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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 22:  Sarg 52-54

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Sarg 52-Hanumaan Tells His Story

When Vaanar community had taken rest (after their refreshments), the Tapaswinee said to Hanumaan - "If you have relaxed then I would like to listen to your plight." At this Hanumaan said - "Raajaa Dasharath's son Raam came to Dandak Van with His younger brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa. But Raavan abducted His wife Seetaa. We are the servants of Raajaa Sugreev - Raam's friend and by the order of Sugreev we have come here in south to find about Seetaa.

We searched seas, Van but couldn't find Her anywhere. We got tired with hunger and thirst and sat down under a tree. We were looking here and there to find some water that we saw a burrow from which swan etc birds were coming out with wet wings. We thought to find some water here, so we came here for this purpose only. We came here in dark and falling even we held each others hand for support.

You have offered us food and drink and have followed the tradition of entertaining guests. Now please advise us for the success of our work as what we should do now. Because of wandering in this burrow, our assigned time is also over, so please help us to go out of this burrow. We could not obey Sugreev that is why our life is now in danger. Kindly save our lives because we have to finish our work."

Swayamprabhaa said - "I am very pleased with you. I do not need anything. Although it is difficult to go out from this place, but I will get you out of here with the power of my Tapasyaa. Therefore you close your eyes otherwise you cannot go out." All Vaanar closed their eyes. Within a few moments they all came out of the burrow. Tapaswinee said to them - "This is Vindhya mountain and this mountain is Prasravan. Now I go. I bless you all." And she entered her burrow. [They spent almost one month in the burrow] 

Sarg 53-Vaanar Are Disappointed

Now free from the burrow, they saw a huge sea whose other shore was not in the sight. High waves were shaking it fiercely. Vaanar have finished their time for searching Seetaa in the burrow, so all Vaanar were very scared. They sat under trees in the foothills of Vindhyaachal Parvat. All trees were flowering so they thought that spring season had set in. Debating on the issue that it was spring or Shishir, they all fell down in despair. (see the note on "Time Frame").

Then Baali's son Angad said in sweet words - "We have come here to search for Seetaa by the permission of Sugreev. A lot of time is spent in that burrow only. So now we should plan for future. As of now our mission is incomplete and our time has passed. If we went back then certainly we will get death sentence. You have come in my leadership. I think we should die without taking any food and drink. You know very well our Swaamee's nature. Sugreev is a tormentor by nature and since he is king now he will not leave any of us alive. When he will see his job not done, he will surely kill us. That is why it is better to die here instead of being killed there.

I have not been appointed the Crown Prince by Sugreev, but by Raam, the King of people. Sugreev had the enmity with my father also so he has this enmity with me also. So as we will reach there, he will victimize me certainly. I will give up my life here on this seashore by fasting. Sugreev is a tormentor, and Raam is interested in His wife, Seeing that time is complete, and Vaidehee is not yet found, Sugreev will certainly kill us."

Hearing this Taaraa Vaanar said - "If you are scared for your life, then we may live in the same burrow [from where we have come] because it is difficult for Sugreev to search us there and there is plenty of food there and since it is built by Maya Daanav so no shortage of anything - food, water, trees, eatables, and nobody can enter it too." All Vaanar said - "Do that whatever is all appropriate to save our lives."

Sarg 54-Hanumaan Encourages Angad

On Taaraa's suggestion to Angad, Hanumaan said - "I consider Yuv Raaj (Crown Prince) Angad full of good qualities. He has eightfold wisdom, knows fourfold tactics and fourteen traits. (see note on Angad here).

But Angad was listening to Taaraa Vaanar as Indra heard Shukraachaarya's sermon. In fact Hanumaan differed with their ideas, so he said to Angad - "Hey Yuv Raaj, You are mighty like your father. You can rule the Vaanar community but you know that without their women  and children they will not be living under you. I know that Neel, Suhotra, Jaambvaan and even I do not agree with you, and you cannot sidetrack us. The burrow you consider safe, is not safe, because it can be broken by Lakshman's arrow. Lakshman's sharp arrows can destroy everything. 

And for Indra to kill a single Asur Maya, was a trivial job, Lakshman can splinter this whole burrow. As you will settle down in the burrow, all the monkeys will desert you because they all will be lamenting for their families. But if you return to Kishkindhaa, Sugreev will certainly establish you in the kingdom.

Your uncle is very honest, affectionate and dedicated, so there is no way that he will kill you. He is your mother's well-wisher and his life is for her only, besides he has no other son than you, so you get up and start your work happily." [Hanumaan has used all the four tactics - Saam, Daam, Dand, Bhed here to encourage Angad.]




















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