi
Kardam Rishi was born from the shadow of Brahmaa Jee. When Kardam Rishi was ordered by Brahmaa to produce children, he did tap for 10,000 years. Then Bhagvaan gave him Darshan and said that Manu and Shatroopaa will come to you to marry their one of the three daughters Devahooti (his other daughters were Prasooti and Aakooti - Prasooti was married to Daksh Jee, and Aakooti was married to Ruchi Prajaapati). You accept her and she will produce nine daughters. Marry them to Mareechi etc Rishi and then they will produce more children. As he said Manu and Shatroopaa came with the proposal of Devahooti, and he readily married her on the condition that as she will have a child, he will leave her for Tap. So they were married.

Devahooti started serving Kardam Jee very sincerely. After some time Kardam Jee got very pleased with her services and gave all his Yog, Tap and Siddhi etc to her. Seeing him pleased Devahooti requested him for children. So Kardam Jee built a beautiful Vimaan and collected all kinds of comforts in it and roamed around with her for many thousand years. Then they came back to their Aashram. Kardam Rishi pleased his wife in nine forms, so she had nine daughters from him. His nine daughters were - Kalaa (married to Mareechi), Anasooyaa (married to Atri), Shraddhaa (married to Angiraa), Havirbhoo (married to Pulastya), Gati (married to Pulah), Kriyaa (married to Kratu), Khyaati (married to Bhrigu), Arundhatee (married to Vashishth) and Shaanti (married to Atharvaa).

After they were born, Kardam Rishi got ready to go for Tap, but Devahooti said - "Who is going to marry these girls, and who is going to take care of me?" Kardam Jee said - "Don't worry, you will get a son who will take care of you, you pray Vishnu Bhagavaan." So she did. When the time came Bhagavaan Himself appeared as Kapil Jee in their house. Brahmaa Jee came there and asked Kardam Jee to marry his daughters to Marechi etc Prajaapati, so he did and after bowing to Bhagavaan Kapil Jee he went for Tap.


Kashyap Jee
Maharshi Kashyap was Maharshi Mareechi and Kalaa's son. Kalaa was Kardam and Devhooti's daughter and Mareechi was Brahmaa's one of the ten Maanas Putra produced in the beginning of the Creation (Atri, Angiraa, Daksh, Kratu, Mareechi, Pulastya, Pulah, Bhrigu, Vashishth, and Naarad). Kashyap Jee was married to Daksh's 13 daughters. Among which Diti's children were Daitya and Aditi's children were Devtaa. Kashyap and Aditi had a son named Vivaswaan (Soorya) also, who was married to Sangyaa and Chhaayaa. Soorya and Sangyaa had a son named Vaivaswat who is the Manu of the present Manvantar - the 7th Manvantar. He had 10 sons. He had one son more who was born from his sneeze - Ikshwaaku. His descendents were called Soorya Vanshee. The whole world was filled with his children.

He was also like Pareekshit. He was in the lineage of Bhageerath. He was an emperor and he killed many Daitya on the request of Devtaa. But when he came to know from Devtaa, that his life span was only two Ghadee more, then he sat in meditation and left his physical body through Yog. When people say that how can they attain Brahm in such a short time, then Khatwaang's example is given.

He was the son of Muni Sharadwaan and Janapadee Apsaraa. When the Apsaraa went to Swarg, she left her children (a boy and a girl) on Prithvi. One day Raajaa Shantanu was preying there. He saw these children lying on a Kush Aasan along with a Kamandal nearby. That is how he could know that they were some Braahman's children. So he brought them home and gave them to his Raaj Guru to bring them up. He called them Kripaa and Kripee because he got them from Bhagvaan's Kripaa (grace). Later when Kripaa grew up he became Kul Guru of Kaurav-Paandav families. He fought in Mahaabhaarat war too from Duryodhan's side; and Kripee was married to Drone. He was Chiranjeevee (immortal).

She was the daughter of Muni Shardwaan and Janapadee Apsaraa. After the children (one boy Kripaa and one girl Kripee were born to her) were born, Janapadee went back to Swarg, she left her children on Prithvi. By chance Raajaa Shaantanu was on his hunting trip, he saw these children, brought them home and gave them to his Kul Guru to bring them up. He called them Kripaa and Kripee because he got them from Bhagvaan's Kripaa. Later Kripee was married to Dronaachaarya.


Kritvarmaa was the army chief of Krishn. He was married to Krishn-Rukminee's daughter Chaarumatee. Kritvarmaa had a son named Balee. Akroor Jee and Kritvarmaa made a plan by instigating Shatdhanvaa to take Syaamantak Mani from Satyabhaamaa's father Satraajit, so Shatdhanvaa killed Satraajit and brought the Mani. At that time Krish was away to Hastinaapur to mourn Paandav at Laakshaa Grih Kaand. When Satyabhaamaa heard this news, she immediately went to Hastinaapur and informed this to Krishn. He came back to Dwaarakaa. Hearing the coming of Krishn, Shatdhanvaa gave that Mani to Akroor Jee and ran away, but Krishn killed him in the impression that he had it, but when He did not find it with him, then He thought it should be with Akroor Jee, and so it was. Kritvarmaa fought in MBH war from Kaurav's side and was killed.

Kuber is the son of Maharshi Vishravaa and Idvidaa, and grandson of Pulastya Rishi, thus Raavan was his half brother. Kuber's name is Vaishravan because of being the son of Vishravaa. Vishravaa had two wives - Idvidaa and Kehsinee. Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan were Keshinee's son. Pulastya Rishi was one of the ten Maanas sons of Brahmaa (Atri, Angiraa, Agastya, Daksh, Kratu, Mareechi, Pulah, Pulastya, Naarad, and Vashishth). Later Vaishravan was appointed a Lokpaal by Brahmaa Jee. His capital Alakaa Puree is on the way to Kailaash Parvat. It has two rivers - Nandaa and Alaknandaa towards its outside. He is said to be the Treasurer of Devtaa. He had a Pushpak Vimaan given by Brahmaa Jee, which Raavan won in a war with Kuber, but when Raavan was killed by Shree Raam, Vibheeshan gave it to Shree Raam and Shree Raam returned it to Kuber.


Lakshmanaa was the daughter of Madra Naresh. Krishn kidnapped from her Swayamvar. She was one of the eight Pat-Raanee of Shree Krishn. Others were: Rukminee, Satyabhaamaa, Bhadraa, Naagnjitee, Jaambvatee, Kaalindee, and Mitravrindaa.

There was another Lakshmanaa who was the daughter of Duryodhan. She was married to Saamb - Karish-Jaambvatee's son.

Lakshmee Jee is the daughter of Samudra. She appeared as one of the 14 Ratn coming out from the Samudra at the time of Saagar Manthan. She chose Vishnu as her husband or to be His consort. It is known about Lakshmee Jee that she doesn't stay at one place for a long time and has enmity with Saraswatee (Devee of knowledge). She is said to be the daughter of Atri Rishi and Anasooyaa also.

Maalyavaan was an Asur. He fought in Dev-Asur Sangraam which took place after the Amrit had been distributed after Saagar Manthan. He was killed by Bhagavaan. There was one Maalyavaan whose mention is made in
Tulasee Daas written Shree Raam Charit Maanas, Sundar Kaand. He was a courtier in Raavan's court. He was Maamaa (maternal uncle) of Raavan.

Madhu Kaitabh
Madhu was an Asur who stole Ved while, at the time of Pralaya, Brahmaa Jee was about to sleep and Ved were coming out of His mouth. Then Bhagavaan took Haygreev Avataar to kill Madhu and brought Ved back from him.

Mareechi      see also      Brahmaa
Mareechi was Brahmaa's one of the ten Maanas Putra produced in the beginning of the Creation
(Atri, Angiraa, Bhrigu, Mareechi, Pulastya, Pulah, Vashishth, Daksh, Kratu, and Naarad). Mareechi was married to Kardam Rishi's one of the nine daughters Kalaa. They had two sons - Kashyap and Poornimaa.

Kashyap Jee was married to Daksh Jee's 13 daughters. One of them was Diti who gave birth to Hiranyaaksh (he was killed by Varaah Bhagavaan) and Hiranyakashyap (he was killed by Narasinh Bhagavaan). Hiranyakashyap's one of the four sons was Prahlaad (because of whom Bhagvaan took Nrasinh Avataar), his son was Virochan, his son was Raaja Bali (because of whom Bhagavaan took Vaaman Avataar), and his son was Baanaasur (who fought with Krishn, and because of whom Shankar Jee also fought with Krishn and whose daughter Ushaa was married to Krishn's grandson Aniruddh).

Maya Daanav
Maya Daanav is the architect of Daanav. He had a daughter named Mandodaree whom he married to Raavan, He had a son named Vyomaasur who was killed by Krishn in Gokul. He had two sons more - Dundubhee and Maayaavee - both were killed by Baali (sureev's brother).

He built golden Lankaa for Raavan, the grandson of Maharshi Pulastya and the son of Maharshi Vishravaa, on Trikoot Parvat. In Vishwakarmaa's built Indraprasth, Maya Daanav built a wonderful Raaj Sabhaa (royal court) to show his gratitude to Arjun in exchange of saving his life from the fire of Khaandav Van. When Duryodhan came to visit Indraprasth, he went to see this Raaj Sabhaa. And in this Raaj Sabhaa he saw water in place of dry floor so he lifted his clothes while crossing it and saw dry floor in place of water so he wetted his clothes in that water; then he saw door in place of wall and got hit there while going out and saw wall in place of door so he couldn't conceive the idea that he could go out through that wall.

Once he built three Vimaan of gold, silver and iron which were like Pur (city) for Daitya. Those Vimaan were very strong and were not get destroyed by anybody, not even by Shankar Jee. Then Vishnu gave Him His special powers and then He succeeded in destroying those three Vimaan. (Since then Shankar Jee was called Tripuraari, means enemy of three Pur).

Muchukund was a king. Once he helped Devtaa in a fight with Asur. After he defeated Asur, Devtaa got very happy with him and asked him to ask for any Var. He said - "I wish to have Darshan of Vishnu in His Chaturbhuj (with four hands) form." Devtaa said - "You will have it, but it will take some time. When Krishn will take Avataar on Prithvi in Dwaapar Yug, then He will give His Darshan to you." Muchukund said - "Indeed it is long time for it, until then what should I do?" Devtaa said - "Till then you may go in the cave and sleep there peacefully. We also give you Var that if somebody will awake you he will get burned at your one look." Muchukund went to the cave and slept there. So when Kaalyavan came and kicked him, as soon as he looked at him in anger, he got burned to ashes. Krishn knew this that is why He brought Kaalyavan in that cave.

Naagnjitee was the daughter of Nagnjit of Koshal Pradesh (Ayodhyaa). Her name was Satyaa, but she was more popularly known as Naagnjitee. She was one of the eight chief wives of Krishn. Others were: Rukminee, Satyabhaamaa, Jaambvatee, Kaalindee, Mitravindaa, Bhadraa, Lakshmanaa. Nagnjit had a strange condition for Naagnjitee's marriage. One has to put rope in the nose of seven bulls and those bulls did not like man's scent and their horns were very sharp. Nobody could do it so far, so she was not married to anybody. But Krishn did it, so she was  married to Him. She had ten sons.

Naarad Jee is one of the ten Maanas Putra of Brahmaa Jee produced in the beginning of the Creation (Angiraa, Atri, Bhrigu, Mareechi, Pulastya, Pulah, Daksh, Vashishth, Kratu and Naarad). He appeared from His lap. Why does he roam around and does not stay at one place? Once Jaraa, daughter of Kaal came to Him and expressed her desire to marry her (nobody was accepting her for marriage, once Yayaati's youngest son accepted her because he gave his youth to his father), knowingly fully well that He is Brahmachaaree. On His refusal she gave Him Shaap that "You don't want to settle down so you should not stay at one place and roam around all the time." Since then Naarad Jee has been roaming around.

Nakul was the fourth son among five Paandav. He was one of the twins from Ashwinee Kumaar and Maadree. Kuntee helped Madree to get two sons. The other one was Sahadev. Nakul was married to Renumatee besides Draupadee and had two sons - one each from them.

Raajaa Nahush was the grandson of Pururavaa. Nahush's son was Yayaati who borrowed youth from his youngest son Puru. Raajaa Nahush was very mighty, kind and brave king. He got Indra's status on the basis of his punya. But after getting Indra's status he became very proud and started misbehaving. He wanted to have Indra's wife, Indraanee (Shachee). To save herself Indraanee asked him to come in a Paalakee (palanquin) carried by Braahman on the advice of their Guru brihaspat Jee..

Nahush was so much happy that he forgot his all etiquettes, duties, and traditions. Immediately he asked to bring his Paalakee and asked Braahman to carry it. His counselors advised him not to do so as it was against Dharm, but he was blind with the idea that he would get Indraanee. As he started towards Indraanee, he asked Braahman to walk fast. Braahman had never done this type of work before, so they were not feeling comfortable. They had difficulty in carrying the Paalakee (since it was not their job) so they were walking slowly. At this Nahush whipped them and asked them to go faster saying "Sarp, Sarp" (means go fast, go fast). At this Braahamn got angry. One of those Rishi, Agastya Jee, gave Shaap to him, "Go and become a Sarp (snake) yourself". So he became a python and fell on the Earth. He asked - "When will I be free from this Yoni?" Agastya Jee said - ""In course of time Yudhishthir of Lunar family will be your savior. When you will met the mightiest man on the Earth, you will get Yudhishthir." So when Paandav were roaming in forest (12 year Vanvaas), Bheem met this python. The python caught hold him till he saw Yudhishthir, and then Yudhishthir came, the python asked him some questions on ethics, he replied them then only he got freed from that Yoni.

Nand Jee
Nand Jee was the Raajaa of Nand Gaanv (village) in Gokul. His wife's name was Yashodaa. When Vasudev Jee had his eighth son, to save Him from Kans' hands, by the order of Bhagavaan Himself, he transferred Him from Mathuraa to Nand Gaanv, and brought Yashodaa's daughter back from Gokul to Mathuraa to give her to Kans. Yashodaa was unconscious to know anything about her child. She knew only that she has given birth to a child but what is that, she did not know. When she opened her eyes, she found a Shyaam boy laying beside her. She took Him as her child and brought Him up till 11 years of age.

Narakaasur    see    Bhaumaasur


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