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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 24:  Sarg 58-59

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Sarg 58-Sampaati Tells About Seetaa 

Sampaati heard everything attentively and said in a high pitch - "Hey Vaanar, Whatever Jataayu you are telling me about, that was my brother. But because I am old, I cannot take revenge of my brother's killing from him. At the time of killing of Vritraasur, we both flew in the sky with the desire of victory and reached near Soorya. My brother Jataayu got tired. Seeing him uncomfortable by the Soorya's rays, I hid him under my wings and we arrived in Swarg Lok. By that time my wings were also burned by Soorya's rays so I fell on this Parvat and since then I have been living here. I did not get any news of my brother for a long time."

Angad said - "If you are actually Jataayu's brother and if you know Raavan's whereabouts then tell us about him." Sampaati said - "My wings are burned that is why I am weak, but I can help Raam by my words. I know Varun, Trivikram (Vishnu) and Dev-Asur war very well, because I myself have seen them. Now my grace is gone because of my old age, still I will do Raam's work, because I also saw Raavan taking Seetaa. She was calling "Raam, Raam", that is why I understand that She was Seetaa. Now I tell you about his dwelling place. Listen to it.

He lives in Lankaa Puree. He is the son of Muni Vishravaa and the brother of Vaishravan (Kuber). Vishwakarmaa built Lankaa Nagaree. It is 100 Yojan far in this sea. Its gates and platforms are of gold and its houses are also of gold. There are four walls of this Nagaree, they shine like Sun. Seetaa is living there clad in yellow clothes in Raavan's palace. She is always surrounded by Raakshasee. I believe that you will find Seetaa at the place I have told you, and I also believe that you will be coming after seeing Seetaa, because I have known this through my hidden knowledge.

Kuling bird can go by the first path of skyway, pigeons can also go from the same path. There is another path which is higher than this. The birds who eat trees' fruits can go from the second path. The third path is for Kraunch birds and the fourth path is for falcons. The fifth path is for us. the sixth path is for swans and the seventh path, higher than the sixth one, is used by Garud. We are born from Garud. I will take revenge from Raavan through you. Now I want to offer my Jalaanjali (water oblation) to my brother, therefore you take me to sea coast."

Vaanar took him to sea coast. Now Vaanar were very happy because now they knew the whereabouts of Seetaa.

Sarg 59-How Sampaati Knew About Seetaa

Vaanar were very happy to know about Seetaa and Raavan. Then Jaambvaan Vaanar went to Sampaati and said - "Hey Geedh Raaj, Seetaa is at which place and who has abducted Her? Who has seen Seetaa with his own eyes? Tell me everything and protect us. Who doesn't know the bravery of Raam and Lakshman?"

Then to cheer the Vaanar up, Sampaati said - "Now I tell the account of Vaidehee's abduction, who has abducted Her and where She is. I have been living here for a long time. I have a son named Supaarshwa who helps me providing with food at time to time. You know that Gandharv are very lusty, snakes are aggressive and deer are fearful by nature, in the same way we are always hungry. One day when I was very hungry, my son returned in the evening without food, he didn't get anything, so he came to me disappointed.

I asked him the reason of disappointment. He said pacifying me - "Father, I sat on Mahendra Parvat looking down in the sea with the desire of getting some food for you. I saw a black man taking a woman, like Sun in Her shine, forcefully, so I decided to bring him for your food. When I stopped him on his way, he requested me to give way by joining his palms together. When he did thus, I gave him the way, because even the sordid people do not attack a requesting person. And for me that action was hateful action. 

He went away spreading his grace in the sky. Then sky creatures worshipped me. Later Maharshi, and celestial Siddh told me that the lady was Seetaa whose clothes were displaced and who was without jewelry. It was good that She was alive and knew through Siddh that the man who was taking Her was Lankaa's king Raavan"

In fact I got late to see Her.So Hey Vaanar, My son told me all this, but I couldn't do anything because what a wingless bird could do? But now I can help you by advising and guiding you. Whatever I am going to tell you, it will delight you and it can be true with your might. Whatever work is of Raam, I consider it as mine. Raam's sharp arrows can destroy Tri-Lok. I know that Raavan is very mighty but he will not be able to win you."



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