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Paandav,  Paandu,  Paraashar,  Pareekshit,  Pradyumn,  Pulastya,  Pururavaa,
Raahu,  Raavan,  Revatee,  Romharshan,  Rudra,  Rukminee

Paandav were the five sons of Raajaa Paandu, who was the son of Maharshi Ved Vyaas Jee and Ambaalikaa, wife of Vichitraveerya (son of Shaantanu and Satyavatee). Their names were Yudhishthir, Bheemsen, Arjun, Nakul, and Sahadev.

Paandu     see also      Dhritraashtra,    Kuntee
Paandu was Maharshi Ved Vyaas' son from Vichitraveerya's wife Ambaalikaa. He was the younger brother of Dhritraashtra and elder brother of Vidur. He was married to Kuntee (Raajaa Kuntibhoj's daughter), then he married to Madra Desh Princess Maadree also. He was unable to produce any child because of the Shaap of Kindam Rishi, that is why his first wife Kuntee used her Mantra power to call Dharm Raaj, Vaayu Dev, and Indra Dev to produce sons. Dharm Raaj's son was Yudhishthir, Vaayu Dev's son was Bheemsen, and Indra Dev's son was Arjun. She told this Mantra to Maadree also and she called Ashwinee Kumaar to produce a twin sons - Nakul and Sahadev. Once Paandu had a desire of having Madree and at that same time he died. Maadree became Satee with Paandu, and all five children, called as Paanadav, were brought up by Kuntee.

Paraashar     see also    Satyavatee
Maharshi Paraashar is the grandson of Brahmarshi Vashishth, and the son of Shakti and Adrashyanti. He produced a son from Daash Raaj's daughter Satyavatee before her marriage to King Shaantanu - Ved Vyaas Jee. Thus in a way, Paandav and Kaurav were in the lineage of Vashishth Jee also (Vashishth --> Shakti --> Paraashar --> Vyaas Jee --> Dhritraashtra and Paandu --> Kaurav and Paandav )

Pareekshit was the son of Abhimanyu and Uttaraa; grandson of Arjun and Subhadraa (Krishn's younger sister). He was the first King of Kali Yug. Once he heard that Kali has come in his kingdom so he went out with the intention to fight with Kali. He met Kali and he wanted to kill him but on his request he had let him live in his kingdom. He assigned him five places (gambling, gold, liquor bar, sexual love, greed) to live. Once Raajaa went for hunting, there he got tired, hungry and thirsty, so he came to an Aashram in which Shameek Rishi was meditating. He called him to get some water but since he was meditating, he did not know that he was there. In anger and under the influence of Kali, he picked a dead snake and put it in the neck of the Rishi and went away. When his son Shringee heard this he gave Shaap to him, "Whosoever has misbehaved with my father, Takshak Naag will bite him on the seventh day from today."

After coming home, Raajaa repented and thought as what he should do, that he came to know about Shringee Rishi Shaap. He became happy, handed over his kingdom to his son  Janamejaya, and went to the bank of Gangaa Jee. He sat there without food and drink and asked Rishi, Muni to tell him what he should do to improve his Par-Lok within these seven days. Then Naarad Jee came and suggested him to listen to Bhaagvat Puraan. Many Rishi and Muni came there to listen Bhaagvat Kathaa until he left his body. Then Shuk Dev Jee also came there. So everybody gave the highest Aasan to him to tell Bhaagvat Puraan. Then he told him this Kathaa to Pareekshit. On the seventh day Pareekshit had left this physical body through Yog before Takshak bit him. [see also Khatwaang]

Pradyumn     see also      Kaamdev
Pradyumn was the son of Shree Krishn and Rukminee Jee. Pradyumn was so much like Shree Krishn that even
his mothers mistook him as Shree Krishn and they thought about him with that perspective. He was married to Rukmee's daughter Rukmvatee, besides his own wife Maayaavatee (Rati). He was Kaamdev reborn to Krishn as His son. When Satee Jee left her body in her father's Yagya, Shiv Jee got very sad. He took Samaadhi and started doing tap. At the same time there was one Asur who was not being able to be killed by anybody. Brahmaa Jee told that Shiv Jee's son would kill him. Now Shiv Jee was in Samaadhi, how could He have a son without marriage. On the other side, Satee Jee took birth in Himaalaya and Mainaa's house as Paarvatee Jee and Naarad Jee had come to tell them that Shiv Jee was the groom whose characteristics were like those ones she should get in her husband, so let her do Tap to get Shiv Jee as her husband. So she was did very hard Tapasyaa to get him.

As Shiv Jee was busy in Tapasyaa, and only Shiv's son could kill the Daitya, then how the son should be born to him? In this attempt, Indra sent Kaam Dev to disturb Shiv Jee's Samaadhi, so that he could desire for a wife and produce a son for them. So he came with his army (Vasant Ritu, cool sweet-smelled air, flowers all around etc), and as he pulled the string of his flower bow, Shiv Jee opened his eyes along with his third eye. As he opened his third eye, Kaam Dev was burned to ashes. His wife Rati came weeping bitterly about her husband. Then Shiv Jee consoled her assuring that "your husband will be born as Krishn's son in Dwaapar Yug and till then he will have his effect on people without body." So Pradyumn was born to Krishn and Rukminee.

Pulastya Rishi was married to Kardam Jee's one of the nine daughters named Havirbhoo. Pulastya Rishi had two sons - Maharshi Agastya and Vishravaa. Vishravaa had two wives: one was Keshinee who gave birth to Raavan, Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan; and another was Idvidaa
whose son was Kuber.

He was Budh's son from Ilaa. And who was Budh? Budh was Chandramaa's son from Brihaspati's wife Taaraa. (Brihaspati was Maharshi Angiraa
and Shraddhaa's son). Once Naarad Jee praised Pururavaa so much in Indra's Sabhaa that Urvashee got curious to get him as her husband. Before there was only one Agni, not three, and one Ved (Pranav=Omkaar, all Shaastra and Ved were in Pranav), not three. But as Tretaa Yug came three Ved appeared in Pururavaa's heart and he produced three Agni. He had accepted three Agni as his children so he got Gandharv Lok. Pururavaa had six sons from Urvashee. In his lineage there was Jahnu who drank whole Gangaa's water by filling in his hand (that is how Gangaa is called Jaahnavee).

Raahu was the son of Viprachitti and Sinhikaa. At the time of
Saagar Manthan, and the distribution of Amrit, when Raahu was sitting with other Asur, he noticed that Mohinee (Vishnu'a Avataar) was distributing Amrit only to Devtaa. He did not care of injustice, but he himself wanted to drink Amrit, so he got up and sat with Devtaa, between Soorya and Chandramaa, in disguise of Devtaa. Mohinee could not know it, so She gave some Amrit to Raahu too. As She gave Amrit it to him, Soorya and Chandramaa recognized him as Asur and complained about it to Mohinee. Mohinee immediately ordered His Chakra to cut his neck, but before the Chakra cut his neck he had already gulped some Amrit, so he became immortal. Now there were two parts of his body - the head and the trunk and both parts were alive. His head was called Raahu and his rest of the body became Ketu. 

Since Soorya and Chandramaa complained about him, now he comes to gulp them on Amaavasyaa (new Moon) and Poornimaa (full Moon) days respectively. And since Vishnu's Chakra always protects them, he cannot stay in front of them for long time. On Prithvi they are called Soorya Grahan (Solar Eclipse) and Chandra Grahan (Lunar Eclipse). Brahmaa Jee gave both of his parts the status of planets.

Raavan     see also     Raavan (for detailed description)
Raavan was in Tretaa Yug. He was the son of Rishi Vishravaa and
the grandson of Rishi Pulastya. His mother's name was Kaikasee or Keshinee. He had 10 heads and 20 arms, that is why he was called as Dashaanan, or Dashsheesh too. He was married to Maya Daanav's daughter Mandodaree. She was a Satee woman. He had two brothers - Kumbhkarn and Vibheeshan, and one sister - Shoorpankhaa. Kuber was his half brother. His capital was Lankaa situated on Trikoot Parvat. Maya Daanav himself built it for him in gold. 

Raavan and Kumbhkarn both were a great devotee of Shiv Jee. Raavan did Tapasyaa for 10,000 years  by offering his one head at the completion of each 1,000 years. At the end of 10,000 years when he got ready to offer his 10th head, Brahmaa Jee appeared and asked him to ask for any Var. He asked  "I should not be killed by anybody - Devtaa, Gandharv, Raakshas etc. and I don't care for human beings and monkeys." That is why Bhagavaan had to take Avataar as a human being and gather the army of monkeys. Once he lifted Kailaash Parvat and shook it fiercely. Shiv Jee pressed it just by the tip of his big toe, Raavan's both hands were crushed under it. He wept a lot, so Shiv Jee gave him the name "Raavan" and Var of long life.

Raavan was born in Braahman family (he was the grandson of Rishi Pulastya, Brahmaa's son, and the son of Vishravaa) so he was a Pandit. It is said that he used to recite Ved from all of his ten mouths. He had an Amrit Kund in his navel area that is why even Raam was not able to kill him until Vibheeshan told him about it. Vibheeshan was Raam Bhakt. When Raavan didn't listen to him for not to break the war with Raam, then he defected Raavan and came to Raam and told the secret of Raavan's death. Later when Raavan and Kumbhkarn were killed, he became the king of Lankaa and got the age of one Kalp.

He had six sons - Meghnaad was the eldest. His another name was Indrajeet because he had won Indra. He was killed by Lakshman, Akshay Kumaar was the youngest. He was killed by Hanumaan Jee at the time when Hanumaan Jee came to Lankaa in search for Seetaa.

Vaivaswat Manu's son was Sharyaati. He had three sons and one daughter Sukanyaa who was married to Chyavan Rishi. Among his three sons Aanart's son was Raivat. Raivat had 100 sons. His eldest son's name was Kakudmee.  Revatee was the daughter of Kakudmee. She was married to Bal
araam Jee on the advice of Brahmaa Jee.

Romharshan was a Kshatriya and his wife was a Braahman, thus he did a Vilom Vivaah in which the girls is often from a higher caste. His son's name was Ugrashravaa but people used to call him Soot Jee. Romharshan Jee was a great disciple of Ved Vyaas Jee and used to deliver sermons to other Rishi. Once when Bal
araam Jee was on his Teerth Yaatraa just before starting MBH war, He came to Naimish Aranya Teerth where Romharshan Jee was appointed by other Rishi to deliver them sermons. Seeing Balaraam Jee, neither he got up nor he greeted him. So in great anger Balaraam Jee picked a Kush straw and hit him with it. Romharshan Jee died instantly. Since Rishi had vested in him many powers to tell them the Kathaa, Balaraam Jee gave all those powers to his son Ugrashravaa so that he could tell them the Kathaa.

There are 11 Rudra. When Brahmaa Jee's own children Sanakaadi Muni refused to create any kind of Creation, He got very angry, and
he got so angry that a red and blue child came out of the center of his eyebrows. He was the Poorvaj (ancestor) of Devtaa - Bhav (Rudra). First he cried  then asked his name and his dwelling place. Brahmaa Jee said - "Because you started crying as soon as you were born, you will be called as Rudra and I have already created eleven places for you to live - Hriday (heart), Indriyaan, Praan, Sky, Air, Fire, Water, Prithvi, Sun, mind and Tap. You will be called by these 11 names Manyu, Manu, Mahinas, Mahaan, Shiv, Ritdhwaj, Ugraretaa, Bhav, Kaal, Vaamdev, and Dhritvrat; and Dhee, Vritti, Ushanaa, Umaa, Niyut, Sarpi, Ilaa, Ambikaa, Iraavatee, Sudhaa and Deekshaa will be your 11 wives. You accept these names, dwelling places and wives and start producing people (Prajaa) because you are the Prajaapati (Swaamee of people) now. [Thus they are 11 Rudra with their 11 wives living in 11 places]

Rukminee was the daughter of Raajaa Bheeshmak of Vidarbh Desh. She was the Avataar of Lakshmee Jee. She had five brothers - Rukmee, Rukmrath, Rukmbaahu, Rukmesh and Rukmmaalee. Everybody wanted to marry Her to Shree Krishn except Her eldest brother Rukmee. So on Rukminee's request Krishn brought Her from Her Swayamvar and married Her. She was one of the 8 chief wives of Krishn. Others were: Satyabhaamaa, Jaambvatee, Kaalindee, Mitravrindaa, Bhadraa, Lakshmanaa, Naagnjitee. She had 10 sons, and one of them was Pradyumn. He was married to Rukmee's daughter Rukmvatee beside his own wife Maayaavatee (Rati).


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