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28-Narottam Braahman-2

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28-Narottam Braahman-2
2-Padm Puraan, 1-Srishti Khand, p 175-182                    Page-1    Page-2    Page-3    Page-4

Narottam Braahman-2
In reference to five Mahaa-Yagya - devotion to father, Paativrat, equal conduct, no quarrel, and Vishnu Bhakti, this story of Narottam Braahman

Braahman said - "I have known the secret of Tulaadhaar, now you tell me about Adrohak." Vishnu said - "In earlier times, a Prince had a very beautiful and young wife. Her name was also Sundaree. One day the Prince had to go out for some official work. So he thought, "Where should I leave her so that she can be safe." He thought for a while then came to Adrohak's place and requested him to keep his wife. Adrohak was very surprised to hear this strange proposal, he said - "Prince, Neither I am your father, nor brother, nor relation, nor I am from your wife's family, then how will you be worry free after keeping her in my house?"

Prince said - "Mahaatmaa, There is nobody else as religious as you are and nobody else who has controlled his Indriyaan like you." Hearing this Adrohak said - "Forgive me, but who can be able to protect this so beautiful wife of yours?" The Prince said - "I have already thought all this, and she will live here only. As you wish, you protect her." Adrohak said - "There are many lusty people living here, how can she be protected?" The Prince said - "You protect her as you wish." Adrohak got in a flux, then said - "Considering for her good, I will always behave unjustly with her, because a woman can only be protected in that way. If you have any objection in this then you tell me another way. She will have to sleep in my bed along with my wife. Still if you consider her your wife, then she can live here, otherwise she should go from here." Hearing this the Prince thought for a moment then agreed with him and said to his wife - "Sundaree, You do as he says to you. You will not be attached to any sin by this, that is my order." and he went away.

Now Sundaree used to sleep in Adrohak's bed. Adrohak used to sleep in between both women but he always had motherly feelings for Sundaree. After six months, prince returned to Adrohak's city and asked the people about Adrohak and his wife's conduct. Some commented - "You have given your wife to Adrohak and he sleeps with her. How can they be faithful to you?" Adrohak also heard this. He found a way to get away from this defame. He prepared a pyre and set fire in it. The then the Prince arrived there. He saw Adrohak and his wife there. His wife's face was happy while Adrohak was sad. The Prince said - "I am your friend. I have returned after long time, why don't you talk to me?" Adrohak said - "What I have done for you, has become useless because of my defame in public. That is why I will immolate myself. All Devtaa and human beings are witness to it."

Vishnu said - "After saying this he entered the fire. But the fire could not burn him. All Devtaa blessed him. Who defamed Adrohak suffered from various kinds of leprosy on their faces. Devtaa pulled Adrohak out of the fire and worshipped him with flowers. At that time Devtaa, Asur and human beings named him "Sajjanaadrohak". Wherever he walked, land became more fertile.

Devtaa said - "O Prince, You accept your wife. There has not been anybody like Adrohak in this world. Everybody is under the influence of Kaam sexual pleasure) and Lobh (greed). But he has won both of them." After saying this Devtaa went to their own Lok. People also got dispersed, Prince also went to his palace with his wife. Since then Adrohak has got Divine sight and he can know everything happened in Tri-Lok."

Vyaas Jee said - "Then Braahman met Adrohak and got preaching from him about Dharm. Adrohak suggested him to go to Vaishnav to know all the secrets about drying clothes and crane." Now Braahman came to Vaishnav's house. Vaishnav said - "Vishnu is very pleased with you. Today your all desires will be fulfilled, because Vishnu is present here in my house." Braahman got surprised to hear this he said - "Where is Bhagavaan Vishnu? Please allow me to see Him, where is He?" Vaishnav said - "Enter this temple and have His Darshan. You will be free from all sins which bind one with birth and death cycle." As Braahman entered the temple, he saw the same Braahman (who was with him all the time) sitting in that temple on the lotus flower. Braahman greeted Him by bending his head. He said - "If you are pleased with me I wish to see you in your original form."

Vishnu said - "I have always been pleased with you. Only because of affection I have taken you to all these great souls. Who tells this story on Ekaadashee (11th day of the fortnight) he becomes me. You are my devotee, that is why to free you from the fault of killing crane I inspired you to go to these places. Now you go to your parents and serve them with devotion. Now whatever you may ask me whatever you wish for." Braahman said - "I do not like anything else except you." Vishnu said - "You will get my Parampad, but presently you go to your parents. Your parents are not respected by you. Your all Punya are decreasing by their sighs. Whose parents are always angry with their son, nobody can stop him falling in Hell. That is why first you should worship your parents. Only after that you will get my Parampad."

Vyaas Jee said - "Braahman again said - "If you are pleased with me, please show me your original form." Then Vishnu appeared before him in His Chaturbhuj (4-armed) form. Braahman got blessed by seeing that form of Vishnu. Braahman did Pranaam to Him and said - "Today I am blessed. My all wishes are fulfilled. But I am very surprised about Mook Chaandaal etc that how did they know about the happenings happened to me? You were living in everybody's house, what is the secret of all this?" Vishnu said - "Chaandaal is devoted to his parents, Shubhaa is Pativrataa, Tulaadhaar always speaks truth, and Adrohak has won Lobh and Kaam. That is why I am pleased with them and live in their houses. Saraswatee and Lakshmee also live with me. I do not leave their house even for a short time. Only Punyaatmaa people can see me. You have seen me only because of your Punya, sinners cannot see me. Now I tell you about their good behavior. Even among Devtaa, there is no greater Teerth than parents. Who worships his parent, I always live in his heart. I become him, and he becomes me, there is no difference between him and me. Mook Chaandaal has worshipped his parents that is why he knows about you."

Braahman asked - "Who doesn't serve his parents under the influence of Moh and ignorance, then later when he gets Gyaan, if he wishes to serve his parents, what are the duties for him?"

Vishnu said - "Who has served his parents for one year, one month, one fortnight, one week, or even for one day, he comes to my Lok. Who troubles them, he surely goes to Narak (Hell). Who does his parents' Shraaddh by spending his whole money he can remember his previous life. There is no Yagya greater than Shraaddh. Whatever is donated in it, it is all eternal. Who does Shraaddh on Amaavasyaa, or Yug beginning days, or solar or Lunar eclipse days, he attains eternal Lok. That is why one should always do Shraaddh on all occasions.

Whatever Shraaddh is done daily is called "Nitya Shraaddh". When it is done in Krishn Paksh, it is called "Kaamya Shraaddh". Then one should do Shraaddh in Pitra Paksh also for Pitar. One should not mind whether Soorya is in Kanyaa (Virgo) sign or not. When Soorya is in Kanyaa sign, from that day to 16 days are very important like Yagya. One must do Kaamya Shraaddh in those days. If one cannot Shraaddh in those days then one may do when Soorya is in Tulaa (Libra) sign and Krishn Paksh is going on.

At the time of lunar eclipse, all Daan are like Bhoomi Daan (land donations), all Braahman are like Vyaas, and all water is like Gangaa water. Daan given at Lunar eclipse gives one Lakh times more Punya and at Solar eclipse is 10 Lakh times more Punya. In those times Gangaa bath is also very good. If solar eclipse is on Sunday, or lunar eclipse is on Monday, it is called Choodaamani Yog. Bathing and donating during that time give eternal fruits."

Braahman asked - "Hey Dev, You told me about Shraaddh done for father, now you tell me, what a son should do for living father?" Vishnu said - "Worship father like Devtaa and treat him like your child. Who serves an ill father he gets eternal Swarg.  Even when a father is on death bed, if a son worships him, he becomes like Devtaa. Whatever gains are from doing thousand Ashwamedh Yagya and hundred Raajsooya Yagya, the same is got through observing a fast for the welfare of father. Dying in Teerth places or in the waters of sacred rivers give Mukti to dead. Who dies inside the house, he gets the same number of knots in his life as many as the knots are in the Chhappar (roof made of straws) of his house. They open one by one every year. All his dear people can just look at him and can't do anything for him. Who does not do all 16 Shraaddh for dead father he never gets free from Pishaach Yoni. He cannot be free from any other Shraaddh. Then one should do his Sa-Pindeekaran Shraaddh after one year."

Braahman again asked - "Hey Keshav, How a poor man should do his father's Shraaddh?" Vishnu said - "Who does the Shraaddh by collecting straws and wood or by begging, he gets its fruit million times more. If one doesn't have anything, then if he feeds grass to cows on the day of the Shraaddh, he gets its fruit more than Pind Daan. In olden times there lived a very poor Braahman in Viraat Desh. When his father's day of Shraaddh arrived, he cried a lot because he didn't have anything to do it. He asked a learned Braahman as what he should do in such situation? He said - "The Kutap named Muhoort is passing so you go immediately to forest and feed grass to cows." He went to Dev Lok only because of this action.

There is nothing greater than Pitra Yagya so one must do father's Shraaddh. Who tells this chapter to others he gets the fruit of Gangaa Snaan in every Lok. And who had committed many sins in every life, his all those sins are destroyed by reading or telling or hearing this chapter only once.

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