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1. Duryodhan in Childhood
2. Duryodhan and Paandav
3. Duryodhan and Raajaa Yudhishtir
4. Duryodhan During and After the Agyaatvaas
5. Duryodhan in War

Duryodhan's Cheating During Agyaatvaas

Fortunately Paandav completed 12 years of their exile and started their one year of Agyaatvaas at Viraat Nagar, Matsya Desh. Duryodhan was very sad that his secret agents have not been able to find about Paandav's whereabouts. When Keechak insulted Draupadee, and Bheem killed him there in Viraat Nagar, the news of Keechak's killing spread all over. It reached to Hastinaapur also. Hearing that Karn said - "Friend, This is a good news for you. Do you know that only four people can kill Keechak? You, Bheeshm, Drone, Bheem, Daaoo and me, so it is certain that only Bheem has killed him. So now you leave worrying and do what do you want to do."

He consulted his Maamaa Shakuni, Shakuni said - "You should attack Viraat Nagar, because if Paandav are there, they will not sit silent at this attack. They will also come out and we will recognize them. Tell our father that after the death of Keechak, Matsya Desh has no Raajaa so we want to attack it."  Duryodhan liked the idea. Dhritraashtra permitted him so they went. In the meantime Trigart's King Susharmaa drove some cows from the border of Viraat Desh. Raajaa Viraat went to that side to rescue those cows and this side Kaurav army attacked Viraat Nagar.

Since Raajaa Viraat was gone to fight with Susharmaa, so Uttar had to face them. He was very excited and was boasting himself. Seeing him going alone, Draupadee suggested that he should take Brihannalaa ( Arjun) along at least as his Saarathee. Uttar made a mockery of him as "he was only a eunuch, how could he drive my chariot and protect me in the battle". But still Draupadee insisted to take him along, so Uttar did.

When Uttar saw Kaurav's army - Dronaachaarya, Bheeshm, Kripaachaarya, Duryodhan, Shakuni, Karn etc, he got scared and said to Brihannalaa to take his chariot back to Viraat Nagar. But Arjun said clearly that they were not going back to Viraat Nagar. He encouraged Uttar to fight and went to the Shamee tree where Paandav hid their weapons. He took out his own weapons and invoked his chariot and said to Uttar "Is it all right now that I help you? I am Arjun." Uttar didn't believe him and to make sure he asked his 10 names, which Arjun immediately told him. Now Uttar felt very honored that Arjun was with him, but he could not tolerate that he be his Saarathee, so he said - "I will drive the chariot and you fight."

Fortunately Paandav'a Agyaatvaas was over by that day, so Arjun fought bravely and pushed Kaurav army back. He alone was enough for all of them. They recognized Arjun and then said that they had recognized Paandav in Agyaatvaas, and thus their Agyaatvaas was broken. Duryodhan was very happy at this.  Arjun made Uttar promise that he wouldn't open this secret on anybody. They themselves will tell their own secret to everybody. So when Uttar came back after winning the battle, everybody got very happy to hear that Uttar won Paandav army and welcomed him and congratulated him.

Now Duryodhan said - "Paandav have been recognized in Agyaatvaas so they will have to go to Van for 13 years again." But other people calmed him down and insisted that they had successfully completed their term. You are wrong." Duryodhan had to agree with it.

Duryodhan After the Agyaatvaas
After the Agyaatvaas, Paandav did not go to Hastinaapur, rather they stayed back in Viraat Nagar. They sent Krishn as their Peace Messenger (Shaanti Doot) with the message for Dhritraashtra that what were the orders for them now after completing the term of the game? Krishn went with the message that if Raajaa gave them even five villages to Paandav, Paandav are ready to make peace agreement. But as they expected, Duryodhan replied Krishn's peace message on behalf of Dhritraashtra, that he was not ready to give them any land to Paandav equal to even tip of a needle, leave alone five villages. And the war should be started.

All tried to explain Duryodhan the prones and cons of war but he did not move from his intention.

Duryodhan Goes to Krishn for His Help
When it was decided that war would take place, and there was no way for peace, Shakuni advised Duryodhan to go to Krishn to ask for His help. Although Duryodhan was not convinced with this help, still he could not disobey his Maamaa, so he came to Krishn and found Him sleeping, so he sat towards His head and waited for His waking up. Then came Arjun, also with the same purpose,  and he sat towards His feet. He also waited for His waking up.

When Krishn woke up, He saw Arjun first and asked his welfare and purpose of coming. Then He saw Duryodhan, so He asked his welfare too and purpose of coming there. Both had only one purpose - help in war. Krishn said - "I cannot be on both sides, so on one side I myself will be there and on the other side my Naaraayanee army will be there. And to whichever side I will be there, I will not take any weapon and I will not fight. First I have seen Arjun that is wy Arjun has the first right to choose. Besides Arjun is your younger brother too, so first choice is his."

Arjun was Krishn's Bhakt, so he asked Him only Krishn; Duryodhan was happy with His Naaraayanee army. When Duryodhan told this to Shakuni, Shakuni got very sad  and angry on his nephew's proud behavior. He asked him "When will you grow up my nephew?" that when younger people go to ask something from an elder they should sit at their feet. They should be polite and sincere to them. And since you did not sit at Krishn's feet, you could not ask what you should have asked for."

Duryodhan still did not understand as what he should have asked for from Krishn instead of His army, because Krishn was not going to fight in the wa, so what was the use of Him? Shakuni said - "You should have asked for Krishn Himself, what you will do of His army." Duryodhan said foolishly, "But He said that He wouldn't fight, then what we would do of Him." Shakuni only beat his head. He didn't speak anything.

The Mahaabhaarat war or Kurukshetra war, or Kaurav-Paandav war continued for 18 days. Many atrocities happened in war time from both sides



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