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47-Time Frame for Seetaa's Search

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Time Frame of Seetaa's Search
[Branched from   V-Raamaayan, 4/22/53]
[Taken from - Valmiki Ramayan 4/53]

While searching Seetaa, Angad's troop lost one month in searching Seetaa and one month in the burrow of Swayamprabhaa (Valmiki Ramayan, 4/52), all Vaanar got very worried and started counting the days. This is how their time was spent.

Angad said - "We the monkey forces were summoned in Aashviyuj month (Aashwin, October) within a fifteen days of notice, as suggested by Hanumaan... Then when Lakshman was furious, we were summoned in Maargasheersh month (Maagh, December) with a ten day notice period... then the full month of Posh (January-February) was the timeframe fixed to search for Seetaa by Sugreev... Thus when we are scheduled meticulously by days and months we are not supposed to be unaware of the time factor...".

The Indian months are twelve Chaitra, Vaishaakh, Jyeshth, Aashaad, Shraavan, Bhaadrapad, Aashwin (Kuaar), Kaartik, Maargsheersh (Agahan), Posh, Maagh, Phaalgun. The year cycle as per these months is given below.

The Indian yearly time-cycle is of two-kind, one on northern solstice and the other on southern solstice. And seasons are six - every two months is a season, and they are calculated by almanacs basing on the stars position every year. They roughly compare with the following Gregorian months as below:

No. Ritu

Season Hindu Months Gregorian Months
1 Hemant Winter Maargsheersh to Paush December to February
2 Shishir Cold Maagh to Phaalgun February to April
3 Vasant Spring Chaitra to Vaishaakh April to June
4 Greeshm Summer Jyeshth to Aashaadh June to August
5 Varshaa Rainy Shraavan to Bhaadrapad August to October
6 Sharat Post-rainy Aashwij to Kaarttik October to December

Some take this Aashwij Maas (Kuaar or Aashwin) as Kaartik Maas by deciphering this Maas as "saameepya soochak adhikaran saptamee" 'because of the proximity it is taken in seventh case...' and thus say this as the end part of Kaartik Maas and Sugreev ordered his troops as Maargsheersh Maas (Agahan, December) for searching Seetaa, and one intervening month Posh is lapsed in the burrow of Swayamprabhaa, thus this is Phaalgun Maas.

This analogy is on based on the analogy used for Raam's saying to Sugreev "Kaarttik samanupraapte twam raavanam dheyata". On the advent of Kaarttik Maas (October, post-rainy season) you shall try for the elimination of Raavan... this is our accord... hence oh, gentle one, enter your mansion for now..." at Valmiki Ramayan, 4/26/17.



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Created by Sushma Gupta on 5/27/03
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