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Naarad Suggests Yudhishthir for Raajsooya Yagya

Naarad Describes Celestial Courts

Naarad Jee said - "Indra's court is very luxurious and he has obtained with his own labor. Indra himself has built it. It is 150 Yojan long, 100 Yojan wide and 5 Yojan high. It can go anywhere at the command of will. There is no old age, grief, disease, fatigue, fear in that court. It is furnished with rooms, seats, beautiful celestial trees and is very delightful. There sit Indra with his wife Shachee on one seat. His crown cannot be described because of its vagueness. He wears pure white clothes. He has performed 100 sacrifices. He is waited upon by Marut Gan, Siddh, celestial Rishi, Saadhya, Devtaa - all in their celestial form. Paraashar, Parvat, Saavarni, Gaalav, Shankh, Durvaasaa, Deerghaatmaa, Yaagyavalkya, Uddaalak, king Harishchandra, Tumburu, Vishwakarmaa, Vaalmeeki, Pulah, Pulastya, Kratu, Mareechi, Gautam, Vaishwaanar, Vishwaksen, Kanv, Kaatyaayan etc etc - some born from women and some living upon air, some living upon fire. 27 Fires conveying the Aahuti of sacrifices, Agni, clouds, Chandra, Brihaspati, Shukra, Vishwaavasu, Chitrasen, planets, Mantra, etc are present there. Many frequently come and leave the court, but Brihaspati and Shukra are always there. All worship Indra. His court is called "Pushkarmaalinee".

Now I describe you Yam Raaj's court. His court was built by Vishwakarmaa. It is as bright as gold and covers more than 100 Yojan area. It can give you everything you wish for and is very delightful. There is no old age, hunger, thirst, ill feelings in his court. There are many kinds of juices, sweets and delicious things to enjoy. Garlands of fragrant flowers, hot and cold water, fruit bearing trees glorify the court. Royal sages and Braahman cheerfully wait upon him and worship him. Yayaati, Nahush, Puru, Maandhaataa, Nrig, Trasdasyu, Kritveerya, Arishtnemi, Nimi, Shibi, Brihadrath, Marutt, Kushik, Dhruv, Kaartveerya, Bharat, Surath, Suneeth, Nal, Divodaas, Ambareesh, Bhageerath, Vrishsen, Purukuts, Dileep, Usheenar, Sharyaati, Pundareek, Gaya, Muchukund, Parashuraam, Naabhaag, Sagar, Janak, Raam, Lakshman, Janamejaya, Bhooridatt, etc thousands of kings wait upon him in his court. And Agstya, Matang, Kalaa, and Mrityu (Death), Kaal Chakra (the Wheel of Time), all sinners, all those who die in Winter solstice, officers of Yam Raaj, all wait upon Yam Raaj. Now I will tell you about Varun's court which is also called "Pushkarmaalinee"."

Naarad Jee further said - "Varun's court (Pushkarmaalinee) is unparallel in splendor. It is as long and wide as Yam's court and it is all pure white. It was built by Vishwakarmaa in waters. It is surrounded by trees made of gems and jewels bearing flower and fruits. Thousands of birds of a variety of species fly around there. Aaditya, Vaasuki, Takshak, Airaavat, Krishn, Lohit etc all Naag; Virochan's son Bali, Narakaasur, Viprachitti, Durmukh, Shankh, Mahaapaarshwa, Vishwaroop, etc Daitya; the four oceans; Gangaa, Narmadaa, Vipaashaa, Chandrabhaagaa, Saraswatee, Iraavatee, Krishnaa, Kaaveree, Godaavaree etc rivers; all mountains; all wait upon Varun in their personified form. Now you listen to about Kuber's court."

Naarad Jee said - "Kuber's court is 100 Yojan long and 70 Yojan wide. Kuber himself built it through his Tap. It shines like Moon, but it has golden chambers. Supported by Guhyak, it seems attached to firmament. It smells sweet with celestial fragrances. Sweet smell also comes from jasmine and lotuses bloomed in the River Alakaa and nandan Gardens. He sits with his 1,000 wives. Mishrakeshee, Rambhaa, Chitrasenaa, Shuchismitaa, Chaarunetra, Ghritaachee, Menakaa, Punjikaasthalee, Pramlochaa, Urvashee, Iraa etc Apsaraa, many Gandharv, Kinnar Yaksh wait upon Kuber. Devee Lakshmee always lives there. Kuber's son Nalkuber also lives there. Many Braahman, Rishi and Apsaraa etc also come there and go. Besides, Mahaadev (killer of Bhaganetra Asur) along with Umaa and thousands of spirits also wait upon their friend Kuber. Drum, the Chief of Kimpurush; Vishwaavasu, Haahaa and Hoohoo, Tumburu and Parvat, Chitrasen and Chitrarath etc wait upon him. Before Kuber used to worship Shiv, but later Shiv made him his friend; since then Shiv always sits in his friend's mansion. Shankh (conch) and Padm (lotus flower) also worship him in their personified form. It moves with along with the firmament. Now you listen to Brahmaa's court."

Naarad Jee said - "Nobody can describe Brahmaa's court saying it "is such". In Sat Yug, once, after seeing Brahmaa's court, Aaditya (Soorya) came to earth in human form and told me about that court which is immeasurable, immaterial and indescribable as regards of shape and form and capable of delighting the heart. Then I expressed my desire to see it, so I asked him as by what Tap, or act, or charm I could see that court. He suggested me to meditate for 1,000 years, I did that, then he endowed me with great power and took me to Brahmaa's court. It is impossible to describe it "it is such" because every moment it changes its form. I have never seen such a thing before. It seems that it is made up of gems. Stationed in Heaven, it blazes forth like Sun. He has himself created it by his own power of illusion.

Daksh, Prachetaa, Pulah, Mareechi, Kashyap, Bhrigu, Atri, Vashishth, Gautam, Angiraa, Pulastya, Prahlaad, Kratu, and Kardam etc Prajaapati; Aangiras of Atharv Ved, intelligence, space, knowledge, Air, Fire, Earth, Sound, Touch, Form, Taste, and elemental and prime causes of the world; all live in that mansion. Agastya, Maarkandeya, Jamadagni, Bharadwaaj, Samvart, Chyavan, Durvaasaa, Rishyashring, Sanat Kumaar, Asit, Deval, Rishabh, Ajaatshatru, Science of healing of eight branches in personified form, and many others wait upon Brahmaa in his mansion. All Lokpaal, Brihaspati, Shukra, Mangal etc planets, Understanding, Patience, Memory, Wisdom, Intelligence, Mantra, Drama, Poems, Muhoort, Day, Night, Fortnight etc all wait upon Brahmaa Jee. I saw all Kaartikeya, Baalkhilyaadi Rishi, Raakshas, Pishaach etc there. Thus this court is unquestionable in human world.

Naarad Suggests Yudhishthir for Raajsooya Yagya

Yudhishthir was silent for a while then said - "Rishivar, It seems that most of the kings of the Earth are now in Yam's court; while all Naag, Daitya, Rivers and Oceans are in Varun's court; and Raakshas, Guhyak, Apsaraa, and Yam Raaj are in Kuber's court. All great Rishi, all the Devtaa, all the branches of learning are in Brahmaa's court. All Gandharv and Rishi are in Indra's court. You have mentioned only one king, Harishchandra, in Indra's court. What good Harishchandra did to be in Indra's court. You met my father Paandu in the region of Pitar. Did he tell you anything?" Naarad Jee said - "I tell you everything. He was a great king who was the king of seven Dweep. After that he performed Raajsooya Yagya in which he gratified all Braahman etc. All those kings who did Raajsooya Yagya attained the region of Indra. Those who do not show their back in battlefield and those who do severe Tap also go to Indra's Lok.

Seeing this your father Paandu has told you something "My sons are now very powerful. If Yudhishthir performs Raajsooya Yagya, I can also go to Indra Lok and pass countless years there." I know that it is not an easy task but still with the help of your brothers you can do it. But now if anybody can do it, it is only you." I told him that I will tell him when I will go to Mrityu Lok. So I have told you all, now you do whatever appropriate you think. I have heard that there is a class of Brahm Raakshas which always tries to obstruct such sacrifices, and if it is obstructed, then a big calamity can happen, so taking care of this you should act. Now I go to Dwaarakaa." After saying this Naarad Jee went away. Hearing all this Yudhishthir sank in thoughts."

13. Vaishampaayan Jee said - "Till now Paandav were living peacefully but Naarad's coming woke up a desire in Yudhishthir's heart to do Raajsooya Yagya. It was his father's wish also. When he talked about this in his court, everybody was very enthusiastic about it and advised him to do it. So he called Krishn from Dwaarakaa. He was their guide and without consulting Him they couldn't do anything. Krishn came to Indraprasth along with Indrasen. Yudhishthir told Him about Naarad's coming and the wish of his father Paandu and asked His true advice about Raajsooya Yagya as a real friend."

14. Yudhishthir had all the doubts that he could do this Yagya being his Great uncle alive, but Krishn said - "You can do it, because Indraprasth is an independent state. Besides, you yourself did not get separated from them, you were separated by them. But there is a problem, and the problem is Raajaa Jaraasandh. Today all kings are the descendents of either Raajaa Yayaati or Raajaa Bhoj. And all respect Jaraasandh. Even Chedi Raaj Shishupaal considers his pride in being his army chief. Bhagdatt, Rukmee the son of Bheeshmak, and Paundrak Vasudev are also allied to him.

He is a big enemy of Vrishni Vansh. You know that I killed my Maamaa Kans, He was his son-in-law, so Jaraasandh hated me ever since then. He has fought with us 18 times, we have defied him, but we have not been able to defeat him. In fact we got afraid of his attacks so we left Mathuraa, and went to Dwaarakaa. Now his hill Girivraj is 100 Yojan far from our hill Raivatak.  He is a big obstacle. You cannot trust anybody else except your Maamaa Purujit. And Raajsooya Yagya cannot be done without removing Jaraasandh from our way. Once in anger he threw his Gadaa at Dwaarakaa, it was thrown with so much force that it traveled the distance of 99 Yojan and got buried there.

I tell you now about his probable friends, such as Duryodhan. If he heard that you are fighting with Jaraasandh, naturally Duryodhan will take his side being your enemy. It means that all Kuru army - Bheeshm, Kripaa, Drone, even Karn who is superior to Jaraasandh, will also be at his side. With this superb team, you have no chance to perform Raajsooya Yagya. He has the blessings of Mahaadev, and he is dreaming to become a Chakravartee king after sacrificing 100 kings. He has already imprisoned 98 kings with the idea to sacrifice them to Shankar and after sacrificing them all, he will become unconquerable. The man is mad, but he is too powerful to be ignored or to be defeated. If we are able to kill him somehow then it is all easy. After being killed all other kings will not dare to oppose you. So think of a way to kill him."

Hearing all this, Yudhishthir thanked Krishn to describe the facts so clearly to him. After hearing this Yudhihthir abandoned the idea of Raajsooya Yagya. But Bheem was very enthusiastic about the Yagya, so he said to his brother - "Brother, Don't be so disappointed. There must be some way to kill him. If somebody cannot be won with might, he can be won with wisdom. With the help of Krishn and dear Arjun I think, I can kill Jaraasandh." Krishn said - "No Bheem, It is not as easy as you are thinking. He is a great devotee of Shankar. He is very righteous and generous. Apart from killing him for your Raajsooya Yagya, you will be saving those imprisoned kings' lives too who are going to be sacrificed for Rudra. That is, of course, worth considering."

Arjun said - "Brother, I feel that we should kill Jaraasandh, because he is not righteous. Because who uses his strength to persecute weaker kings, cannot be favored by Devtaa, that is how I feel. Send the three of us to Magadh, after killing him, we all four will go all around and win all kings for your Raajsooya Yagya." Krishn was very happy to hear Arjun's words, He said - "You have said befitted words to your Dharm. Everybody has to die. If we do not fight, immortality is not granted to him. Let us go there soon. We will enter his house uninvited and we will try to have a fight with him. If we win, you will be the Swaamee of the Earth, if we lose we will go to Heaven. Either way no shame will come on us."


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