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27-Narottam Braahman-1

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27-Narottam Braahman-1
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Narottam Braahman-1
In reference to five Mahaa-Yagya - devotion to father, Paativrat, equal conduct, no quarrel, and Vishnu Bhakti, this story of Narottam Braahman

Bheeshm Jee asked Pulastya Jee - "Hey Brahman, Tell me about the Karm which is of greatest Punya, is always the most favorite of all, and has been done it in earlier times."

Pulastya Jee said - "Once the disciples of Vyaas Jee also asked the same question from him, so Vyaas Jee said - "O disciples, I will tell you the stories of five Dharm, by doing them one can get Swarg, fame and even Moksh. Worship of parents, serving husband, equal behavior with everybody, no quarrel with friends, and Vishnu's worship - these are the five greatest Yagya. Now I tell you a story. Whatever Dharm one earns through serving one's parents, that is difficult to earn even by pilgrimage. Father is Dharm, father is Swarg, when father is pleased all Devtaa are pleased. That is why one must worship his parents. Whose hands, head and knees touch the ground while greeting them, he attains immortal Swarg. I tell you an ancient story, after listening to it you will not be deluded any more.

There was a Braahman named Narottam in earlier times. He insulted his parents and went to Teerth Yaatraa (pilgrimage). His clothes always got dried in the sky. This created a great pride in his mind and he thought that there was no other religious and Punyavaan (who has earned lots of good works) man like him on this Earth. One day as he was saying this with an upward face, a crane excreted on his face. Braahman got very angry at this and he gave Shaap to him. The poor crane burned to ashes. Because of that Paap his cloth did not stay in sky. Braahman got very sad. A Divine voice then said to him - "You go to Mook Chaandaal (one of the lowest castes of India), there you will know the Dharm and his words will be good for you."

Hearing this, he went to Mook Chaandaal. He saw that that Chaandaal was busy in serving his parents. He used to massage oil his father's body, gave warm water to take bath and gave fire to heat up his body in winter. He fed him with love and gave sweets with food. He himself took food only after he has finished his father's all daily work. Because of these good works his house was standing in the space without any foundation or pillars. Shree Hari daily used to play around in the form of a Braahman.

He said to Mook Chaandaal - "Come here, I wish to ask you something for the good of all Lok." Mook said - "Hey Braahman, I am serving my parents now, so wait a while, I will surely attend you in a while." Hearing this, Braahman got extremely angry and said - "What is more important for you than to serve me?" Chaandaal said - "Why are you getting so much angry at me? I am not the crane who can be burnt by your anger. You can show your anger at crane only not on me. Now your clothes do not stay in sky, nor they get dry there, that is why you have come here at the order of that Divine voice. You just wait a while, I will reply your question, otherwise go to Pativrataa woman, she will satisfy you."

Vyaas Jee said - "Then Vishnu who was there in Braahman form, came out of the house and said to him - "Come, I will take you to that Pativrataa woman." So Narottam went to her house with that Braahman. On the way Braahman asked Vishnu - "Why do you live here in Chaandaal's house where women live?" Vishnu said - "Your heart is not pure right now, first you see Pativrataa woman, then you will know me." Braahman again asked - "Tell me who is this Pativrataa and how much does she know about Shaastra because of which I am going to her." Vishnu said - "Gangaa in rivers, Pativrataa in women and Vishnu in Devtaa are highest. Whoever woman is always busy to do good to her husband, she uplifts hundreds of generations of her both the families (family of father's side, as well as family of husband's side)."

Braahman asked - "Which woman is Pativrataa? First tell me this." Vishnu said - "Who loves her husband more than her son, fears him like people fear from king, and regards him as her Bhagavaan, she is Pativrataa. Who works in the house as a slave, entertains him like a prostitute, feeds him like a mother, counsels him like a good minister, that woman is regarded as a Pativrataa. Who never disobeys her husband by any means Manasaa, Vaachaa and Karmanaa and takes food after he has taken food, she is Pativrataa. Who regards her husband's respect and insult towards herself alike, she is Pativrataa. Whoever woman regards any handsome man as her brother, father or son, she is also Pativrataa. Now we have arrived at Pativrataa's house, you may go there and tell her what do you want. She is beautiful, she is kind, she is gracious, her name is Shubhaa."

After having said this Vishnu got disappeared, this surprised Braahman so he asked Pativrataa about this. Hearing that a guest is on her door, she came out hurriedly and seeing a Braahman at her door stood at her door. Braahman said - "Whatever you have seen and understood, tell me about it accordingly." Shubhaa said - "Bhagavan, I am very busy in serving my husband, I have no time, so please wait for a while. I will attend you shortly." Braahman said - "I am not hungry, or thirsty, or tired, just tell me what I want to know, otherwise I will give you Shaap." Shubhaa said - "Hey Braahman, I am not the crane. You may go to religious Tulaadhaar and ask your question there." and she went inside the house. 

Braahman saw Vishnu there also in the form of Braahman. He asked Vishnu - "Whatever incident happened with me, she referred it to me, and Chaandaal also told me that incident, how come that they know about it?" Vishnu said - "Saints know everything through the power of their good conduct and Punya. Tell me what did she say to you?" Braahman said - "She asked me to go to Dharm-Tulaadhaar." Vishnu said - "Come, I will take you there." Braahman asked - "Where does Tulaadhaar live?" Vishnu said - "Where there is lot of crowd and various materials are sold, he is in the same market. He has not done anything bad to anybody, never told any lie to anybody, and never cheated anybody while buying or selling anything. People buy lots of materials only at his words. He never tells lie, even if he is in grave trouble, that is why he is called Dharm Tulaadhaar."

Braahman saw Tulaadhaar selling many things. Tulaadhaar asked the Braahman - "Hey Brahman, What has brought you here?" Braahman said - "Preach me Dharm." He said - "Until these people are around me, I will not be at ease and this will continue till the first Prahar night is past. So please go to Dharmaakar. Fault by killing crane and the secret of drying your clothes in sky, all you will know from him. His name is Adrohak. He is a very noble man." And Tulaadhaar got busy in his work.

Braahman said to Vishnu - "According to Tulaadhaar now I will go to Adrohak's house, but I don't know his house." Vishnu said - "Come, I will take you there." Braahman asked Vishnu - "This Tulaadhaar neither does Tarpan for Devtaa, or Rishi or Pitar, then how does he know about myself?" Vishnu said - "He has won Tri-Lok through his Satya (Truth), that is why Pitar, Muni and Devtaa are happy with him. There is no Dharm higher than Satya and no A-Dharm lower than A-Satya (a lie). Who is sinless, whose mind treats everybody alike, who is not greedy, who is stable, he can know everything by the effect of his these qualities. Vishnu lives in his body. He is the Dharm himself. Because of this he can know about Dev Lok and Bhoo Lok."

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