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30-Narottam Braahman-4

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30-Narottam Braahman-4
2Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 189-193                 Page-1    Page-2    Page-3    Page-4

Narottam Braahman-4-Story of a Shoodra
In reference to five Mahaa-Yagya - devotion to father, Paativrat, equal conduct, no quarrel, and Vishnu Bhakti, this story of Narottam Braahman

Braahman said - "Naath, If you are kind to me, please tell me about the character of Tulaadhaar." Vishnu said - "Who, following the truth, donates something everyday, he does good kind of Yagya everyday. Satya (truth) causes the Sun to rise; Satya causes air to flow; Satya causes the sea to stay in its limits; and Bhagavaan Kashchap lifts this Prithvi only because of Satya. Satya helps the three Lok and mountains to stay at their places. Who always speaks truth, and does Satya actions, he becomes like Bhagavaan with this body only. Yudhishthir went to Swarg with this body only because of Satya. He daily fed 84,000 Braahman and when he made sure that no Braahman was poor among them, then only he used to bid farewell them.

Tulaadhaar is such a man. He is like the Sun. The main thing is this that by not being greedy, one becomes Devtaa in Swarg. There was a very fortunate Shoodra, he was not at all greedy. He used to subsist on leaves, picking grains from the market and rice from farms. He had only two torn clothes. He ate only in his hands. But he never took anything from anybody. One day I went to him with two new clothes, kept them on the banks of the river and stood aside. In spite of seeing them he did not become greedy about them and went away to his home.

I thought, that maybe he did not take them because there was only very little gain by taking them, so next time I kept some gold in a Goolar fruit. He saw that fruit, in Magadh Desh, at the bank of a river and in a lonely place. He just spoke - "Oh, This seems some unnatural cheating. If I took this fruit now then I will become greedy. Greed takes a man to Narak. If this wealth will be in my house then my wife and children will be crazy, craze of anything brings delusion in mind, delusion creates Moh and pride, and the excess of all these destroys Tapasyaa and then I will not be able to keep myself up." So he left that fruit there only and went away. At that time even Devtaa praised him.

Then I assumed the form of an astrologer and told the people's fate near his house. Often I told them about their past. Hearing about me, that Shoodra's wife also came to me and asked me the reason of her ill fate. I told her her mind and told her that Bhagavaan gave her husband a lots of wealth today, but her husband abandoned it like a fool. Therefore she had to tolerate her poverty until her husband was alive. I also told her that she could ask her husband if she wished to know about this. She went to her husband and told all this. He became very surprised to hear her.

He thought for a while then came to me along with his wife, and asked me in private - "What did you tell her?" I said - "You got the wealth today, still you abandoned it like a straw. Why did you like this. It seems that wealth is not your destiny. Because of lack of wealth, you and your family will have to tolerate lots of troubles. That is why take that wealth and enjoy it." Shoodra said - "Listen, I do not desire for wealth. Wealth is a net, if somebody is stuck in it, he never comes out of it. A rich man's house is the home of all kinds of ill-wills."

I said - "Whoever has the wealth, he has friends. Everything is got by wealth. Who do not have wealth, they cannot perform any Dharm Karm also. Daan is the ladder to go to Swarg, but if somebody doesn't have the wealth, he cannot give anything to anybody.  If you have wealth, then you can attain Swarg soon by donating it." Shoodra said - "one can perform all kinds of Vrat by abandoning all desires. By abandoning anger one gets the fruit of Teerth; kindness is like Jap; contentment is wealth; Ahinsaa is the highest Siddhi; eating only picked grains is the best living; leaves are the best food; fasting is the highest Tapasyaa; and contentment is the greatest pleasure for me. If I donate a cowrie (shell), that is the greatest donation for me. That is why I do not take that wealth. It is better not to touch dirt, instead of first touching it and then washing it."

Vishnu said - "As he said this, all Devtaa showered flowers on him. At the same time an airplane came there and Devtaa said to him - "Come to Satya Lok and enjoy all kinds of pleasures." Shoodra said - "How this astrologer got this kind of knowledge and power of speech? Is he not Vishnu, or Brahmaa, or Shukra or Brihaspati in this form? Or Dharm has come to delude me in this form?" Then Vishnu said smilingly - "Hey Muni, I am Vishnu and came here to know your Dharm. Now you sit in this airplane and go to Swarg." He went to Swarg riding in that airplane. Wise Tulaadhaar is religious, and is a follower of Truth, that is why he knows about the events happened elsewhere."

Vyaas Jee said - "After that Mook Chaandaal and other religious people came there with the desire to go to Swarg. Their wives, neighbors, nearby animals and insects etc were also there. They all assumed Devtaa form. Seeing this wonderful scene, Narottam said - "Devesh, Madhusoodan, Please teach me something." Bhagavaan said - "Your parents are in trouble, go to them and serve them. After serving them you will come to my Lok." Vyaas Jee said - "After that Devtaa went to Vaikunth Dhaam along with Mook Chaandaal, Pativrataa Shubhaa, Tulaadhaar Vaishya, Sajjanaadrohak and Vaishnav saint. Narottam also attained that Lok after serving his parents.

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