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Gaandhaaree, Gargaachaarya, Gautam, Harishchandra, Hiranyaaksh, Hiranyakashyap,
Idvidaa,  Ikshwaaku,  Indra,  Jaambvaan, Jaambvatee,  Janamejay, Jaraasandh


Aachaarya Garg was Brahmaa's son and he was appointed as Kul Guru of Vrishni Vansh by Brahmaa Jee himself, that is why he was supposed to do Jaat Karm Sanskaar of Krishn and Balaraam. And that is why Nand Jee invited him to do Sanskaar for Balaraam, because he knew that Balaraam was Vasudev's son but he did not know that Krishn was also Vasudev's son, he just wanted to hide the identity of his son because of His strange activities, so he requested him to do His Sanskaar also. Thus Garg Jee performed the Sanskaar for both.

Rishi Gautam was married to Ahalyaa, the daughter of Mudgal, a Paanchaal King. Mudgal was in the lineage of Raajaa Bharat >> Rantidev. Gautam and Ahalyaa had a son named Shataanand who was the Purohit of Raajaa Janak in Janak Puree, in Mithilaa. Shataanand had the son named Satyadhriti and his son was Maharshi Sharadwaan. One day Maharshi Sharadwaan saw Urvashee and his semen fell on a bush of Moonj. It caused to born a boy and a girl. Mahaaraaj Shantanu saw them and brought them home and brought them up. He named them Kripaa and Kripee. Kripaa became the Kul Guru of Kaurav and Paandav and Kripee was married to Aachaarya Drone who taught weapons knowledge to Kaurav and Paandav.

Ahalyaa was very beautiful and a Satee woman. Once Indra got attracted to her, but he could not have her as she was a great Satee. He found the way. Maharshi Gautam used to go to Gangaa Jee to take bath very early in the morning and he used to get up by a cock's crow. So one day Indra crowed earlier than that, and Gautam Jee got up earlier than his usual time. Looking at the sky he thought, "This is not the time when I get up. How did this cock crow early?" But then he ignored it and went to Gangaa Jee for his daily chores. In the meantime Indra came in the form of Rishi Gautam and knocked the door. Ahalyaa, thinking "Who could be" opened the door. She saw Rishi Gautam standing outside. She asked "You? You went to Gangaa Jee, how come that you returned so early?" He came inside and expressed his wish ton have her. Although Ahalyaa was very much surprised to hear this type of wish from Rishi, but she could not say anything, so Indra had her and went away.

When Indra was going out, Maharshi was returning from Gangaa Jee. He saw him going out of his Aashram. He understood everything. As he entered the house, and Ahalyaa saw him, she also understood as what has happened with her. Gautam Jee gave her Shaap "Go, and be a stone." Ahalyaa tried to explain her situation, then he said, "When Bhagvaan will take Avataar as Raam on Prithvi in Tretaa Yug then you will get your original form by His touch. So when Raam was going Janak Puree to attend Seetaa's Swayamvar Then He found a Shilaa (large stone) and touched it. It became Ahalyaa again and went to her Lok. he gave Shaap to Indra also. Later Indra got it resolved by the grace of Shiv Jee.

Harishchandra, Raajaa

Hiranyaaksh was the son of Mareechi's son Kashyap Jee and his wife Diti. He had one elder brother also named Hiranyakashyap. He was killed by Bhagavaan's Varaah incarnation while Bhagavaan was bringing Prithvi out of the water to inhabit the world.

Hiranyakashyap was the son of Mareechi's son Kashyap Jee and his wife Diti. He had one younger brother also named Hiranyaaksh. Hiranyakashyap was killed by Bhagavaan's Nrasinh incarnation to save His Bhakt Prahlaad - Hiranyakashyap's son.

Idvidaa was the wife of Muni Vishravaa and had a son named Vaishravan who later is better known as Kuber. She was the daughter of Raajaa Trinbindu, who was in the lineage of Marutt who was a Chakravartee Raajaa and was in the lineage of Vaivaswat Manu Shraadhdev and Alambooshaa Apsaraa  [see Bhaagvat, 9/2] Marutt had all gold pots in his Yagya and he gave so much Dakshinaa to Braahman that they could not take all to their homes and left many things there only. This was the same gold which Yudhishthir took and used for his Yagya. Trinbindu was in the lineage of the same Marutt. He was a also a Chakravartee Raajaa and he was very handsome so Alambooshaa Apsaraa got attracted towards him and they produced many sons and a daughter Idvidaa who was married to Muni Vishravaa.

Ikshwaaku was present Manu Satyavrat's son. Many famous kings were born in this Vansh. Raghu, Dasharath, Raam were also born in this Vansh

Indra is the king of Devtaa. His wife's name is Shachee. He has three sons Jayant, Rishabh and Meedhvaan and one daughter named Jayantee from Shachee. Jayantee is married to Rishabh Jee Ansh Avataar of Bhagvaan. They had 100 sons like Rishabh. [Manu -> Priyavrat -> Aagneedhra -> Naabhi -> Rishabh-Jayantee -> Bharat].

Indra took Airaavat Haathee and Kalp Vriksh which came out of Saagar Manthan. His Saarathee's name is Maatali. And he has a Vajra, which he used to kill Vritraasur, made of bones of Maharshi Dadheechi. He is always afraid of Daitya and anybody who does an intensive Tap, he thinks that "he is doing Tap to take His Swarg", so whoever does Tap, he always tries to disturb him. He is the Devtaa of rains.

He is the same Jaambvaan who was in Sugreev's court and helped Shree Raam to find Seetaa Jee and to fight with Raavan in Tretaa Yug. In Dwaapar Yug he fought with Shree Krishn for 28 days, then when he got weaker, he recognized Bhagvaan and married his daughter Jaambvatee to Shree Krishn. When Bhagvaan took Vaaman Avataar, asked three feet land from Raajaa Bali, measured the land, and kept His second foot in Swarg Lok, then he blew the Shankh of victory.

Jaambvatee was the daughter Jaambvaan. He was the same Jaambvaan who was in Sugreev's court, helped Raam and Lakshman in search of Seetaa Jee and Raam-Raavan war. Krishn met him in the cave while He was looking for Sy
aamantak Mani to clear the blame of that Mani theft on Him. Jaambvaan fought with Krishn for 28 days. When he got weaker then he thought that He must be Naaraayan. So he worshipped Him, married his daughter Jaambvatee to Him and gave Syamantak Mani back also. She was one of the eight Pat Raanee (chief queen) of Shree Krishn (Rukminee, Satyabhaamaa, Bhadraa, Kaalindee, Mitravindaa, Lakshmanaa, Naagnjitee, and Jaambvatee).

Janamejaya was the son of Pareekshit and
the grandson of Abhimanyu and Uttaraa, and great-grandson of Arjun and Subhadraa. After Takshak bit his father, he became very angry, and he did a Sarp Yagya in which all the snakes started falling down in its Havan Kund. Janamejaya wanted to kill Takshak and was waiting for him. Takshak got frightened and coiled around a leg of Indra's throne. When Janamejaya came to know this, he gave an Aahuti to bring Indra's throne also to the Havan Kund, so the Indra's throne along with Indra and Takshak rose up and started coming towards the Havan Kund. Then Brahmaa Jee came and pacified Janamejaya saying that "Indra was like another Bhagavaan and Takshak was immortal so they could not die, and everybody dies his own death so why to kill these innocent Sarp and Naag? This does not suit you." Then only he stopped Sarp Yagya and freed Takshak.



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