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Maandavya Rishi
Taken from    Padm Puraan, 1/29;  
see also  MBH, G-1-Beginning/5;    MBH, G-9-Anushaasan/2;      Story-Chastity

Maandavya Muni is not a witness either in Raamaayan or in Mahaabhaara, but his story comes in Padm Puraan and Mahaabhaarat. Maandavya Muni gave Shaap to Yam Raaj that he had to be born as a Shoodra on Prithvi for 100 years three times ...

Maandavya Curses Yam Raaj
This story comes in Padm Puraan, 1/29. Once a King's servants caught some thieves at the Aashram of Maandavya Muni. They thought that Maandavya Muni was also in that group of thieves, so they caught him also and took all of them to the King. The King assigned death punishment to all of them. So his people put all of them on stake. Since the King's servants brought him while he was doing Tap, he did not feel the slightest touch of the stake. But it happened so that a Pativrataa wife was carrying her leper husband to a prostitute's house, his leg hit him and he woke up from his Tap and he felt the pain. (read this story below). He immediately asked the King's servants to bring him down from the stake. The servants told this to the King, so when the King came to know about Maandavya Muni, that he was a Rishi, he immediately called him back and asked for his forgiveness.

When Maandavya Muni was taken to Narak to Yam Raaj, he asked Yam Raaj, "What was my sin to get this punishment?" Yam Raaj said, "You have committed a Paap." "What?" "Once you have pierced a Tiddee (locust) with the tip of a Kush." Muni said - "That I must have done when I was a very little child and unknowingly. And you punished me so much for that little crime?" Then Muni gave Shaap to Dharm Raaj, "Go, and live in Shoodra Varn on Prithvi for 100 years three times." So he was born as maid-servant's son as Vidur Jee. [According to some other sources he was born as the in-charge of the Shamashaan land where Harishchandra worked]. Read Yudhishthir-Incarnation of Dharm Raaj for extra explanation.

Next he extended the age of a child from 12 years to 15 years to ignore his crime.

Shaap to the Leper
When Maandavya Rishi was hit by the hanging leg of he leper who was going back home on his wife's shoulder, he woke up and felt the pain. He cursed the being - "who has awaken me like this he will die before the Sun rises." When the Sate heard this Shaap, she said - "Muni doesn't know the power of Pativrataa, that is why he has given this Shaap to my husband. Let me see, how the Sun rises in the morning."

Next day she stopped the Sun to rise and her husband did not die. As the Sun did not rise the whole Universe was dark and people got worried. Devtaa also got worried seeing the people worried, so they went to Brahmaa Jee and told him their problem. Brahmaa Jee said - "This has happened because of Maandavya Muni's Shaap of a leper. His Pativrataa wife has stopped the Sun to rise." So they all went to that woman and requested her to take her words back, but she said clearly that "until Maandavya Muni will not take his words back, she cannot taker he words back." So all of them to Maandavya Muni and requested him to pardon that leper. Seeing the delicacy of situation Muni pardoned him and the Pativrataa also took her words back. Once again the Sun rose and the Universe filled with sunlight.

Maandavya Muni and Shiv
This is mentioned in MBH, G-9-Anushaasan/2, that after the incident of fastened him to stake in the crime of theft, Maandavya Rishi prayed Sarv. He appeared before him and said to him - "You will be free soon and you will live for millions of years. You shall be free from any pain due to this and from any disease also. Since you have been born from the 4th foot of Dharm (Satya or Truth), you shall be unrivalled on Earth. After the ending of your life you will live in Heaven for unending time." and he disappeared then and there.



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