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Maya Daanav Builds a Court for Yudhishthir

When Krishn and Arjun were returning to their camp, they heard Maya saying - "I am Maya Daanav, the architect of Asur. You saved my life, I want to do something for you in return." Arjun politely said - "You have already done by saying this, now you may go wherever you like. Always be kind to me as we are very pleased with you." Maya Daanav again requested him that he would like to do something for him, as he was the Vishwakarmaa for Daanav. Arjun said - "I am glad that I could do this to you, but I don't take anything in return doing good to anybody. I do not want anything for myself, but just to please you, you may do something to pleases Krishn."

He pondered for a while and said - "You say that you are a great architect, O Son of Diti. Yudhishthir is very dear to me. You build a court for him, and this royal court which could not be imitated by anybody in spite of examining it thoroughly. It should have a combination of all Daivee (godlike), Daanavee (demonic) and human designs." They took him along with them to Hastinaapur, introduced him to Yudhishthir and on an auspicious day he started the work on an pre-approved plan for the court on the land of 5,000 cubits square. Later it was called Maya Sabhaa (court). It was good for all season."

After living in Khaandavprasth for some time, Krishn wanted to go Dwaarakaa, but Yudhishthir always got sad hearing this. Krishn assured Yudhishthir that He would always be there whenever they would call Him. He took leave from Kuntee, brothers, Draupadee, Subhadraa, Dhaumya and ascended His chariot. Yudhishthir moved Daaruk from charioteer's place and he himself drove Krishn's chariot for a while. Arjun and Bheem stood on either side of Krishn with Chanwar, and Nakul and Sahadev held the umbrella. When they reached the outskirts of the city, Paandav came back to Indraprasth with tears in their eyes. And Krishn proceeded towards Dwaarakaa with Saatyaki."

Maya was busy in building the court. He said to Arjun - "Let me bring some precious gems from a lake called Bindusar, near the mountains of Kailaash and Mainaak. I buried them in Vrishparvaa's palace when Daanav were doing some sacrifice a long time ago. I will come back soon. There is a beautiful Gadaa also which is worth for Bheem as Gaandeev is for you, and a Devadatt named conch also which belongs to Varun. I will bring all for you." Maya Daanav went away to Kailaash where there is a Hiranya-shring peak and on that peak is Bindusar lake. Bindusar is the lake from where Bhageerath lived to bring Gangaa River on Prithvi. Gangaa comes out from that lake drop by drop that is by it is called Bindusar. Maya soon brought all the items. He gave Gadaa to Bheem and conch to Arjun. The court surpassed the beauty of Sudharmaa Sabhaa built in Dwaarakaa or the mansion of Brahmaa himself. 8,000 Raakshas women used to guard that palace day and night. Within that palace, Maya built a tank, in which there were lotuses with dark colored leaves and bright colored gem stalks; and many varieties of water fowls. Artificial forest was spreading its fragrance all around. It took him 14 months to build that court. It was built so cleverly that one could see only the glow of gems, not the gems themselves unless somebody really tried hard to see them."

On an auspicious day Paandav entered the court after feeding 10,000 Braahman and given them a lots of Daan. Many Rishi, Kshatriya, Kinnar, Apsaraa came to see it from all over the world and waited upon Yudhishthir. Naarad Jee also came there with Paarijaat, Raivat, Saumya and Sumukh. Yudhishthir respected him with usual Arghya. Pleased with Yudhishthir, Naarad Jee asked Yudhishthir his usual welfare, and asked "weather your study of the Ved, your wealth and knowledge of the Shaastra and marriage are fruitful?" At this Yudhishthir asked - "O sage, How do the Ved, wealth, wife and knowledge of Shaastra bear the fruits?"

Naarad Jee said - "The Ved are fruitful when he who has studied them perform Agnihotra and other sacrifices; wealth bears the fruit when it is given away in charity after one's enjoyment; the wife bears the fruit when she is useful and bears the children; and the knowledge of the Shaastra bears the fruit when one follows humility and good behavior." Yudhishthir said - "I will do so as you have said to me, because now my knowledge has increased."

Yudhishthir further said - "Till now I have done the same as you have told me now to the best of my knowledge. We always wish to walk on the path of virtue." Seeing the opportunity, Yudhishthir asked Naarad Jee - ""You have been in three Lok, tell me if you have seen any other court like mine, or better than this one?" Naarad Jee said smiling - "Well, I have never seen such court amongst men on this earth, but I will tell you about the courts of Yam Raaj, Varun, Indra, and Kuber. I will also tell you about the court of Brahmaa where there is no sorrow of any kind if you wish to listen to. All these courts exhibit all kinds of designs found in the Universe." Yudhishthir joined his palms and said politely - "Please, Do describe us these courts, as what these courts are made of, what is their area, who wait upon them in their courts. We all have a great curiosity to listen to it." Naarad Jee said - "All right, Then listen to it, I tell you all."


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