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48-Angad's Abilities

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Angad' Abilities
(Branched from   V-Raamaayan, 4/22/53)
[Taken from - Valmiki Ramayan 4/54]

The IQ of an average person is said to be eightfold as: 

(1)  shushrooshaa assiduously polite,
(2)  attentiveness shravanam ardently listening 
(3)  heedfulness grahanam instantly grasping 
(4)  receptiveness dhaaranam continually remembering 
(5)  retentiveness ooha discrimination of pros and cons 
(6)  speculativeness apoh indecisiveness about the undesirables and receiving the worthwhile
(7)  fastidiousness arth vigyaanaanam substance's, comprehensive knowledge 
(8)  omniscience, tattva gyaanaanam quintessence's, profundity acumen.

The fourfold tactics or abilities are saam, daam, bhed, dand - (1) placation, (2) presentation, (3) partition, (4) persecution. The other way these four are four abilities mano bal, baahu bal, upaaya bal, bandhu bal - self-assuring strengths of self-opinion, self-shoulders, self-ideation and self-consistent supporters.

The following 14 are the traits:

(1) knowledge of place and time, 
(2) sturdiness, 
(3) enduring troubles, 
(4] knowing all possible, 
(5) being skilful, 
(6) self-defense, 
(7) maintaining confidentiality of strategies, 
(8) avoiding unwanted debates (or not uttering lies),
(9) courageousness, 
(10) recognizing strengths and weaknesses of one's own and of others, 
(11) faithfulness, 
(12) sheltering the seekers of shelter, 
(13) showing anger at appropriate times, 
(14) unwavering in opinions or actions.



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