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Sankaadi Muni,  Satee,   Satyaa,  Satyabhaamaa,  Satyavatee (Vyaas' Mother),  Satyavatee,  Shachee,  Shantanu,  Sharmishthaa,  Shibi,  Shishupaal,  Shukraachaarya JeeSudaamaa JeeTulasee

Sanakaadi Muni
They are four. They look like 5-year old children but they are the oldest in our creation. They are the first children of Brahmaa Jee. Brahmaa created them with the intention of expanding the creation, but since they themselves were created from Tap, they refused to obey their father and said that they would do only Tap. So they are always busy in chanting Hari's name. They wander in all Lok. They have full control on themselves.

Once they went to Vaikunth to see Shree Hari. Hari's gatekeepers, Jaya and Vijaya, didn't know them, so they asked them as where were they going? Sanakaadi Muni got very angry at their question and gave them Shaap that they should be born as Raakshas for three lives. In the meantime Shree Hari came out and asked them to pardon His gatekeepers. At this they gave this responsibility to Hari only. Hari asked them whether they would like to live as Hari Bhakt fo seven lives or as Hari's enemy for three lives. Thay did n ot want to live for more time on Prithvi, so they chose to be there only for three lives as Hari's enemy. They asked Hari two things more that (1) they should not forget Brahm Vidyaa in all the lives, (2) and they should be killed only by Hari's hands. So they were born as Hiranyaaksh and Hiranyakashyap in Sat Yug (killed by Varaah and Nrasinh Avataar), Raavan and Kumbhkarn in Tretaa Yug (killed by Raam), and in the last as Shishupaal and Dantvakra in Dwaapar Yug (killed by Krishn).


Satyaa      see       Naagnjitee

Satyabhaamaa was the daughter of Satraajit. She was one of the eight chief queens of Shree Krishn. Others were: Rukminee, Jaambvatee, Kaalindee, Mitravindaa, Naagnjitee, Lakshamanaa, and Bhadraa. Satraajit had a Mani (gem) given to him by Soorya Dev. Once Krishn asked him to give that Mani to Raajaa Ugrasen but he refused to do so and he gave that Mani to his brother Prasenjit. Once Prasenjit went for hunting, there a lion killed him and took that Mani from him. Jaambvant was also roaming around there, when he saw that Mani, he killed that lion and took that Mani to is home.

When Prasenjit didn't come back, Satraajit spread the rumor that Krishn had killed Prasenjit and took that Mani from him. So to remove that blame Krishn had to look for that Mani and He brought it back from Jaambvant (at the same time He married Jaambvatee also). Satraajit got very ashamed of his blame so he married his daughter Satyabhaamaa to Krishn and offered Mani to Him. But Krishn did marry Satyabhaamaa but did not accept the Mani.

When Krishn went to kill Bhaumaasur, he took Satyabhaamaa along with Him; and while returning from there, He went to Indra Lok and brought Paarijaat tree from there at her demand and planted it in Satyabhaamaa's palace gardens. It stayed there till Krishn lived on Prithvi. Krishn used to love Satyabhaamaa very much.

Satyavatee (Vyaas' Mother)      see also     Bheeshm,    Dhritraashtra,   Ved Vyaas

Satyavatee (Grandmother of Parashuraam)     see also       Parashuraam
In the family line of Pururavaa >> Vijaya, there was a king named Gaadhi. He had a beautiful daughter named Satyavatee. Richeek Rishi asked the hand of Satyavatee for himself. Gaadhi did not consider him worthy of his daughter so he said to him - "We are from Kaushikee family, so our daughter is a bit difficult for you. But if you bring 1,000 white horses with black ears then you can take her as your wife."  When Richeek Muni heard this he understood his purpose, so he went to Varun Jee, brought such horses, gave them to the King Gaadhi and married Satyavatee.

Once both Satyavatee and her mother requested Rishi Richeek to give them a son. So Richeek Muni prepared two Charu and went to take bath. Satyavatee's mother thought that he must have prepared Satyavatee's Charu better so she asked her daughter to give her her own Charu. Satyavatee gave her own Charu to her and took her Charu herself. When Richeek Muni came to know about this, he said to his wife Satyavatee, "You have not done a good thing. Now your son will punish the people and your brother will be a good Braham Vettaa (knower of Brahm)".

At this Satyavatee started crying and tried to please him, then he said, "OK, it will not be your son but your grandson will be like that." When the time came she gave birth to Rishi Jamadagni. And everybody knows that his son was world-known Parashuraam Jee who emptied Prithvi from Kshatriya 21 times. After giving birth to Rishi Jamadagni Jee she converted herself into Kaushikee River and made Tri-Lok holy. Her mother gave birth to Vishwaamitra Jee and the world knows that being a prince he attained Brahmarshi's status.



Sharmishthaa    see also      Yayaati
Sharmishthaa was the daughter of Daitya Raaj Vrishparvaa. Shukraachaarya Jee was Daitya Guru, so she and Guru's daughter Devayaanee were good friends. Once they went to a forest and saw a pond. They entered it to enjoy water. As they were playing around, they saw Indra coming. They ran out of the pond and started wearing their clothes in haste. Since they were in haste, Sharmishthaa wore Devayaanee's clothes. At this Devayaanee got very angry and said - "You are only our Yajamaan's daughter and you dare to wear my clothes? How could you?" Poor Sharmishthaa tried to pacify her that it happened only in haste, but Devayaanee did not listen to. Both went to their homes. Devayaanee told everything to her father.

Shukraachaarya loved his daughter very much. He got ready to leave from Guru's position of Daitya. Hearing this Vrishparvaa came to request him not to take such an action, but he said that "My daughter's happiness is everything to me, so I cannot live here." Vrishparvaa tried to settle the matter. At this Devayaanee said - "When I get married, Sharmishthaa should go with me as a maid with her 100 other maids." Although Sharmishthaa was not at a fault as such, but looking at the delicacy of the matter she accepted this condition. So when Devayaanee got married to Raajaa Yayaati, she went with her with 100 maids. Shukraachaarya warned Yayaati not to take anybody else to his bed except his daughter.

Later when Devayaanee had children, Sharmishthaa also persuaded Yayaati to have children. Then she also have two sons from him, among whom her youngest son got very famous - Puru. He gave Yayaati his youth and took his old age.


Shishupaal was the son of Krishn's paternal aunt
and Vasudev Jee's sister Shrutshravaa and King Damghosh of Chedi Desh. He was born as Hiranyakashyap in his previous life as a result of Sanakaadi Muni's Shaap. Then he was born as Raavan and lastly he was born as Shishupaal. When he was born, he had three eyes and four hands. Seeing this his mother got scared. A Pandit told her, "In whoever's lap his extra eye and hands fall, take him as his killer." Now whosoever came to their house, his mother used to give the boy in his or her lap. 

One day Devakee, Balaraam and Krishn also came to her house, so she gave that boy to them also. Devakee took him, kissed him, blessed him and returned him to his mother; Balaraam also took him, kissed him and returned to his mother; when she wanted Krishn to take him, he refused to take, then both Devakee and her sister insisted Him to take him in His lap, so He had to take him. As He took him his third eye and two arms fell on the ground. His mother got frightened. Krishn also got scared. Shishupaal's mother asked - "So You will kill my son? Your brother?"  Krishn could not speak anything but, "If his destiny says this, what can I do?" Then she asked Him to forgive her son. He promised His aunt that He will tolerate his 100 mistakes which are punishable for life sentence and then He will kill him if need be." So He tolerated his 100 abuses in Yudhishthir's Raajsooya Yagya and then killed him by His Chakra.

Shukraachaarya Jee

Sudaamaa Jee



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