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4-Kishkindhaa Kaand

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Page 25:  Sarg 60-62

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Sarg 60-Sampaati Narrates His Story Further

Sampaati offered his Jalaanjali to his brother Jataayu and returned to Vindhyaachl Parvat. He said to Angad - "Now whatever I say, listen to it carefully that how I came to know about Maithilee. When my wings were burned I fell on this Parvat and got unconscious. I gained consciousness after six days. I couldn't know anything at first as where I was. Later seeing mountains, rivers, lakes, provinces, forests I could know that I was on Vindhyaachal Parvat and it is situated on southern sea coast.

There was a very holy Aashram here. Nishaakar Tapaswee was living here. Even Devtaa respected him. After this incident (which I am going to tell you now) that Tapaswee had left for Swarg. I have lived here for 8,000 years after he has left. Slowly I came down to see that Tapaswee. Before that my brother Jataayu and I had his Darshan several times. Scented air used to flow around his Aashram and every tree of that Aashram was blooming and every tree of that Aashram had fruits. I sat under a tree with the hope to have his Darshan.

After some time I saw that Tapaswee coming to his Aashram. Many kinds of animals - lions, snakes, tigers, antelopes, bears etc wild animals were following him quietly. When the Tapaswee entered his Aashram, the animals returned as if they were the ministers of Raajaa and returned to their places after Raajaa had entered his palaces. Rishi got very happy to see me in his Aashram and went in his Aashram.

But soon he came out to me asked the objective of my visit and said - "Hey Geedh Raaj, I couldn't recognize you because both you and your wings are burned. [I still remember that] I saw two vultures before, similar in your speed and form changer by their wish. They were real brothers and they were king of vultures. You are elder brother, this I know very well, and Jataayu was your younger brother. Both of you came to see me in human form and touched my feet. What has happened to you? Were you punished by somebody? Or your wings are lost because of any disease? Tell me everything."

Sarg 61-Sampaati Narrates His own Story

On asking by Nishaakar, Sampaati told his story like this - "Hey Bhagvan, I along with my brother, followed Soorya up to sky. I am unable to say some thing more than this because I am powerless now. Jataayu and I always had the desire to have victory over others and to test our bravery, so we flew in the sky. Because both of us vowed in front of Muni on Kailaash Parvat that we will chase Soorya up to Astaachal.

So we both started flying and arrived in sky on solar path. When we looked at Prithvi from there, it looked to us like a wheel of a chariot and we heard the sound of singing and saw a few women singing in red clothes very clearly. From this point both of us flew on the Sun path. Then we saw meadows, and from that point the Prithvi looked covered with stones and its rivers looked like threads and it looked like it was tied with these threads. Himvaan and Vindhyaachal Parvat looked like elephants in a pond.

Suddenly we sweated with  fright and felt tired and started losing consciousness. We didn't know anything about direction, south belongs to Yam, south-east to Agni Dev, west to Indra. We fell as if all Lok were burning. Our heart and eyes were destroyed because of Soorya's strong light but still we tried to look at him with the bottom of our heart. At that time I did Darshan of Soorya and I saw his form like Prithvi.

My brother had come back to Prithvi without my permission. Seeing this I also left sky. And the reason why Jataayu's wings were not burned because I hid him under my wings. When Jataayu stopped flying then I could know that he had fallen in Jansthaan. After that I fell on  this Vindhyaachal Parvat.

After my wings were burned, I became like a dead thing. So Hey Angad, "Now I want to die after losing my kingdom and wing." This is what I told the Rishi.

Sarg 62-Sampaati Further Tells His Story 

"So Hey Angad, I cried after saying all this. Seeing me so sad, Tapaswee said - "Hey Sampaati, Don't be so desperate. Your large and small wings will be all right and you will be able to see again, you will be mighty again. This I have known through my Tapasyaa. Raajaa Dasharath will be born in Ikshwaaku Vansh. He will have a very graceful son named Raam Chandra. He will go to forest by the order of His father along with His brother Lakshman and His wife will be abducted by Raavan, a Raakshas even Devtaa cannot kill, from Janasthaan.

Raavan will tantalize Her in several ways for his enjoyment, but Seetaa will not accept him, nor She will eat his food. Indra will send "Paayas" (see "Paayas" in side bar) which is impossible even for other Devtaa, for Her food. When Seetaa will know that "the Paayas has been sent by Indra" then only She will take it. She will keep some out of it on the ground for Raam, saying, "If my husband Raam or even my brother-in-law Lakshman is alive then they should get it".

Vaanar, sent by Raam, will come here to search Seetaa, at that time you tell them about Seetaa. Therefore Hey Sampaati, you stay back here, because you cannot go anywhere in this condition, and don't worry, you will get your wings and eyes back. My wish is that I should give you wings today but you will do good to others by living here that is why I cannot give them to you now. You do their work, I also want to have their Darshan but I cannotkeep my body up till that time, so I leave my mortal body now."

Sarg 63-Sampaati Gets His Wings and Eyes Back

"Hey Angad, After saying this Rishi went inside his Aashram and I climbed up here slowly and waited for you people to come here. Muni said all that to me more than 100 years ago (see "100 Years" in the side bar). Since then I have been waiting for you. After Muni had left  for Swarg, I dropped the idea of suicide.

Hey Angad, As light destroys the darkness, in the same way Muni's discourse destroyed my ignorance. Although  I knew about Raavan's might still I asked my son - "When you saw Raavan, taking Seetaa with him then why didn't you protect Her?" My son didn't do my work because he couldn't know my love towards Dasharath."

When Sampaati was talking to Vaanar like this, everybody noticed that his red color wings started growing on his body. Sampaati got very happy to see this and said to Vaanar - "According to Muni Nishaakar I am getting my wings again and I have got the same strength as I had before. Therefore you will surely Seetaa. Growth of my new wings proves this." After saying this Sampaati flew in the sky to test his strength. Vaanar also got happy to hear him.

Vaanar regained their strength. The then Abhijeet Lagn started and they journeyed to southward in search of Seetaa.










































A kind of sweets made of rice and milk.









100 Years
There is a discrepency about the time here. Above Sampaati says "I have lived for 8,000 years without him", here he says "He told me this more than 100 years ago."

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