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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 23:  Sarg 55-57

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Sarg 55-Angad Rebukes Sugreev

Hearing all this from Hanumaan about his uncle Sugreev, Angad said - "Whatever you have said about Sugreev's kindness, patience, cleanliness, purity, plainness, I don't see these qualities in him, because elder brother's wife is like mother, but if the younger brother takes her while his elder brother is alive, it is not according to Dharm. Then how do you call him Dharm knower? At the time of the fight with Dundubhee, my father asked him to wait for him at the mouth of the cave as its guard, but Sugreev came back after putting a stone in front of it. How can he do such a thing to his brother?

Sugreev extended his friendship with Raam in the witness of fire. Raam did Sugreev's work first and Sugreev forgot the same Raam. It is only because of the fear of Lakshman's arrows he sent all of us to search Seetaa. How can then such a person be called Dharm knower? 

In him, who is shameful (by his shameless act of burying my father), who doesn't know the traditions (taking my mother and kingdom), who is unthankful (by not doing Raam's work), who has a volatile mind (in ignoring the promise made to Raam), who can trust him? Especially me who has born in his family. Whether a son is honest or dishonest he should get the kingdom, but I come from his enemy's family, then how can he spare my life?

I am weak then how can I be alive in Kishkindhaa? And now I am his criminal too, (because I have not been able to find Seetaa) therefore it is clear that Sugreev will surely punish me. That is why it is good for me to live here. I will not go back to Kishkindhaa, that is why  you may go to your dwelling places.

First greet both Raam and Lakshman, then Vaanar Raaj Sugreev then ask their welfare on behalf of me. Ask the welfare of my step-mother Rumaa and console my Maa Taaraa because she may leave her life hearing my condition here." After saying thus Angad sat down crying.

All Vaanar got very sad seeing Angad's condition. They also started weeping. They admired Baali and abused Sugreev. They all got ready to sacrifice themselves along with Angad. Angad did Aachman with sea water and sat on Kush grass facing south. All Vaanar got sad remembering Raam's exile, death of Dasharath, destruction of Jansthaan, killing of Jataayu, abduction of Seetaa, killing of Baali and anger of Raam.

When they were discussing all this, another dread came. The place filled with dust clouds.

Sarg 56-Meeting With Sampaati 

Where these Vaanar were sitting for self-immolation, there lived Jataayu's brother Sampaati. He came out of the cave, came to them and said - "Good, today I have got good food in return of my good Karm. I wish to eat them one by one each day."

Hearing these words of the vulture, Angad got frightened and said to Hanumaan - "See Hanumaan, Yam Raaj himself has come in the form of this bird to take us. Neither we got Seetaa'a whereabouts, nor we obeyed our Swaamee's orders and now we are facing this trouble. Well Jataayu also sacrificed his life to save Seetaa in Janasthaan, so we should also sacrifice ourselves for Raam's work. Jataayu did at least a favorable act to Raam, but we are just withering here in forests and still Vaidehee is not yet seen.

Although we tried but we could not find Seetaa. Jataayu was lucky, at least he was killed by Raavan while protecting Seetaa and he has no fear of Sugreev.

The present trouble is the result of the Jatayu's killing and abduction of Seetaa, exile to Raam and Lakshman, death of Dasharath, killing of Raakshas in Jansthaan, all this has happened because of Kaikeyee's Var."

Hearing this Sampaati got alert and perturbed and said to them politely - "Who is going to tell me about my dear brother Jataayu? Today, after long time, I am hearing my brother's praise through this Vaanar. I am happy to hear about him. Tell me the account of his fight with the Raakshas and his death. Please get me down this Parvat, so that I can hear it completely, because my brother was living in Jansthaan. And he had a good friendship with Raajaa Dasharath whose eldest son is Raam Chandra, how did he die? I am helpless, I cannot fly because my wings are burned by Sun's rays.  I want to come down."

Sarg 57-Angad Tells the Whole Story

On the request of Sampaati Vaanar got him down from the peak of the mountain. But they were afraid that he would eat them, still they got him down thinking that "we will get good Gati if he will eat us, because we will sacrifice our life for our Swaamee's work."

When he came down, Angad said - "Hey Geedh Raaj (king of Vultures), My grandfather's name was Riksh Raaj. He had two sons - Baali and Sugreev. Both were very brave and mighty. Among them, Bali got more famous. He was my father. He became the King of Vaanar after my grandfather. 

Raam is born Ikshwaaku Vansh. He is in exile with His younger brother Lakshman and wife Seetaa by the order of His father. They came to Dandak Van and Raavan abducted Raam's wife Seetaa from that Van. While Raavan was taking Seetaa, Raam's father's dear friend Jataayu was there. He fought bravely with Raavan seeing Raavan taking Seetaa by skyway. Jataayu destroyed Raavan's chariot and got Seetaa down. Still Raavan killed Jataayu in this fight. Raam performed Jataayu's last rites with His own hands. 

After that Raam extended friendship with my uncle Sugreev. Raam killed my father because my father exiled Sugreev from his kingdom. Raam gave the kingdom to Sugreev after killing Baali, and now Sugreev has sent us in search of Seetaa by the order of Raam. We tried our best but couldn't find Her so far.

We searched Seetaa thoroughly in Dandak Van, but we had to enter a Maayaa burrow which was built by Maya Daanav through his Maayaa. We spent one month there and this was the time assigned to us to bring Seetaa's information. Now since the time limit is over so now we are here to die, because if now we go to Raam and Lakshman, our life is in danger.




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